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The life of Amiyah Wu *ambw*

First day of school

8th grade

Amiyah pov:

AS I walk down the hall I’m very excited I’m finally in the 8th grade!!!
This will be the second school I’ve gone to in 14yrs I’m very excited to start fresh.
You see I’m kinda famous!!
Welll....not me but my dad is Kris Wu
The Chinese rapper himself is my dad.
But shhhhh don’t tell anyone,hahaha
This diary thing is really cool I’ll have to thank baba later.*ringring* Oh well diary that’s the bell talk to you later bye . SINCERELY
Amiyah Wu

As the girl puts her journal in her bag,she looked around at the empty table she sat at taking in that this would be how she’d sit all year.*so there’s some diary entries in here just imagine skys voice in jessie*

End of school*8th period*

“Everyone we have our first test in 2 weeks I hope you guys study”,our teacher says. As the teacher talks I get excited for school to end,every since grandma enrolled me in school I’ve been waiting for my after school program. Glee club we didn’t have it at my old school I’m so happy,now I can have a concert like baba maybe I can have millions of fans to!!
“Amiyah”!!,our teacher yells
“Can I please talk to you please?“,I nod
I walk towards her desk nervous of what she’ll say.
“you see I’m the glee director”,
“ohhh...is there something wrong”
“Well you on your form.....she pulls out a file from her cabinet,turning to my glee application,
“your grandmother’s signature is on the file”...
“YES she looks after me while my father travels”.“thing is she’s not your legal guardian”. The teenager excitment was soon crushed as she just realized her year was of to a horrible start.“do you think your father could come up here and sigh again?“the girl just listens to the questions shaking her head knowing that what she asked was impossible.
“No.....he’s in LA right now” “oh well that okay all we have to do is call”,the teacher says with a bright smile.
Amiyah brightens up as she’s hands the school phone. Moving her fingers trying to remember the number.
*ringring* “Hello”....the young girl is greated by the deep voice of her father. He spoke English with the call recognizing the Vancouver area code.

爸爸是我阿米耶(daddy it’s me amiyah)
The other kids in the class are shocked to hear the brown girl speaking mandarin with her father.

Meanwhile with kris
The male is surprised to hear the sweet voice of his only child.
真的,為什麼你要打電話?你不應該在學校嗎(really why are you on the phone? aren’t you supposed to be at school?)

Hahhaha..我要問你一件事(i need to ask you something)she says while playing with her fingers.

是的公主(yes princess )

(can I please go to my glee club class after school )

(baby I thought grandmother already sighed that for you?)

(no I need you,please talk to my teacher daddy please)
“Let me talk to her”,he says in English
As the to adults talk amiyah get looks from her classmates never before seeing someone speak Chinese before.
(You know how so people do the chingchong thing that’s what they expected Chinese to sound like)
“Amiyah,your dad says your aloud I’ll see you their”,she nods remembering to thank her dad when she goes home.

*ringring* the bell


Just imagine their In a auditorium
On the floor with the teacher playing guitar.

!!Applause!! Good job everyone that was amazing ,well see you tomorrow bye.


This time they’ll speak Cantonese I don’t feel like writing the characters.

*opens door*
as she entered the house she was greeted with the pictures her childhood. Each picture represented a special or random moment she had with her tiny family.
As she walked past the mantle the outline of a tall man was introduced to her. When she saw the man she slowly started to creep behind
And....*Thud* 爸爸(DADDY) she spoke as she rest on her father’s back.

Kris pov:

2mins before
He checks his phone clock 4:57
“I wonder where she is”?
“She had her program remember?“,said his mother
Oohhh... the man says remember the conversation he had with his daughter.*brrrr* the sound of the washer goes off.“I’ll be right back”,says the older Chinese woman.
After she leaves the man feel a bump on his back followed by a high pitch voice, 爸爸 (daddy) hahha,i giggle
你好,漂亮的女士(hey beautiful)
I turn her around so she’s facing me. To which she raps her legs around my waist.
What are u doing here?<PretendLAtoCanadaisonly

My shoot ended early,I said”ooohhhh she says making her mouth get bigger which is so cute to her father. Even though she 14 she’s still the same excited child she was at 4 I’m so glad I have her,kris thought.
嘿,爸爸(hey dad),she says.
“Yes baby”,he respodes 我爱你
(I luv u) ,she say as she looks at me with her puppy like eyes.我也爱你
(I luv u 2) I say as I peck her lips softly

That’s the end of this chapter I have so many stories now WOW.

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