Eyelashes - KTH


They say, if our eye lashes fall out, someone is missing us. "Someone might be missing you right now" "Wait- how'd you know?" "By the eyelash that falls under your eye." "I didn't actually think you would still believe in myths like that" [ Cover and story lines are mine ]

Romance / Humor
saturnights ✨
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They say, if our eye lashes fall out, someone is missing us.

“Bro, someone’s missing you”

“Wait- how’d you know?”

“By the eyelash that falls under your eye”

“I didn’t actually think you would still believe in myths like that”


A/n: I started this book when I was still 13-14 y.o and continued it when I was 16 so it contains ALOT of cringe and I would like to warn everyone to read at your own risk :”

There’s also a lot of grammatical errors too so I’m rly sorry but I hope you’ll support me and still shower me with lots of love in this book!! thank you ❤

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