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WOLFSTAR - Hogwarts -


A one shot wolfstar story

Fantasy / Romance
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"Sirius please I don't want to hurt you," Remus urged. The sun was setting and soon the full moon will be in view.

"Remmy, I don't care I need to be with you,"

"I'm a monster,"

"How dare you call my boyfriend a monster. He is beautiful and perfect," Sirius always did his best to help Remus. It wasn't always easy, he gets insecure quick.

"I need to go and you will stay here if you come and the potion doesn't work you could die. Sirius if you die it'll be my fault. How will I be able to live with myself?" Remus said feeling his eye water up. He was a sensitive boy with a delicate heart. Sirius didn't reply. He walked up and put his arms around him. He ruffled Moony's hair and held him tight in a hug. Tears streamed down his face as they each landed on Padfoot's shoulder. Sirius had no tears but he could feel the ache in his soul. Remmy slowly pulled back snapping them into reality. He had to leave.

"I will go with you to the edge of the forest and then I'll come back here," Sirius assured him. Remmy nodded and they walked out of the castle. They have been camping in the room of requirements. It was the perfect hideout for things like this. There was a small area that had a couch and a bed. They fixed it up for whenever they needed it. They slowly walked down the stairs making sure to not make a sound. Once they were outside Remmy grabbed Sirius's hand as they kept walking to the forest. The forest was excellent if Remmy transformed he wouldn't harm anyone. Perhaps an animal but no one from the school.

They reached the start of the forest and Remus paused. He turned to Sirius and just gazed at him. He pulled him into a hug. Sirius was worried sick. Remus could die tonight there was no denying it. He rather be realistic than optimistic. Remus hurriedly pulled away and ran off into the depths of the forest. Sirius turned and took his leave back to the castle. He had his ears open for any howling. Werewolves tend to howl when they first transform. That was one of the ways he knew if the potion worked or not.

Remus's heart began to pound as his legs trembled. His head began to throb with pain as he tried to fight it off. It was no use. His arms turned to legs while his face became another. His scars wide stretched along his back.


He transformed.

Sirius heard it from the castle. It was faint but he picked it up. With ever night that he transforms another scar appears. Sometimes they are small and go away, sometimes they are large and stay there forever. Sirius walked into the castle and towards the hospital wing. It wasn't the first time Sirius wants to take care of Remus. He walked into the hospital and greeted Madam Pomfrey.

"Remus?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'll bring him in if it's anything serious happens," Padfoot explained to her.

"I know you will, stay safe dear," she finished as she handed him a bucket. Inside were two rags and some water with a mix of potions to help heal the scars. He walked down the hall and to the exit. He made his way back to the entrance of the forest. He found a small tree to lean on. Sirius put the bucket down and made himself comfortable. Padfoot was good at staying up so he had no problem staying there for a few hours. Full moons that are lit about 95% can last for up to five days. Werewolfs transforms when it is a 100% illumination. Although the full full moon only lasts for an instant they stay in their shape for a couple of hours.

Remmy was now running through the forest. Searching for something to hurt. His mind cannot remember anything. He came across a wolf and decided to fight it. He pounced onto it and stood upon the poor wolfs body. The wolf tried to move away but the werewolf was far too strong. The wolf scratched Remmy's face. That only angered him as they got into a fight. They continued to pull and tear at each other until the wolf was too weak to fight back. The soil stained with blood, the werewolf let out a final howl before running off again.

Sirius waited by the tree patiently. It's been over an hour since he heard the first howl. Remmy only stayed as a wolf for about 3 hours on a cloudy night like today. If the moon was visible the whole night he could stay as one for 8 hours. Sirius could hear the rummaging and howl from the outside of the forest. It scared him when he heard a loud howl or groan afraid that his boyfriend was hurt. He would hear running and crunching from the depths of the forest. They kept him alert.

Another hour had passed and the forest was calm. He detected footsteps in the distance. They weren't loud and beastly but of a regular man. Sirius stayed put and waited for the figure to approach.

