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Harry Potter imagines x reader (smut!)

Fred Weasley x female reader (smut!)

Word count: 929!

It’s a foggy Saturday night and you’re staring out of your window lost in your thoughts. It’s a few days after Christmas and you’re wearing a nitted sweater with the first letter of your name on it. It was a present from Molly Weasley, she’s your boyfriends mother. Fred and you have been dating for a couple of months now, he insisted for you to come with him to the Burrow and spent Christmas with his family. You turned it down politely knowing how important it was for him to spend some alone time with his family since they had some family problems. You just stayed at Hogwarts insted since you didn’t really had anyone to go to. He would come back tomorrow which means you had him for yourself the entire day.... It has been a while since you had sex, so you came up white a plan to “suprise” him.

the day finally arrived, you walked towards the boys dorm room knowing Fred was back. You gave him a few hours to unpack his suitcase and get settled again. You arrived at his dorm and knocked on the door. Your eyes glowed as the tall ginger boy opened the door. You saw a smile appear on his face. He immediately hugged you as thight as he could. He kissed your head a couple of times before whispering in your ear.

“I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too Freddie, so much.”

His hands slowly moved down your body ressting one hand on your butt before squeezing it. You back off a little letting go of the hug.

“I’m sorry darling, i shouldn’t have done that.” He says to you while he holds his hands in the air.

“No it’s ok Freddie, I just want to give you my suprise first.” you say to him winking.

He looks at you a little confused.

“What supr-”

Before he could finish that sentence you grab his hand and lead him to your dorm. Your roommates were going to Hogsmeade so you had the room all to yourself. You entered your dorm with Fred and his eyes widen. In the middle of the room stood one single chair and you had put your led lights on red. You guided him to the chair and sat him down on it.

“Baby what’s thi-”

“Ssst.” you say putting your finger against his lips. “It’s my time to treat you tonight. Since I’ve missed you so much.”

You kiss his neck a bit and go back to close the door. You sit on his lap and face him. You start to kiss his neck and sometimes bitting it a bit. You grind your hips on his crotch while kissing his neck. You hear him groan and throwing his head back a little. You put your forehead against his and slowly start unbuttoning your blouse. You see him lowering his eyes to your breast. You throw your blouse aside and grab his hands to put them on your breast. You start to move his hands so he’s squeezing each of your breasts one by one. You unclip your bra and let him take it off. He puts it aside and puts his hand on your bare breasts. He squeezing them now without your hand guiding his moves. You’re still grinding on him, you move your head to his neck wanting to kiss it again but before you could he moaned in your ear

“Fuck y/n, if you dont stop now I’ll come in my goddamn pants.”

You smirked as you liked what you did to him. You took of his shirt starting to kiss his chest. You get if his lap and go stand on your knees, you unbuckle his belt and take of his trousers. You hear him breath heavily, you’ve only done this one time and he absolutely loved it.

You take of his boxers and see his hard cock with a little pre cum on it. You started to spread the pre cum all over the tip of his dick. He moaned as you did that. Once you spread it you slowly start liking it, making him throw his head back and grunting. You keep teasing him a little by giving soft kisses on the tip. Once you notice how bad he needs it you open your mouth putting in his length. He moaned loudly as you did so. You used your spit as lube which worked quite well. You couldn’t fit all of him inside your mouth so you also used your hands. Fred puts his hand on the top of your head not being able to control himself anymore.

Suddenly he pushes himself all the way inside you and you gag a little. He moans so loud probably whole Hogwarts could hear him as he comes. You swallow every single piece of liquid before standing up and kissing Fred on the cheek. He pulls you down so you’re on his lap.

“Wanna bet 5 galleons I won’t stop taking about this for weeks?” He says smiling at you

You laugh and kiss him. Suddenly he grabs your neck and puts you down on the bed behind the chair. You look at him in shock as he whispers into your ear

“How about I’ll make you feel good now?” He says with a smirk coming across his face as he slowly starts to kiss down your body....

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