Dear Spencer Reid


Y/n and Dr. Spencer Reid have been friends the moment she joined the team, but their interest in one another begins to change. Will this blossoming romance thrive in the midst of mania?

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

1. new beginnings

“Come on y/n! We already saw you, just come out!”

An aggravated sigh leaves your lips as you emerge from behind the closed door. The cool breeze against your soft skin made you shiver. It never usually felt this cold outside, but then again it wasn’t every day that you were walking down the street half naked.


You had been late to work for the third time this week. You felt under the weather, and had no idea how to bring it up to Hotch. You quietly rushed to your desk and placed your bag by your feet, feeling eyes from your desk mate across you. You glanced up to meet Spencer’s judgmental eye, and scowled back at him. Spencer giggled to himself and returned to his work, a smile having grown upon his face. You bit your lip as you caught a glimpse of his toothy grin and eventually began working yourself.

It had been just under a year since you had transferred to this unit, but you were beginning to feel at home. The team made you tag along to every night out, every team dinner, the whole shebang. You didn’t mind, after all it was great to bond with your coworkers. One team member in particular... He caught your eye. Spencer Reid was the first of the bunch to reach out to you and set up plans after work. You had gotten coffee with him and talked about the most random things in the world. It was surprisingly entertaining.

You were brought out of your thoughts by Spencer clearing his throat. His eyes pointed an imaginary arrow to your phone, and you picked it up cautiously. He rolled his eyes at your idea of a joke and looked back at his phone screen, awaiting your reply. You unlocked your phone and read the text message:

Spencer Reid: Are you ill?

Your lips parted a little and you sucked in a breath with surprise.

Y/n: How’d you know?

Spencer silently shook his head and replied.

Spencer Reid: First of all... I’m a profiler, so I can easily notice a person exhibiting the symptoms of a sickness. Second of all, I am your friend.

You smiled sardonically and he chuckled.

Y/n: Fine, maybe I am sick. I blame the cold.

Spencer Reid: Its 69 degrees Fahrenheit outside, y/n.

Y/n: Okay, okay, just please don’t tell anyone. Hotch will send me home, and I’m already behind work as it is.

Spencer: I don’t think I will even have the chance to tell a soul, with all of your sniffling and throat-clearing.

“Dr. Reid, Agent y/l/n, busy at work are we?” You looked up to meet the eyes of a rather pissed off Hotch, standing behind Spencer. You slid your phone screen down onto your desk and nervously tucked a strand of hair behind your ear.

“Yes,-” You were quickly interrupted by Spencer.

“We were actually silently discussing the fact that no matter how fast light may travel, darkness is always faster, and is in fact waiting for the light to catch up. Isn’t that interesting Hotch?” The both of you looked up to see Hotch blink a couple of times and nod, before walking back to his office quietly.

“Nice one, pretty boy. I personally would’ve liked to have been filled in with what you were chatting up y/n about, but maybe another time.” Morgan chirped from his desk not so far away. Spencer rubbed the back of his neck and turned to Morgan, scowling at him before turning back to his work.

You had been working for another four hours typing up reports and proofreading previous ones before you began to feel lightheaded. It was luckily your lunch break, so you made a beeline to Garcia’s office. You prayed that the door was unlocked and cheered as you opened the door and shut it behind you, resting against it.

‘Y/n you’re finally here! I thought I would have to eat thi-’ Garcia spun around in her desk chair and laid eyes on you cradling your body, ’Y/n... What happened? Are you okay?” She patted an extra desk chair next to hers. “Come. Sit.”

“Penny... I think I have a cold... I feel absolutely horrible. My body is aching, my head hurts, I keep sniffling...” You spoke softly, leaning your head back against the chair in anguish.

“Y/n, you know you can just go home, right? You can’t get in trouble for being sick. Maybe Hotch will give you more than one day off because you tried to work through a whole week while being sick!” Garcia clapped happily, and you gasped at her statement.

“Oh god, is it that obvious? Do I look like a fool? A couple days do sound awfully nice though..” You bit the inside of your cheek and let out a sharp breath as you got on your feet.

“Y/n, it’s fine. Everyone gets sick. Speaking of which, you should get your ass home before you get me sick. Even if that ass is a cute one.” Garcia winked at you and you waved your hand dramatically.

“Alright... I guess I’m off to go beg Hotch to send me home for a couple days.” You turned on your heels, but stopped yourself. “He knows already, doesn’t he?” You could hear Penelope manage a ‘yes’ before she burst into a fit of giggles. You shuffled back into the main working space in which your desk sat, and grabbed your things. Spencer and Morgan had disappeared off into the break room, so you left the office without too much embarrassment.

Your keys danced around in your fingers as you attempted to unlock your quaint apartment’s door. You sighed in relief as the door clicked and swung open, revealing the sunlit home. In terms of quality, you had gotten very lucky with the price of your beautiful apartment. It was downtown Chesapeake, with charming vintage flooring and wood accents on the walls and doorframes. It was a spacious one bedroom, with an open living room that curled into the newly renovated kitchen. Your absolute favorite part of the apartment was the bedroom’s large closet, which you could probably fit seven or more Dereks in. You shook your head softly and stepped back into reality, though the thought was still on your mind.

You chuckled. “Derek Morgan in my closet. What a thought.”

You had taken a nap after returning from work, and abruptly woke up, held down at the feet by tangled sheets. You heard loud knocking coming from what seemed like your front door, and you scrambled to your feet. You pursed your lips, trying to calm yourself down and think about the situation you’ve been put in.

