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~Like it says in the title ^^ ~I write anything that comes to mind, either angst, fluff or lemon ~I don't do requests, not yet anyway This book is absolute trash. You can read it at your own risk tho

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Concert (Part 1)

Jeon Jungkook


Note: Your character was born in an English speaking country. I do apologise if some of you weren’t.

Italics - is when you or the characters are speaking in Korean


(y/f/n) - your full name

(y/n) - your name

(y/s/n) - your sisters name (if you don’t have one, you can make up a name)

(n/n) - nickname

(h/l) - hair length

(h/c) - hair colour

(e/c) - eye colour

(y/f/n). A young bright girl at the age of 19. A top-notch student in her university classes, even though she doesn’t study for any of her tests and bludges a lot in class. (h/l) (h/c) hair bright (e/c) eyes, heart-shaped face with full lips. A personality that draws any person to like her, a face that is trusting and of wise advice. She may have a trusting face, but she is sly at heart and a ninja in stealth, pranking her friends without getting caught. She may be mature and a wise soul, she is also childish and a high spiritual girl, someone who is full of energy and smiles. A heart that is of gold and kindness but can be cold and black towards those she hates and despises or those that oppresses the people she loves. (y/f/n) is many things but the one thing that is the most important and prominent is her love for her favourite Korean boyband. Bangtan Sonyeondan.

-- Your pov --

It was the big day. The most amazing and important day of our lives, for me and (y/s/n). It was the day of the BTS live concert. Me and (y/s/n) were waiting for this day to come, and it has finally arrived. I smile lightly as I look in the mirror and check my outfit.

Black Levi jeans that were ripped, a black and white shirt that spelled ARMY across it, white vans and a red beanie. I hear (y/s/n) squeal loudly in her bedroom again and I laugh lowly. That poor girl is going to faint before we even get there. I sigh out loudly, sadness blooming in my chest. Yes, that the concert was today, Yes I was going, the only difference was, (y/s/n) was actually going to see BTS perform live. I was only going to drop (y/s/n) at the arena. When the tickets were out, we were only able to buy one ticket before they were sold out. (y/s/n) and I wanted to go together, a sister bonding time since we both loved BTS.

Being the kind sister I am, I lent her the ticket that was bought, even though some fans I know would go to the concert for themselves. More depressing thing was that the ticket we bought also included a backstage pass. These were really rare, no wonder it was more expensive than the regular concert tickets. I didn’t want to disappoint (y/s/n) especially when she’s 15, this being her first ever concert. I was the same age when I was disappointed when I wasn’t able to go to my first ever concert. There are more opportunities for me to go now anyway, especially when I’m legally an adult. Slinging my backpack over my shoulders and with my headphones on, I grab the cars keys and head out to the front door.

“(y/s/n)! We’re going now! Get your butt out here!”

“(y/n). Its five hours before the concert. Why are you going so early?” Mum comes up to me in her apron, flour dusting her cheeks. I already knew dad was at work but he woke me and (y/s/n) up for today. I roll my eyes and laugh lowly.

“These concerts are a big thing. First come first serve right?” Mum chuckles and shoos me out the door. Heading to the car, swinging the keys on my finger, I whistle to DNA. Entering the car, I start the engine and that’s when a gust of wind suddenly slaps me across the face. With wide eyes, I turn to (y/s/n) to see her panting in the passenger seat, her backpack filled with BTS merch for the fan meeting. She grins at me and I chuckle, reversing the car out of the driveway and onto the road.

“OMG! Thank you so much (y/n). You really are the best sister ever.” (y/s/n) hugs me sideways, trying to put her seatbelt on at the same time. I smile down at her, my eyes serious and alert. (y/s/n) sees this and rolls her eyes, knowing what’s coming.


“In my pocket.”


“100 percent charged.”

“When I call or text.”

“Ringtone all the way up and on vibrate.”



“Portable charger.”


“Phone numbers.”

“Wallet in case the phone dies.”


“In the hidden pocket of the bag.”

“I will be outside the arena until you enter for the concert and I’ll be back for the fan meeting, just to make sure you’re ok. Call me and you’ll see me outside.”


“You know the protocol?” (y/s/n) nods her head, staying quiet. I sigh when I see her passive face but annoyed eyes.

“I know you’re looking out for me. Thanks for that (n/n).” (y/s/n) smiles up at me and I smile, facing the road.

“That’s my girl.” I’m glad she understands. I love her and I don’t want anything bad to happen to her.

We finally reach the arena and I park close to the arena doors. Quite a lot of fans are already lining up at the doors, excited and thrilled.

“5 hours early and there’s already a massive line.” I shake my head, knowing this was going to happen.

“OMG! I still can’t believe that I’m going to see BTS live.” I chuckle seeing (y/s/n) bounce in her seat. Turning the car off, I pocket the keys and exit, closing the door before grabbing my backpack. (y/s/n) climbs out and runs straight for the line.

“(Y/S/N)! YOU STOP RIGHT THERE!” I yell out but she doesn’t stop. Quickly double checking that the car doors were locked, I sprint towards (y/s/n). Grinning, I speed past her, zooming towards the line and standing at the end. I turn the volume a little down on my headphones when I hear panting behind me. I chuckle when I turn around to see (y/s/n) bent over, her hands on her knees as she takes in deep breathes.

“Why are you, still, faster than me?” I shrug my shoulders, grinning at her. “You’re the laziest person I know!”

“I know.” I smile, ruffling her hair as the line proceeds. We finally reach the front and (y/s/n) shows her ticket to the ticket master and guards. The guard eyes me when I don’t show a ticket. Ignoring him, I hug (y/s/n). “Be careful in there ok. Call me whenever you need. I’ll come running.”

