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draco malfoy imagines


eternity, (n.) et-ern-ity. infinite or unending time. ❝writing scenarios of our favourite problematic character for your needs. ❞ ambi_doo12 © 2021. lowercase intended. draco malfoy x f. reader. *sensitive topics*

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one, favourite colour.

no one’s pov:

it was roughly around midnight when a slightly dishevelled draco emerged from the boy’s dormitory stairs, in hope of being alone after a restless night. but, to his slight surprise, an exhausted y/n was sitting on a couch in front of the fire - staring blankly into the orange flames. she hadn’t heard the blonde’s footsteps as he entered the common room as she was too far into her mind to notice. daydreaming.

“hey, baby” draco softly says as he approaches his girlfriend. she visibly jumps a mile and turns to face her significant other, “what are you doing up?“. draco sighs as he takes a seat next to the h/c headed girl, “just restless, y’know?“. y/n knew how much draco had problems with his sleep and was always welcome with open arms. she pouts softly at his vagueness and unravels her blanket and he takes this as a warm invitation to cuddle up to y/n. “darling, how come you’re up? you need your sleep”, draco sleepily says. “seriously draco, i don’t know”.

after five minutes of a comfortable silence between the couple, y/n takes this as an opportunity for a small talk and breaks the silence. much to draco’s content, they had conversations ranging from quidditch to the potions assignment due at the end of the week.

“okay, okay, what’s your favourite colour?” y/n asks. draco slightly chuckles at this and shakes his head in disagreement, “you’ll make fun of me”.

“no no no, i promise i won’t” she quickly says, eager to know. “you say yours first then”.

“okay fine, mine is, hmm,” she takes a few seconds to think, “black?“. draco bursts out laughing immediately, “that’s so basic y/n! and it isn’t even a colour, it’s a shade!“. she flushes a bright red in embarrassment. she mumbles a quiet “shut up” but quickly recovers. “what’s yours then draco?“. he sighs deeply and prepares for a shutdown from y/n. “red” he quickly puts his head down facing the bottom of the fireplace.

when he doesn’t hear a response, he slowly lifts his head to face his beautiful girlfriend to find she’s smiling softly. all she says is, “cute”. draco can’t believe his ears. she didn’t judge him for having a favourite colour of the enemy house, gryffindor. “w-what?” he splutters out. “i find it cute, better than mine anyway”.

“you’re amazing, you know that right?” draco compliments, out of the blue. “thanks draco,” she says, “can we just sleep here? y’know, together?“. she was very nervous thinking he wouldn’t want to stay. “of course darling, i thought you wouldn’t ask!” he says happily, grinning from ear to ear.

and that’s just what they did. laying in each other’s warm embrace, love filling the area around them - with the fire dying down.

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