Good Girl


In which y/n needs to pay a debt not of her own. Falling into the hells of the underworld of the Mafias drug ring, finding herself faced with the head of the ring. Fighting for her life in order to pay the debt, she struggles with the hardships of toxicity.

Other / Drama
Age Rating:

characters / disclaimer warning **

This book will be featuring smut, angst and foul language. Mentions of violence, weapons, Drugs and drug use and the Trigger warning *

The characters in this book will be written how I would view this in this Mafia AU I do not own My Hero Academia nor the characters. This story will have angst and very provocative writing. Read at your own risk, any trigger warning involving Guns, Knives, blood and anything depicting violence please be cautious.

Any sexual kinks you do not find comfortable read with caution. I will of course put any warning of anything involving anything listed above.

This book might be a little over the top sometimes, please be reading with caution.

Art by Daiko Jino

Dabi : Drug lord, Mafia Head of "Blue Flame Lunatics" _3aem

Hawks : accomplice KZHMA

Shigaraki : Head of "Alley Street Cats"

Kai Chisaki : Head of "Shie Hassaikai"

Coming. All credit to the artist! I tried to look for the actual artist to @ them I couldn't find much for Shigaraki and overhaul. If anyone's aware of the artist please let me know!
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