Good Girl

chapter 1 : rings and guns

Warning: drugs and guns, language

I scrubbed at the stained countertop of the diner I worked at. It was old and honestly smelled like shit, the cigarette smell never leaving as the customers we usually get are mainly truckers. The old bastards filled with flirts and nothing but sexual advances to offer.

I sprayed more of the "counter cleaner" to help with cleaning, just watered down dollar soap that only had a pump of soap to save. This shithole was a pit of nothing, wasted nothing barely letting me get by. I lived in a run down apartment that was home to methheads and loud moans of prostitutes working over time.

I could hear the chef in the back pouring the grill cleaner, as the hot grill plate sizzled from it. Then the ear itching scraping of spatula to get the grim and grease off.

"Almost out of here y/n!" He screamed through the scrapes in the back. I nodded to myself, I didn't wanna be here but it was the only job I could catch. The minimum wage and snotty customers, really pulling into the real destruction I called my life. But I was closing tonight so it seemed of course yet again I'm stuck here till he leaves. Looking at the clock above the exit door almost like a taunt. Couldn't help but roll my eyes, being pissed at the fact that I'm somehow over here past my hours and not getting paid overtime.

I just stood there, hands plastered on the countertop that still felt nasty. Standing in my diner work attire with an off white nasty looking apron. I heard some muffled sounds and steps moving along, along with the jungle of keys from the chef himself.

"Goodnight y/n, see you tomorrow beautiful." The chef waved off, looking at me and managing a smile before headed for the door. The jingle of the door bell and the door opening and shutting. I walked to the door, grabbing it and locking it shut. Closing the blinds to the door, flipping the switch to turn off the bright LED lights that read Open off.

My feet stinging from the horribly worn shoes that I was forced to wear. I grabbed the keys from the pocket in my apron, jingling on my hand and humming a jingle stuck in my head I probably picked up from a customer.

Headed to the back and shutting the door closed as I exited, putting in the keys and locking the door. Cold air rushing to my face, blowing away the scent of old cigarettes and burnt food from my nose. Aw yes, the best time of day.

I turned to walk to my car, ready for the opening shift I painstakingly took for maybe a bit of more money. I rolled my neck, the stiff feeling not wavering a bit. I yawned at the exhausted hour.

Unlocking my car while it beamed up in response, opening the door and getting in. Leaning back in my seat, shutting my eyes for a bit. I'm tired. I'm so tired of sleeping for a couple hours to do the same thing everyday.

"Hey there," a voice hummed behind my seat, before I could even catch a breath i felt a cold nozzle at the temple of my head. I stayed still, ya this is where I die. Cant even say goodbye to anyone, or say bye to a good life.

"Please just take what you want, but I don't have fucking shit." I said eyes focused on the pavement of the parking space in front of me through my windshield.

"I'm not gonna hurt you, I don't want anything from you." The voice began, the nozzle of a gun and a hand in the corner of my eye. The nozzle pressing harder against my skin, making me close my eyes.

"I'm not gonna kill you doll, I just need to get some problems in order that's all." The man brought a hand from around the seat, gliding his fingers across my skin. Leaving my skin in goosebumps and a sick feeling in my stomach.

"What do you want, just fucking tell me." I snapped. My voice shaking and hands gripping at my car seat. A laugh erupting from behind me, his head sneaking near me.

"If you move I'll shoot, but I'm sure you won't risk that. Am I right?" He said lowering the gun, I refused to look at the coming figure.

"Get out of the fucking car." He snapped as went back into the back seat and I could hear my door open. I opened my door, getting out with the pit of my stomach feeling like I was falling straight to hell.

I looked at the man as he rose from my car, his slender figure wearing a black zip up and some black pants. Rings dressing his hands as he just stared at me. More like he was reading me, looking at the worn outfit.

"What is this? Look I don't have much cash just tips that's it just take it and leave me alone." I said raising my arms to my apron digging around in the small pocket tossing out change and dollars on the ground. He just looked at the tossed sad sight, smiling and looking back up to me. Bringing the hand holding the gun and scratching at the side of his face.

