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Adventure - Fem Chara x Reader

1| The start of a new beginning

I slowly walked through the forest of Mount Ebott, the leaves crunching under my feet.

It was mid Fall, and pretty cold outside. I pressed my hands into my hoodie pocket as I came up to a large hole in the ground.

I had heard the stories about how people who climbed up the mountain never came back, or how monsters got trapped under the mountain after the war. I didn't really look into the theories though.

I turned around to face the forest I just walked out of, my h/c hair swaying in the wind.

I'm all ready up here, might as well do it while I can.

I stood for a few seconds, before closing my eyes and letting out a soft breath.

Then, I let myself fall back, and into the almost never ending hole.

I fell. Not for suicide of course, but for an adventure.

And that was chapter 1 of Adventure!

I'm sorry it's so short, I'm still new to writing my own stories.

Word count: 150

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