“Ya. I will. I know the procedure.” I kiss (y/s/n)’s head goodbye, waving as she squeals and enters the building. Moving to the side to let the next fan in, I crank up the volume, turning to the guard, smiling.

“Look after them will ya.” the guard smiles lightly as I turn around, heading to the car. Popping gum in my mouth, I jump slightly as my phone rings. I pick up the phone, answering without looking at the ID. “Yo.”

“That’s a nice way to greet your boss.” shit. My eyes widen as I look at the caller ID as Jay chuckles.

“Uh, Jay, hi. Sorry.” I rub my nape nervous.

“It’s ok (y/n). Anyway, don’t forget your working today.”

“I know I know. I was on my way anyway, after dropping (y/s/n) to the concert.”

“Oh right. It’s that boy band you both love so much.” Jay chuckles again as I roll my eyes.

“Ya. I’ll be there round about half an hour, if traffic’s not terrible.”

“That’s fine. Drive safe.”

“Thanks.” the call ends as I reach the car. Unlocking the doors, I jump in, turning the engine on. I jump when my phone blasts on ‘Crystal Snow’. I dance a little at the ringtone before picking up the phone when I realise it was from (y/s/n). Me and (y/s/n) always changed our ringtones to the latest songs that BTS released. “Hey.”

“Omg, put it on video call now!”

“Ok, ok.” I put the call on video and I see (y/s/n) face pop on the screen. I put the volume up, the car being filled with the scream of fangirls. My eyes widen when I see the BTS members. I squeal when they wave at the crowd and I hear (y/s/n) giggle.

“You freaking got front seats!” I yell out the phone and I realise I was a bit too loud. (y/s/n) turns her phone around so I could get a better view. I blush darkly when Jungkook, the Golden Maknae, notices what I think is (y/s/n) and her phone, and waves at us. He calls on the rest and they smile and wave. I squeak and cover my face. Seeing as that was no use, I quickly cover the camera. “(y/s/n)! Why’d you do that!?” (y/s/n) turns it back to herself and grins.

“At least you got noticed.” I shake my head, grinning. That cheeky girl.

“Thanks for letting me see a bit of the arena and BTS in person, well camera.”

“I wanted to pay you back since you gave me the ticket.” I smile and nod.

“Now go and enjoy that concert, make sure to also take videos.”

“I will (n/n). Thanks again.”

“No problem. I gotta go. Work.”

“Oh ok. Call me when you’re free.”

“I will.” I end the call, smiling and shaking my head. Mischievous girl. I sigh and rev the car up again. Putting on my seatbelt, I reverse out of the parking lot and out on the road.

Entering the car again, I take a swig of my water bottle, waving goodbye to the children who were walking out of my studio. Wiping the sweat away, I rev the car and drive onto the road to the arena. I smile lightly as I remember the very successful dance practice today. I was a dance instructor, well, not a professional one. I only taught the children who wanted to learn choreos of musicians. Even though I was a dance instructor, I could never come up with my own choreo, I was able to learn someone else’s though, a full routine under a day. This was my job and i loved it, especially seeing the big proud smiles on the children’s faces when they were proud about themselves.

I had trouble coming up with what career I wanted, but I knew I loved children, dancing, and music. I loved teaching children, but I was never able to explain anything, crossing out as a teacher. So I thought maybe I could teach them to dance to choreo, letting them feel free to move to the music and enjoying themselves as well as helping them accomplish something. I got paid massively by Jay and the parents, even though I didn’t want the money. Dancing didn’t crash into my university classes, which was good and I saved up most of the money, using the rest to pay my apartment rent, food, and stuff. If had a lot of free time, seeing as I was always on top of my work, I would visit mom, dad and (y/s/n), sometimes living with them from time to time.

Smiling, I reach the arena and parking the car close by. I check my phone seeing as I was early. Shrugging my shoulder, I put on my headphones on laying back. After some time I just grew bored. What to do? I check behind me to see my pack with my speakers and spare clothes in the back seat.

“Eh, why not.” getting out of the car and slinging my pack over my shoulder, I lock the door and head to a shady area. Placing the pack down, I take my dancing gloves out and my speakers. Putting on my gloves on as I turn the speakers up, I practice each of the members choreos for DNA. I smile brightly, letting the music flow through me, guiding my feet. I put more enthusiasm, grinning smugly as I haven’t made a mistake yet. “Yes!” I jump up in the air in delight when I complete all the routines perfectly, taking my snapback off and brushing my (h/l) (h/c) hair. I sigh when the cold breeze flows around the area, cooling me down. The breeze picks up and suddenly my snapback went flying. I turn around to catch it when my eyes widen, a blush creeping up on my face. Oh shit. The snapback hits someone on the face, their snapback also falling off. Mine drops to the floor as Jungkook’s face was revealed. His eyes are wide and I notice a hint of a blush on his cheeks. I shake out of my trance and gasp. “Oh shit! I’m so sorry! Please forgive me.” I quickly pick up my snapback and holding it to my chest, looking down at the ground. I look up when I don’t hear a reply and I see Jungkook just blink at me. Oh right, he can’t understand me. “I’m so sorry! Please forgive me.” I was a multilingual student, loving to learn new languages. Seeing as I was a big fan, I took up Korean during my summer classes to learn and understand BTS, this also helps with some of the Korean children I taught. Jungkook’s eyes widen more, his blush a little more bright. The poor Golden Maknae, still scared around girls.

“It’s ok” Jungkook bows, rubbing his nape. The silence surrounds us until Jungkook speaks up. “What is your name?” I smile at Jungkook, seeing him try to talk to a fan comfortably in their language.

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