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Adventure - Fem Chara x Reader


"And so, I fell. Not for suicide of course, but for an adventure." "You wanted an adventure....and you got one....." ----------------------------------------------------------------- Undertale belongs to Toby Fox!! Nyx ( my OC) belongs to Me!

Fantasy / Humor
Age Rating:


Y/n = your name
L/n = last name
H/c = hair color
S/c = soul color
S/t = soul trait
F/c = favorite color
S/f/c = Second fav color
F/f = favorite food

I will add more if needed

Female Chara x Reader

The reader will be genderless in this story so I will use They/Them pronouns.

Pretty slow Updates. but that's only because I have school, not every much motivation to write, ect.

I'll try my best, if you see any spelling or grammer mistakes feel free to point them out if you wish.

None of the art is mine unless I say so

Undertale belongs to Toby Fox

Have fun reading 💕

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