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bucky barnes - sore loser

tw: cussing and concerning scenes


"I'd kindly advice you take your hands off of me, if you'd like to see the living daylights of tomorrow" the words slipped nastily from my lips almost like venom- but I couldn't care less he was toying with me he knew how to get under my skin and he enjoyed that, he loved getting a reaction from me "oh but darling you know your enjoying this.." his gaze focused on his hands which were messing with my hair "get the fuck away from me barnes" I wanted nothing more than to get that smug expression off his face. however, his smile only simply brightened at my words, and frankly that made me uncomfortable

I stalked away from the taller man who seemed to be enjoying this a little too much he was always this way towards me he would watch my every move see who I'm talking to it was almost as if I had no privacy "the fun has just begun...darling" his eyes darkened and it seemed like something switched in him "your such a sore loser”i told him as he took long strides towards me "I'm no'll know" he responded back, no emotion could be heard in his voice but one look on his face and it'll tell you otherwise, in a quick movement he had you pinned against the wall and his hands right beside my head "get over it barnes just because I didn't fall for your silly tricks gives you no right to harass me" my gaze hardened and I swallowed hard as my jaw tightened "your a pussy" my comments didn't seem to faze him, it seemed as though he was satisfied by my responses- a smirk crawled its way on his face "why don't you use that pretty mouth of yours for something better" he growled

his hot breathe trickling down my neck "fuc-" I was cut off by a pair of lips placing themselves onto mine, his lips slowly moved against mine taking every second to enjoy the moment I didn't give in, I didn't want to no matter how hard it was, I didn't want to give him the satisfaction he slowly pulled away his teeth toying with my bottom lips as his eyes stayed on mine

"what the fuck barnes?! seriously fuck you god your such a moron" I breathed out pushing him aside before walking out "if you really didn't enjoy the kiss you could have pushed me off...but you didn't" he said grabbing my wrists "what are you trying to do?" I mumbled clearly defeated for the first time I didn't understand why didn't I push him off? did I enjoy the kiss? "I'm trying to prove a point beautiful" I couldn't believe what he said did he really think he could get away with this?


the mans flesh turned into a lovely shade of red at the impact of my palm, his tongue poked at his cheek as his eyes rose to meet mine "you shouldn't have done that" he said now his voice was dripping with venom "fuck off James you don't scare me if you don't back off I swear I'll do it ag-"

"do it, I dare you"

all of the air was nocked out of my lungs,my ears burning and turning heavy it was almost as if he had a spell on me I couldn't move, speak or breathe "that's what I thought, don't try any funny business with that boy it won't end beautifully for the both you" he mumbled walking away from me

how could I let him get away with this I don't understand myself do I like him or do I hate him why does my heart beat non-stop around him, I sat down as the thoughts raced around in my head "hey y/n you alright? did something happen bucky just walked past me and he seemed angry?" steve said entering the room I didn't look up at him I just kept my eyes on the ground and hummed in responses

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