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Chapter 1

I was just casually stalking some,lowkey cute,random guys instagram,while crying,cause of my period cramps when I heard someone knocking on my door.
I tried to whipe my tears away,cause its probably Cedric.
“Yeah,come in”
Cedric came inside,but still with the door open.
“We have to go to the documentary”

I wanted to answer,but Cedric interrupted me and closed the door behind him.
“Whats wrong,what happened?”
“Just period cramps”
“God I’m so glad I don’t have a period”
“Asshole,that doesn’t help me”
“I mean,I could make you pregnant.Then you wouldn’t have your period neither for nine months”
“But then for fourty days right after,so no thanks babe.
Also I’m fifteen and your seventeen,you’re my best friend not boyfriend or hookup or something so really much no”
“Wait a minute.Fourty days in a row,like right after?”
“Yeah,but I don’t know if I would have cramps tho”
“We will just adopt kids alright?”
“Sure,cause we are definitely gonna marry and then want kids”
“Yeah we will,so you’re not coming to the documentary?”
“Nah,but one of my mums friends knows,one of the teachers,forget the name tho.Probably also a friend of your mum but like”
“You’re gonna stay here the whole evening,alone?” He said smirking and not seeming like he would leave me alone.

“You make it sound bad”
“I mean you for sure need someone to look after you,right?”
“Yeah,go get your free card”
“I’m gonna make brownies okay?”
“Then I’m really fine with it”
“I know,I’m back in a few minutes”
I nodded before he left to go talk to one of the teachers.

He was so cute and adorable.
And hot.
Like forreal,don’t tell me he isn’t hot.
Cause that is obviously not true.
Like I want to kiss him not gonna lie,his lips are extremely attractive.
I actually would hookup with him,but like I cannot ask my bestfriend to hoop up with me.
Not like I already thought about it multiple time,of course nit.
Couldn’t be me.
Also couldn’t be me literally being in love with him.

He came back smiling and sat down on my bed.
“Guess what”
“The teacher said we can stay out of school tomorrow”
“Why you tho?”
“Cause I’m the best friend you could ever have”
“They just don’t want something to happen,I don’t know.”
“Mhh,are you gonna make me brownies now,please”
“Yeah,sure.You’re staying here or coming with me to the kitchen?”
“With you”

He gave me his hand so I would stand up with him.
I love holding his hands,they are attractive as hell.
And he wears rings like please come on,you can already tell his hands are hot only from this fact.

We walked to the kitchen and I sat down,trying not to stare at him.
But he was so hot when he was searching for the recipe for brownies.
When he found one,he came to me and hold one of my hands.
He put all of his rings from his one hand on my left and from his other on my right hand.
He didn’t even say anything he just did it,he loves his rings.
More than like anything.
Especially hos frog ring,I got it for him a bit ago.
I have the same one,but I don’t know I always forget to put my rings on.
Like sometimes I do,but thats like once every few weeks.
Cedric wears his rings all the time,except for when he is cooking,baking,swimming or doing sports.

He got back to start baking,
luckily noone else was in the hufflepuff kitchen right now.
Once there were these annoying ass girls,that wouldn’t stop complimenting Cedric.
I was so jealous I swear.
Like he wasn’t even flirting back he was just being respectful,but it annoyed me so badly.
If he would be in a relationship or if he would be talking to someone I would be so pissed.
I’m so glad he doesn’t got friends,
that aren’t his family.
Like all of his friends are somehow related to him,except for me.
And he would never start something with a family member.
I don’t know as what he sees me tho,like we aren’t related to eachother in any kinda way.
But we are friends since I can remember so.

I got on my phone and continued stalking this guy.
Cedric and I do like everything together and sometimes sit in silence together for hours,just cause I like him being around.
And he doesn’t mind me I guess.
He actually was pretty cute and he texted me first,but he really needs his time to reply again.
Like he is a muggle,but a hookup doesn’t hurt anyone and maybe I would date him.
Like I don’t know but the whole halfblood thing is so confusing like when you’re a wizard or witch you are one period.
Nothing else.

I looked through the pics he was tagged in and tried to find out if he got a decent character.
These ugly ass cramps,I swear.
If I drink more water it will be over sooner.But I don’t want to get up.
But I don’t want to have my period any longer.Like it doesn’t change that much,but maybe a day shorter or something when I drink enough water.

So I got up and drank two glasses of water,Cedric looked at me confused,measuring something.
“You good?”
“Mhm,you just wanted to show me that you’re good at swallowing for sure” He looked down to the table doing his thing smirking.
“Of course the only reason,you disgusting bitch”
“Love you too”
“Fuck off”
“Fuck me”
“What?” He looked up to me and looked completely confused.
“Of course,you want to fuck me I always knew,since we were kids you were only using me”
“Yeah,my first thought when I saw you was that obviously”
“But I mean I’m fine with it,was also my first thought.So when tell me a date,which time and where?”
“February 30th,8pm your room”
“Of course I’m gonna be there”

I sat down again and just watched him doing whatever.
I played with his rings and the frog rings eyes were so cute.
Cedrics hair looked so fluffy right now and his hands making the brownie dough hell.
“Stop starring”
“Stop being-“Okay nevermind I shouldnt call him hot.
“Stop being so annoying”
Yeah thats better I guess.
“Stop liking Draco”
“I don’t even like him”
God damn it.
He always starts these discussions.Like Draco and I dated once for a month or something.
Only cause I ran into him kissing Harry tho and his dad is homophobic af.

He would probably kill Draco and cause there was another kid that ran into them with me,but they couldn’t figure out who,we fake dated.
Like Draco and I were friends before and still are,but before we weren’t really close.
And the only people that know are Hermione and Ron except for them two and me.
I wasn’t allowed to tell Cedric and he was so jealous for no reason.
I’m still hanging out with Hermione and Ron sometimes in Dracos room and Harry and Draco are making out or whatever.
And everytime I have to tell Cedric I’m with Draco,so Cedric hates Draco and Draco likes to provoke people,so its really not s good combination.

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