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draco malfoy imagines

three, scorpius hyperion malfoy.

draco’s pov:

i had everything i could ever want in life: my pardon from my part in the war, a wife who was always there for me and people who finally understood me for me. but why wasn’t my life feeling complete?

y/n, my best friend, my wife, my world, my everything had been acting extremely nervous around me. i started to become suspicious she was hiding something but let her have her space. one morning, i woke up to loud dry heaving from the bathroom. i swung my legs over the side of the bed and sprinted into the bathroom, to find a sweating y/n. i knelt beside her and held her hair back as she wanted to throw up again. when she was finished, she fell backwards to lean against the wall. “you alright, darling? you woke me up” i said, corncern laced in my voice. she looks up at me, “i’m sorry, love. i just don’t feel the best today. go back to bed”. i shake my head at her and pick her up bridal style. she sighs softly as she leans into my touch. i get the sleeve of my shirt and wipe the sweat off her head. as we walk back to the bedroom, i get lost into my thoughts again. is she cheating on me? oh god, i shouldn’t even be thinking about that, i trust her, right? before i can stop myself, i accidentally blurt it out as i place her on the bed. “are you cheating on me, y/n?“.

she looks at me with wide eyes and her jaw dropped, “why would you think that? aren’t you supposed to trust me?! god, why do you think that?“. i slightly raise my voice, “you’ve been really secretive at the moment! not only that, but always really nervous or jumpy around me! do i scare you or something?!“.

“yeah, when you raise your voice like that!“. i sigh and sit on the bed. i bring my knees up to my chest and try to coach myself to breathe. instead tears come to my eyes that i can’t be bothered to wipe. she probably hasn’t heard me this quiet in a while. “fuck me,” i sniffle, “i’m sorry, i shouldn’t of raised my voice. i’ll just leave to let you cool off since you’re shouting too”. i stand up and look at her and she gasps when she sees i cried. i turn my back on her and go to leave the room. “wait don’t go, please. i-i’m sorry draco. god, stupid moodswing,” she insults herself, “look, if i tell you what’s going on, do you promise not to leave”. i pivet on my heel and shake my head, “okay, alright”. she reaches into her nightstand and pulls something out and chucks it on the bed. she gestures to look at it and i pick it up with shaky hands and a blurry vision. my mouth hangs open, frozen. there, in my hands, was a positive pregnancy test.

“i’m gonna be a dad?” i ask, with shock in my voice. she nods, crying now, “please don’t leave. it’s yours, trust me. i couldn’t fathom sleeping with another man, love. we’ve still got time to get rid of it if-“.

“i-i’m gonna be a dad,” i cut her off, “oh my fucking god, i’m gonna be a dad”. i look at her with happy tears. i pick her up and twirl her around, “you’re gonna be a mom, and i’m gonna be a dad”. she giggles softly through tears but i put her straight down, “you’ve just thrown up, i’m stupid”. she fumbles to grab my hands, “hey, hey it’s alright.” i look at her lovingly and whisper, “i’m going to do it right, unlike my father. i promise, y/n, i will. he’ll never get what i recieved, i love you, fuck”. she looks at me with a twinkle in her e/c eyes, “he?“. i nod, “gotta feeling, y’know?“.

“i-i love you too dray”. that day ended with us both grinning from ear to ear and me talking to her little bump all night.

time skip: 11 years, 9 months later - platform 9 3/4.

as we weave through the crowds of children alike, i finally feel complete. 8 months after i found out the news, we had a little boy, just like i’d predicted. his name? scorpius hyperion malfoy. i loved the constellation and y/n loved his middle name. the tugging of my sleeve is what brings me out of my thoughts. mine and y/n’s sweet angel, scorpius, was waiting anxiously to say goodbye. i knelt down to his level and smiled softly. “daddy, would you be mad if i was in a different house to slytherin?” the blonde kid mumbled to me. i chuckled, “no, scorp, what matters is that you’re happy with it. if you are, i’ll be too. your mother was in h/n. i was in slytherin. it doesn’t matter. you have a chance in any house. you’re kind like hufflepuffs, smart like ravenclaws, brave like gryffindors, and most importantly, you’re resourceful like slytherins. just be happy, alight?“. he grinned at me, “i love you daddy”. my heart melted at his adorableness, “and i love you more. and so does your mom. don’t doubt it”. the train whistles and puffs out smoke. “okay, hun, you got everything? quills, books?” y/n aks frantically and i chuckle at her. “yeah, i do mom” an annoyed scorpius says. she ruffles his hair and kisses his head. “good luck, bud, alright”. he smiles brightly at me, “i will do daddy”. a stray tear rolls down my eye and i reach down to kiss his head. he gently rubs his thumb over my cheek, “there, gone”. i laugh and give him a tight hug, “go on, kid. make friends”. he nods vigorously and begins running off. “don’t forget to write!” y/n shouts. i pull her into a side hug and she kisses my cheek. “dray, you’re a really good dad. trust me. he loves you” y/n says. “and i love both of you” i boop her nose. she giggles. i turn to the carriage scorpius ventured on to. i see him talking to a kid who looks a lot like an old friend, harry potter. y/n laughs when she sees what i was laughing at. scorpius turns to the window and begins to wave like a mad man. both y/n and i wave back as the train heads off.

y/n was right, i brought him up the right way. and now, my life is finally complete, the missing piece to the puzzle - a family.

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