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Metamorphosis (Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)


It is rumored that a mysterious DVD exists and whoever dares to watch it gets cursed . . . ••• Convinced to watch a disc said to curse whoever watches it by your friends, you soon find yourself, both mentally and physically, going through a slow and steady change . . . At first, the changes are quite subtle, going unnoticed by you. However, as time passes, you soon begin to notice things happening that can't be explained by any other means. To make matters "worse," it seems you've also caught the attention of a certain ash blonde in the midsts of your changes . . . --------------------------------------- ° ⚠ NSFW ⚠ ° Alternate Universe⁠ - Koakuma Kanojo/Demons/Supernatural

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:


Today was like any other day—the sun was shining brightly as a light breeze ran through the air, shuffling the blossoms of the cherry blossom trees that were scattered throughout the U.A. school grounds.

Small light pink petals floated down to the ground every once and a while with each breeze that passed by. It was a lovely sight, one could say . . .

Checking your watch, you sighed as you closed your now empty lunch box and soon got up from your spot underneath one of the trees.

Your longer-than-average uniform skirt lightly rustled with the light breeze as you readjusted the thick (favorite color) frames that sat on your face to a more comfortable position before starting back into the school building to head to your next class that began right after lunch.

It didn't take long to reach the door labeled "3-B." You soon entered the empty room and headed to your seat, waiting for the teacher as well as other students to come in.

Right as you sat down, it didn't take long for a familiar indigo haired figure to soon make their way inside the classroom and sit in front of you before turning around to face you, his sleepy eyes peering at you.

"Outside again?"

"I always do, Shinsou." You stated as you looked at him indifferently, "You know that."

You had known Shinsou since you were young. He was also your neighbor, so you both usually walked to as well as from school and class together for the most part unless you or he got caught up doing something else or were sick. With that said, you could call him your friend—best friend even.

He frowned, "You could always sit with us, you know."

You frowned at his words. Since he had been bumped up in the school charts in the middle of his first year at U.A., he had since made a decent amount of friends such as the acclaimed Midoriya—one of the top students who attended the school, being in 3-A. So Shinsou had become a bit more popular as well and had started hanging out with the other male's friend group on the occasion which had turned into a common occurrence.

You on the other hand had remained on the lower end of the social spectrum. It wasn't low enough to get bullied or made fun of aside from some occasional rough remarks made by a certain blonde in the 3-B class, Monoma Neito which a girl, Kendou Itsuka, would instantly scold and smack the male upside the head because of his rude behavior to shut him up. Other than that, you pretty much remained invisible to most of the peering eyes around the school.

However, you didn't mind much. After all, you weren't a social butterfly when it all came down to it. But there were a few people you talked to on occasion other than him. Still, it wasn't with very many and it was usually for your help if anything since you were one of the better students out there even if you were in the B rank though A and B were almost considered equals . . . though the A rank always had a few who were one hundred percent in deserving on being in the top.

"I'll pass, I prefer sitting outside by myself more than with others . . . you know that." You said, "Besides, the cherry blossoms are in bloom now. I like to watch them as they occasionally fall to the ground."

"Oh right, I forgot about that . . ." He let out a sigh though gave you a sleepy smile, "It was worth a shot."

You gave him a small smile in return, "Nice one, but it still missed . . . for the thousandth time." You joked.

This hadn't been the first time he had tried to get you to join him and the others. But you always declined his offers though that never stopped him from continuously trying. Perhaps it was because he felt bad just leaving you on your own during the time . . . but, in the end, you didn't mind too much.

"Practice makes perfect or convincing in this case . . . I guess . . . eventually . . . maybe." Shinsou muttered with a sigh.

"Maybe eventually." You gave him a small smile.

Though right as you said this, the math teacher, Mr. Ecto, soon walked in, "Alright, settle down, everyone." He said, causing all the little chatter that had been going around the room to come to a halt as he walked to the front of the room.

Shinsou gave you one last look before turning back up to the front as Mr. Ecto called out the roll again for the day just in case anyone had left or checked out during the lunch break before starting up the next two classes since instead of the students switching, the teachers switched rooms.

After he had got done teaching his lesson the English teacher, Yamada Hizashi, soon came in—his voice obnoxiously loud as he greeted the class and soon began his own lesson though going off-topic a few times here and there.

Thankfully, the class didn't drag by since, before you knew it, the bell rang to dismiss you all for the remainder of the day to go home or to your designated end-of-the-day club meet-ups (if you were in any).

Grabbing your things, you placed them all in your backpack before heading out with Shinsou trailing right behind you. Once outside the classroom and out of the way of other students who were exiting the room and walking down the halls, you turned towards the male.

"I have to go to the library, so I won't be able to walk home with you today." You stated.

"Oh yeah. Today's Tuesday, isn't it?" Shinsou mumbled as he recalled what you usually did during this day.

"Yeah . . . maybe tomorrow though."

With a small nod on his end, you both soon said your goodbyes to each other before heading your separate ways—him going on his way home and you on your way to the library to do what you needed to do.

You let out a sigh as you carefully swerved between different students to make sure you wouldn't bump into them. It didn't take long to reach the doors with the word "Library" etched above the double doors.