"Remus?" he called keeping his distance. The figure kept walking out then collapsed at the exit of the forest. "Remmy!" Sirius called running towards him. He was bleeding from his face and arms. Padfoot quickly picked him up like a bride and took him back to the tree. Sirius began to cry, Remus has never gotten this hurt before. He set him down carefully and made sure he felt alright.

"You waited?" Remus questioned once they both took a seat. His voice was low and weak.

"Of course I did," It was still dark but Sirius could see the happiness on Remmy's face. He dipped the rag into the potioned-water and began to dab it across the new scar. Slowly he went over the whole scar and cleaned up the blood on his arm.

"You don't have to do this you can just leave I'll go to the hospital," Remmy suggested. He loved the company of his boyfriend but didn't want to tire him out.

"I got you baby. I love to take care of you,"

"I love you, Sirius."

"I love you too Remmy,"

Sirius made his way to Remus's face. The new scar was large across his face. He had a small scar on his cheek but nothing compared to this. Sirius thought it was magnificent, his scars. Remus never belied him when he said that. He cleaned it up then asked him if there were any more. Remus said no and shook his head ever so slightly. Padfoot didn't believe him and slowly lifted his shirt to reveal another scar across his chest. Sirius then removed the shirt completely. Remmy felt embarrassed and ashamed he tried to stop Sirius from helping but it didn't work. Sirius used the second rag to go over his chest. He would dip it into the bucket and gently place it on the cuts. Then he wiped off the blood and used his hand to wipe off the tears that came rolling down his face.

Once he was all cleaned up, Sirius cleaned the rags for any excess blood. He then took off his hoodie and handed it to Moony. He refused to put it on and said he's fine. Sirius didn't care about what he said. He took the hoodie and put it on for Remus himself. Padfoot didn't want him to wear the ripped bloody shirt especially that he was clean now. Together, they walked back to the castle. Hands interlocked. It was 3 am many were fast asleep. They had their invention, the Marauders Map with them. It helped sneak in and out of the castles in case any professor was roaming the building. Several of the professors knew about Remus, the problem was with the ones who didn't. It would be impossible to go back to the common room at this time. The people in portraits fall asleep, too. The fat lady would be snoozing and there would be no use going.

They silently walked into the building. They had to go up to the seventh floor. They began their journey watching every move. By the time they reached the fifth floor, Remus was worn out. Sirius didn't wait to react. He picked him up, careful to touch his wounds, and continued up the stairs. They crept into the room and headed to their known corner. He placed Remus on the bed then covered him with a blanket. Sirius made his way to the opposite side of the bed and lied down beside him. He moved closer and turned so he was facing him.

"I look hideous don't I?" asked Remus.

"No, not at all," Sirius replied quickly.

"The scar, it makes me look horrible,"

"I think it makes you look hotter," Sirius argued as he placed a soft kiss on the cheek of his boyfriend. Remus turned red at his comment. He turned himself so they were now facing each other. "Remmy, you look amazing. Your scars are really cool, too. Did you expect me to stop loving you because you now have a sexy red mark on your face and chest?"


"Don't be silly," Sirius said stroking through Moony's hair. His locks were soft and light brown of colour. They were so close, breathing each other's air. Sirius shifted his face closer and placed his lips against his. He put his arms around Remus and drew him closer. Remmy didn't hesitate, he wrapped his own arms around Sirius so their limbs were interlocked.

"I think you're beautiful," Sirius said between breaths. Remmy pulled away feeling better then he had been. Their faces were bright pink as they looked into each other's eyes. Moony moved his position so his head was on Padfoot's chest. Sirius played with his hair till Moony fell asleep. Sirius began to feel tired too. He closed his eyes knowing his boyfriend was safe and that he'll be alright. He drifted away into a peaceful sleep with the love of his life wrapped in his arms. They were in love and there was no denying it.

~The End~
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