"I don't want your cash doll, you need it more than I do." He said as he lifted the bottom of his zip up and tucked the gun in under his belt. Ends of scars showing a bit. Fuck. Do I even know this guy. Fuck no I'd remember all those scars.

"See. There's a debt I need paid, you seem to be the only way I can get to it." He snickered coming closer, the back of hands grazing near my cheekbone as he dragged it down, pulling my bottom lip while doing so. I just stared at him, his turquoise eyes just screaming death.

He smiled and pulled his hand back, the sound of tires screeching in the back ground. I jumped back and turned around to see where the sound was coming from. The sight of a blacked out van speeding to us, I froze for a second then remembered what the fuck situation I'm in. I started to run, feet just running as fast as I can.

"Aw I love a good chase, run fast doll!" He screamed out from behind me. The taunts making my throat ache from holding my cries back. The van coming to a stop with the tires burning against the pavement. I tried my best to ignore it, kept running as I heard the loud footsteps start booking it in my direction. If I make it to the exit of the highway far enough I could stop a car and hop in. That's the best choice right now.

My breath was literally ripping out of lungs while I kept my pace at running. I'm almost at the exit. Fucking faster. Go. I'm so close please. The footsteps are so close, too fucking close.

"Almost," I heard a voice say behind me. Arms grabbing me over my chest, forcing my biceps to be locked against my sides. I swung my legs around hoping for the small chance of it to loosen his grip. He swung me back around to face the van that was out of reach. Two more guys jogging up to us with smug smiles on their faces. All wearing complete black attire, even beanies.

I just grunted through my clenched teeth, still swinging my legs.

"Calm down bitch.. don't hurt yourself now." He remarked from behind me. The scarred man from earlier standing near the van, hands in pockets and just a tilted head scanning us. The man holding me walking while holding me up, the force of his grip really hurting and hard for me to breath properly.

"Fuck off I can't even fucking breathe!" I screamed out still struggling losing more air.

"Just put her down, we're not suppose to kill her yet." Another voice spoke, I turned to see who it was the smaller younger of the three. His face kind of soft but their was like a mask of complete trauma over it.

The man holding me agreed, just setting me down and letting go. Not fast enough before he gripped the top of my scalp, pulling a fist full of hair and holding tight. I screamed and grabbed at his wrist holding me, scratching to no avail. He continued walking with me in hand, just pulling me along.

"She's kind of a pretty one ain't she." A larger built man spoke, he walked alongside the smaller one.

"Who fucking are you!" I screamed still scratching at the hand dragging me.

"Oh my mistake, I'm Marco that's Sorren and over there holding you is Ray!" The larger built man named Marco smirked while coming closer to my side. Reaching at my chin and grabbing my face, forcing me to look at him while still walking. His hands grabbing me roughly, with a smirk that wasn't anything devilish.

"Let her go man, not very nice." Sorren from the mini introduction said. He went to Marco and grabbed his arm pulling the man away from me. I shot my stare back to the guy who fucking staked out in my car. We were almost there and who knows what would happen. Human trafficking? Fucking death? My death wish is just a couple feet away from me.

The fucker holding me by my hair, Ray, just silent and forcing me to pick up pace.

"NOOO LET ME GO!" I screamed as the guy from my car slid open the van, a loud screech while the door slid open.

"Dabi how we gonna keep her still in there?" Ray said from around me, still gripping my scalp. God I feel like my scalp is peeling. The man earlier just looked at me grinning.

"Ropes of course. What is this your first time Ray?" He smirked. Dabi moving aside for them to do whatever to me. My heart was beating out of my chest, and my legs were shaking from the situation. I felt like puking, but my throat burned from the grunt and screams I was producing.

Sorren and Marco hopped in the van, right before Ray threw me inside. Sorren grabbing my arms quickly and holding them behind me. The van door shutting and another door in the front opening. A mini dip in the car before the driver took off. The guy who dragged me in here, stayed and not in the car. Why is he staying? To rob the Diner? Good luck

"Fuck you guys!" I screamed out, Marco grabbing rope from god knows where. Sorren holding me tightly propping me on my ass. Marco wrapping rope tightly around my chest and upper bicep. Wrapping more tightly around all the way down to my wrists. The rope was frayed and itchy, scraping against me whenever my chest rose and fell.