But as you walked towards it to open the doors, one of them flung open and, before you knew it, a figure had quickly started leaving the room but it all had happened so fast . . .

Before you knew it, the both of you collided. You stumbled a bit but thankfully didn't fall as you managed to maintain your balance before looking up to see who you had bumped into though your eyes widened a tiny bit.

It was no other than class 3-A's Bakugou Katsuki.

It appeared the collision hadn't affected him much and that you were the only one having had lost any ounce of balance you had had at the time. Though he still appeared a bit surprised as he looked at you.

"What the hell?" Bakugou narrowed his eyes at you as he looked you up and down, a judgemental look on his face as he took notice of your longer-than-average skirt and outfit that was obviously not one hundred percent part of the U.A. uniform—but he couldn't say much since he didn't follow the dress code to a T himself.

However, he could already tell that the girl in front of him was a drag. He deduced you were probably one of those goody-goodies—if your outfit was of any indicating factor. But with that said, he felt like he had seen you before . . . which probably wasn't far from being wrong. You were in the same damn high school after all.

"Uh, sorry." You mumbled as you gave him an indifferent expression, your words sounding unauthentic.

He scrunched up his nose and clicked his tongue, "Tch. Watch where you're fucking going, four eyes." He muttered before shoving past you.

You continued to watch as he walked down the hall until he had disappeared behind a corner. Once he was fully gone, you let out a sigh. If you would have done that during the first year term, you were sure his response would have been even harsher than that.

It was known that since Bakugou had been going to U.A. High that he had somewhat "mellowed" out as each year passed—especially to Midoriya who he seemed to always have his eyes set on to be a total ass to. But with that said, he still was easy to annoy and had a nasty mouth on him albeit with more control over his actions compared to the first year.

Admittedly, you were a bit curious as to why he was in the library. Bakugou was many things, so you heard, but a reader didn't seem like one of them. Then again, what did you know about him aside from hearsay and word from mouth?

Sighing once more, you headed into the library, this time managing to make it inside without bumping into any more people though you were sure if you did that it wouldn't be as "rude" of an encounter.

Searching the library, your eyes soon landed on two girls, one with pink hair, Ashido Mina, and another with brown, Uraraka Ochako, both who appeared to be waiting—waiting for you to be more exact.

Every Tuesday and Friday you would meet up with the two girls to help them with their curriculum, switching up each subject you worked on bi-weekly or as needed. You were basically their tutor, having been assigned by the headmaster, Nezu, personally to help them in a few of their struggling subjects.

Since Yaoyorozu Momo, the smartest student in the entire school, was jammed packed with other students already . . . you were the next "best" choice—at least the one who would agree to bother even doing it anyway.

You quickly made your way to the table and sat down in front of the two girls, "Sorry that it took so long." You took out your math book and placed it on the table along with theirs that were already there.

"No worries!" Ashido smiled.

"Yeah, no worries, (Last Name)-chan." Uraraka agreed.

You gave a small nod, "Alright, shall we get started?"

The two girls nodded in unison before you soon began to help them with a few math problems that they had been having trouble with on their homework then finding ones for them to practice on and allowing them to do a couple themselves for practice while saying if they got it right or wrong. As the hours passed while you helped them and they worked, both of the girls had only managing to get one right by the end of the session.

Sometimes you wondered how the two had ended up in the top A-B ranks and weren't in the C-E ranks with how much they lacked in a lot of areas of their academics. But you weren't going to vocalize that thought any time soon . . .

"We're gonna fail . . ." Ashido whined as you started packing up your math book after the two-hour-long tutor session that basically went nowhere.

"You're telling me." Uraraka came in with a frown.

"You still have until next week." You simply stated as you turn back around to face the two girls, "I can help you through the week if you want, not like I have anything better to do."

"Will you really, you don't mind..?" Ashido asked with wide eyes.

You gave a small nod, "Yeah."

"Thank you, (Last Name)-chan!" Both girls exclaimed but the librarian across the room shushed them. They both turned around with a bead of sweat on their cheeks, "Sorry..!" They whispered towards the lady before turning back around to face you.

You sighed at the two girls, regret already filling you for your offer, "No worries."

After your words, Uraraka glanced over at Ashido who returned the stare as they appeared to have a silent conversation with each other before Uraraka glanced down and began to squirm in her seat with Ashido soon looking at you.

You just raised a brow at the two, knowing they had something to say but were hesitant, "What?"

"Uh, c-can . . . can we ask you something..?" Ashido mumbled out lowly.

There it was.

"What is it?" You blinked at her.

"Uraraka-chan and I kind of made a deal with Kaminari-kun and Mineta . . ."

"A deal?" You peered over at her.

"We told them we'd watch this DVD and tell them what we thought about it." Uraraka meekly came in.

"If we chicken out or just not watch it at all, we have to wear those stupid U.A. cheerleader uniforms for a week . . ." Ashido mumbled.

You weren't too surprised that was what would happen if they were to "chicken out" to whatever they had to watch. It was well known the two males were perverts—Mineta more so than the other, however. But you still couldn't understand why they'd accept such a stupid deal.