Who could this be? And what time is it?

You looked at your digital clock and it read: 9:49 pm. Definitely not the amazon delivery guy.

You grabbed a robe to cover your skimpy underwear-clad body and tiptoed out of your bedroom, to the front door. The mysterious person continued to persistently knock and began jiggling the doorknob as well. Your heart rate picked up as you walked closer to the door. Your body quivered as you slowly flicked off the cover of your peephole.


You scoffed and pulled your face away from the peephole, taking the chain off or your door and unlocking it.

“Spencer?! What.. Why-” He nudged past you with a large bag of what seemed to be Chinese food, and ended up in the kitchen.

“Yes Spencer, you may come in.” You seethed at him, swinging your door closed. You hesitated at the door and turned to look in the mirror you had hung up next to the door. You silently cursed at the way you looked in the reflection, and attempted to flatten your frizzy nap hair. You didn’t even bother with the way you were dressed, as Spencer has seen you in a bathing suit before. However, underwear and a sheer tank top was maybe a little different. Oh well.

“Are you coming in the kitchen, or did you die on your way?” He called.

You rolled your eyes and trudged into the kitchen.

He flicked on the light and you squinted at his face with a look of annoyance.

“Ah, is the light too bothersome, y/n?” Spencer teased, taking out the Chinese food boxes from the stained paper bag. You huffed and took a seat at the island, which had two other stools. You and Spencer occasionally ate together after work, as if it was second nature. It didn’t seem weird with him, even though he wasn’t one of the girls from the office.

“Shhhut it.” You ran a hand through your messy hair and reached out your hand as he offered you a set of chopsticks. His fingertips grazed the back of your hand lightly as he pulled his hand away, and it sent a shiver down your body.


That was new.

It must be the sickness.

“So, how have you been this evening? You look... A little better. Perhaps I have woken you from your slumber?” He was speaking like he was interviewing someone, so you looked up to realize he was focusing on picking up lo mein with his chopsticks.

“Yes, you may have woken me up with quite a fright. Do you.. Do you need help, Spence?” You held in your laughter, knowing it would just discourage him if you laughed. He dropped the chopsticks in the box of lo mein and grumbled something under his breath.

You held out a hand behind your ear. “Hm? Was that a ‘yes y/n. I need help’?” Spencer sheepishly smiled and you beckoned him over to the seating side of the island. He sat beside you and picked the chopsticks out of the box, attempting to reposition his fingers as he held them.

“Okay, you’re kind of doing it. Shouldn’t you know how to do this like a pro, boy genius?” You placed your hands over his hand, slowly fixing his fingers so that they were holding the chopsticks correctly. Spencer hadn’t returned your jest, so you bit the inside of your cheek. You hadn’t noticed until now, but he was sitting awfully close to you. You cleared your throat and met his gaze, which happened to be right at the both of your hands.

“... Earth to Spencer?” You spoke softly, attempting to study the expression on his face. It was the kind of face someone makes when they see a beautiful sunset for the first time in a while. You pressed your lips together and rolled the bottom lip between your teeth.

“Uh, I.. I apologize. What did you say?” He blinked a couple of times and rolled his shoulders back. You motioned to the both of your hands clutching his chopsticks.

“The lo mein. And I have fixed your hand’ you chuckled, ’So you can actually eat some the food that you brought here.” You removed your hands from his and picked up your own chopsticks.

The two of you ate and spoke about the Indiana case that Hotch brought up. Something was different about the way Spencer was acting, though. He was a lot more touchy as he spoke, and he never does that, him being a germaphobe.

You kind of liked it.

“And so I told Morgan.. I told him, ‘I will not research exotic dancers on my phone’. He was begging me to do so, but I had to think, I don’t really want that in my search history, no matter what it may be.” He waved his hands in surrender, shallow at his chest. You furrowed your brows.

“Do you not know what an exotic dancer is, Spence?”

He shook his head.

“Okay, maybe I can show you.”

His eyes widened and he dropped his chopsticks. “Wait, what?”

You burst out laughing, pressing your palms into the counter. “Don’t worry, I’m joking. Oh god, that was great.” You glanced at the clock on the wall. “Shit, don’t you want to get some sleep?”

Spencer held a hand to his heart. “Ah, that hurts. You’re kicking me out?” You tilted your head and tapped your chin pretending to think, and nodded.

“I mean unless you wanna bust some exotic moves and prove that you deserve to stay longer and... Deprive me from sleep.” He shook his head and chuckled.

“Ah, I seem to have forgotten... My dancing skills at home.′ He gathered his things and did horribly cheesy jazz hands, ’I’ll see you in the office next week, right?” He spoke as you walked him to the door. You crossed your arms over your chest, and nodded.

“Yes. And don’t forget to not come to my place and scare me like that again anytime soon. I was close to screaming, I won’t lie.” He stopped in the front doorway, and spun back around towards you.

You were going to ask him if he forgot something, but he boldly moved in closer proximity to you, leaving you speechless. His hair messily hung in front of his eyes, and for a moment you thought he was leaning in to kiss you. Then he turned. He leveled with your ear, and for a moment he didn’t speak. It was just his hot breath against your bare neck. Goosebumps spread across your body and your breath hitched in your throat.

“Trust me when I say... You won’t be screaming in fear next time I come over.”

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