"Such a pretty girl," Marco whispered in my ear. My eyes clouding with tears, dripping down my cheeks. I'm gonna die.

"Marco, enough" Dabi said from the front of the car. He was sitting in the passenger seat like a smug bastard getting what he wanted. The van floor moving along the groove of the road, and low music playing from the radio. Marco backed off, not touching or saying anything to me. Sorren next to me keeping watch. There wasn't any seats, so the bottom of the van was cold with the carpet less metal.

Ray moved down to my legs, grabbing my ankles and grabbing another shorter rope. Wrapping them thoroughly, and making my ankles ache from my cut off blood circulation and friction of the rope. I could feel the rope burn already burning me while I laid on my back and just watched the ceiling of the van.

Everyone quiet, as if waiting for instruction. I could see Sorrens head in my sight while I peered up. He kept glancing at me, pity in his eyes. I don't want your pity, I don't want it.


The van made a sudden stop, the backlash of the vehicle not stopping before the tires. My eyes were sore, and felt puffy from the tears that flowed when I remembered the stupid shit of a life I'd miss. Sorren grabbed at my arm that was bound, sort of grabbing me away from Marco. Both doors of the front of the van propping open. Feet stepping and opening the vans sliding door, a new man I didn't know who, was the driver and Dabi who was lighting a cigarette. The orange flame brightening his face. I felt my body being pulled up, Sorren moving me to be able to pick up.

In a bridal style hold, he got out of the van. My legs hanging over his arm and my back being held up in his arm. It was still dark outside, and here we arrived at a busted old looking factory. No cars in sight aside from the van we arrived in.

The van took off again. The sound of tires ringing in my ears again, making me just think about everything in one second.

Where am I? Why am I here? Am I gonna die tonight? What debt?

I wanted to ask a million questions but I'm sure they wouldn't fill me on, aside asking who they were they would've probably repeated their names.

"Open the doors." Sorren said in a grunt, his arms slightly tossing me up for a better grip. I just peered around me, looking at my surroundings hoping for the slight chance of maybe a car. Nothing. It looked abandoned. The doors of the building swung open, Marco holding it open while Dabi walked in. Cigarette smoke leaving Dabis silhouette.

Sorren walked in with me, the place empty and dark. Till bright lights flickered on. Lighting the whole vicinity of the place. It was sort of empty, just huge printers and stacked boxes. Clear packages that were filled to the cavity with white shit.

Marijuana plants under UV lights that shined blue, fans blowing air to the leaves.

"I wanna un tie you doll, but are you gonna run from me?" Dabi said as he made his way in front of me and Sorren. I shook my head no, honestly shitting bricks. If I run I know I'll be caught, if not tied up I'll be gunned down.

"Then let's talk business princess." Dabi smirked, bringing the filter of the cigarette to his lips. Inhaling and exhaling a large cloud of smoke into the air. Dabi reached into the pocket of his jeans, grabbing a pocket knife. Flicking it open as a sharp blade just stared at me. He came closer. I closed my eyes shut, just listening to the sound of his hellish footsteps. The rope around me being grabbed and the cold feeling of metal sliding through, a tug of the rope and the tight grip of the rope began to loosen.

I opened my eyes to cut rope, watching Dabi as he made his way to my ankles. He slid the knife between the rope and my skin, cutting it clean off. My body free but still wrapped in the shaggy rope. Sorren let me down on my feet, letting go and making me stand. I just stared at Dabi, ready for the words of business he brought up earlier.

"There's a debt I need paid in full, and I need you for it." He said through the cigarette in his mouth. Marco going to his side with arms at his chest. Where as Sorren just stood behind me, probably waiting for the chance to tackle me if I book it.

"What debt?" I asked tossing and grabbing the rope off of me. Looking back to Dabi.

"The debt of your father."
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