"Is the DVD a scary movie or something..?" You asked, not particular interest.

"Uh . . ." Ashido scanned around the library, giving Uraraka one more look, before turning to dig in her backpack, soon pulling out a square see-through disc case with a blank DVD inside and placed it in front of you, "This."

You just stared down at the see-through plastic case before grabbing it and examined both sides of it—it looked like one of those burned discs where the movie or whatever it was had been copied onto it and this wasn't the original. Once finished, you placed it back between you and the other girls again.

You looked back up at her, "What exactly is it about?"

"That's the thing." Ashido started, "We're not sure. But, uh . . ." She trailed off as she looked to the side.

"But what?"

Uraraka began to squirm a bit in her seat, "There's . . . there's a rumor about this DVD going around the school . . ."

"Rumor?" You hadn't heard about it, but you never did pay too much attention to school gossip unless it was by accident.

"They say that anyone who watches this DVD becomes cursed." Ashido appeared to shiver at the thought.

"There's no such thing as a curse." You countered, "But if you thought differently, why did you two accept?"

"I-It was her idea!" Uraraka pointed an accusing finger at the other girl.

Ashido looked over at her, "H-Hey! It–"

"Shhh!" The librarian glared over at her.

"S-Sorry . . ." A bead of sweat appeared on Ashido's cheek as she looked at the woman with an apologetic look before turning to face you again, "Anyway . . . they want us to watch the video and tell them about it. So that goes into what we want to ask . . ." She paused for a moment, "Since you don't believe in curses . . . can you watch the video and then tell us about it..?"

"I don't know." You readjusted your glasses while you continued to look at them.

"Please . . . you're our only hope." Uraraka pleaded as she clasped her hands together with knitted brows, "We already asked some of the others in the school, but they all refused."

"And we don't want word getting around to Mineta and Kaminari-kun that we're asking . . ." Ashido mumbled, "Please."

You looked between the two girls for a long moment before letting out a sigh, "I suppose I can . . ."

"Really?!" Ashido's face lit up, "Oh thank you so mu–"

"SHHHHH!" The librarian glared once again over at the table you all were at, "If you don't be quiet, I'll kick you all out for the remainder of the day." She threatened.

Ashido groaned, "I probably should get going." She got up and got her bag from behind her, "Thanks again, we totally owe you one!" With that, she soon skipped off—the librarian glaring at her all the entire time until she had left out the door.

"Yeah, I should get going, too . . ." Uraraka stated as she grabbed her bag, "Thanks again, (Last Name)-chan. We appreciate it. See you tomorrow." She gave you a strained smile and a sympathetic look before heading off.

You watched her leave before looking down at the DVD still in the middle of the table. Grabbing it, you looked at it once more. Admittedly, you were a tad bit curious about it but not enough to show it.

Letting out a sigh, placed the disc in your bag before getting up. The librarian eyed you but you didn't pay her much mind as you made your way out of the library to finally go home.

After showering and changing into more comfortable clothes after having had dinner with your mom, you plopped down on your bed back first as you eyed the ceiling. You turned your head to your right as you eyed the CD case you had placed on your bed once you had gotten home.

You had almost forgotten about it. Looking at the clock on your bed stand, it was 8:30 p.m., thirty minutes before you usually went to bed. You did say you'd watch it, however . . .

Plus, it wasn't like one night of missing your self-made "bedtime" would hurt you. The DVD was probably only an hour to an hour and thirty minutes, so it wasn't cutting too deeply if you started now.

Sighing, you grabbed the disc and headed to your TV, turning it on, then popping the disc into your DVD player before grabbing the remote and heading back on your bed.

The screen had the "reading disc" at the corner as well as the little art that popped up every time you turned the DVD player on before the small words of "playing disc" popped up then a black screen appeared for a few seconds until just a static image and noise began to play from it.

"Huh?" You furrowed your brows as you just blinked at the TV, "There's nothing on the screen."

Was this just part of the video and it'd actually start showing something sooner or later?

However, after about thirty minutes of sitting through the static screen and noise, it never did turn into something aside from that before the TV screen soon turned back to black. You waited patiently for something to probably pop up as a jump scare or something. Instead, the DVD player just cut off and went to the start screen.

You just blinked a few times, "Seriously . . . that's it?" You frowned, "What a waste of time."

At least it hadn't run too far past your bedtime it seemed—five minutes over, give or take. That was at least one good thing about it. With a slightly annoyed sigh, you turned the TV off with your remote, placing it on the table, before placing your glasses beside it and turning the lamp off beside your bed.

Snuggling up into your comforter, it didn't take you too long to fall asleep as the soft pitter-patter sound of newly starting rain lulled you into a surprisingly deep slumber for the night . . .

Though as the hours ticked by and the clock on the bedside soon read on midnight exactly, the TV suddenly switched on with the basic "reading disc" popping up in the corner before "playing disc" read and a temporary black screen appeared for a few seconds until static came up—the same as when you had first played it. But even with this, it didn't wake you up.

However, if you were awake and if you or anyone for that matter were watching closely at the TV, you would probably see a hand reaching out behind the static of the screen and towards your sleeping form . . .
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