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Ella Black Ella Black is the daughter of Regulus and Iris Black. She becomes best friends with the Wesley's and Potters. She falls in love with the red haired boy. Read about her life going to Hogwarts and what she must do to protect her loved ones.

Fantasy / Romance
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Hi everyone!

This is just going to be an intro to the characters and my style of writing.


This story is going to twist up the origin of Harry Potter. Voldemort tried to kill Harry but failed, like in the books. Except he didn't kill Harry's parents. Peter Pettigrew told Voldemort where the Potters lived. The ministry tried to get him in Azkaban but him being an animagus made it hard and he's still on the loose.

Ella is the daughter of Regulus and Lena Black. Regulus has always had a soft spot for his brother, Sirius. He helps him escape his partners. That's when Sirius lived with the Potters. Sirius is innocent and here he doesn't go to Azkaban so he has a big part on Ella and Harry's life. Lena is a witch from Lebanon. She also attended Hogwarts and was sorted into Ravenclaw.

Moony and Padfoot are together. Sirius is also Ella's godfather.

The Weasley family are just like they are in the books.

Lena, Molly and Lily are very close and have their kids meet often.

The story will begin when Ella, Fred and George are 5 years old.

bold: it is me talking

italic: to emphasize a word

wow: bold+italic is narrator

--- : start and end of chapter

"": someone talking

'': someones thoughts (wont be used in this story)

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¤¸¸.•'¯'•¸¸.•..>> - <<..•.¸¸•'¯'•.¸¸¤ : passing of time
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