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Monsters (HawksxDabixReader)


Y/n L/n, a girl with a dark past that has turned into a villain and joined U.A as the traitor. Yeah, thats pretty much it, fluff, angst and fun

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Chapter 1

“I dont care what you have to do Kurogiri, find new recruits” Shirgiraki shouted and scratched his neck

“Sine the USJ not many people want to join-”

“Just fine people and shut up” Shiriraki sighed and left

Kurogiri let out a lot sigh and continued cleaning some glasses

Who would be crazy enough to join them and actually be loyal, nobody, it wasnt worth it. They needed a stronmg villain with a will for destruction, not a lttle thug like the new guys, they wanted someone they could let in their hideout and tell their plans

As if that pressure wasnt enough, they have to be sure they wont lean even if they are discovered. After all, nobody would be dumb enough to stay silent while his life is being threatend by heros....

But there is one person, she would do anything for some fun

His face lit up the moment he thought of his destructive little friend. He had helped her out once, not that she needed any help to escape the cops. More like he did the police and heros a favor, but still

He rushed into his room and called her, the phone buzzing for some time before it was picked up

“Yeah?” a squeaky voice sounded throught the phone

“Its Kurogiri” he laughed

“Hi dude, whatcha need me for, im kinda busy” she laughed

“Busy, no way you have a job”

“Im coming hot stuff, what do you want Kuro?”

“Just- Come at the adress I will send you later tonight” he sighed and hang up

Of course he had to call in the middle of something like that, this woman actually picked the phone up while doing something like that. To be honest tho, it was rare to catch her doing something other than three things

Fighting, getting drunk or high, having sex

That was her routine, her life, she was fine with it. Yes, she would love if there was more action, but she was happy like that, doing her thing, not being bound to a place by anyone, she liked the freedom of being alone in this world

“What time is she coming Kurogiri?” Shigirali growled

“Anytime now, she agreed to meet”

The door burst open and a little figure stepped in. Her hair was short with an undercut and an ash blonde that faded into black in the back of her head. Wold ears were sticking out of her head and a little fuzzy tail followed after her. She had two lip piercings, three nose ones, in her ears and had a tatto high on her thigh

She smelled of cheap booze and had black shorts and a crop top on with fishnets tights and a bicker jacket and was chewing bubblegum as she sat up next to the blue haired guy and looked at Kurogiri, making a bubble with her gum and bursting it

“So, what am I doing here again? And get me the usual” she yawned

“Thats the new- *sigh* Whats your quirk?” Shigiraki mumbled, looking at y/n

“Guess you can call it manipulation” she shrugged and grabbed her drink

“Please y/n, just tell him and cooperate” Kurogiri sighed

“Seduction, easy as fuck. I can look at what people want, their greatest ambitions and use it against them and I can also see you are in need of chapstick aside from another shitload of shit” y/n laughed

“Shitload of shit, real classy”

“We’re both villains, we arent exactly refered to as classy, but sure, whatever. Im going now, Kurogiri, count me in on whatever you need from me”

“You gotta move here- Wait a minute, if your quirk is manipulation, what about the ears?”

“They are just a part of my quirk I guess, I can grow claws too but its nothing special” she laughed before dissapearing

“....So?” Kurogiri turned to Shigiraki and laughed

“Shes fine, but I dont trust her to be the U.A traitor”

“You will, just sent her on some missions first, shes totally the person we need”

Shigiraki just shrugged as Toga and Dabi just came back from a mission, one with blood all over her and the other just bored. They both just plopped down and stred exchanging weird glances

“It smells of liquor in here, and nobody drinks this, its like, pure alcohol” she furrowed, looking at the almsot finished drink

“Anything is pure alchohol to you” Dabi rolled his eyes

“Oh yeah, drink a glass of this then at once without burning and I will clean your room for a month” Toga laughed

Dabi got up and rolled his eyes, drinking a little of the liquid. Once it entered his throat it started burning him inside as he coughed and pushed the glass away, still a long way to go before it finished

“Thats the drink of the new recruit, you probably shoyldnt have a drinking competition with her, she will be coming here tomorrow probably to move in” Kurogiri smiled

“Is she hot?” Dabi laughed

“S-Shes attractive, but dont do anything with her, she will be a part of the league”

“And because some of us want to sleep at night” Shigiraki growled

“Oh we wont be getting any of that, she rarely ever comes back without a guy” Kurogiri laughed

“Great, all we needed was another horny fuck”

“Shes not like Dabi, dont worry about that and unless she finds you all fun, you probably will never see her out of missions”

“What are you all even talking about?” Toga laughed

“You seriously didnt even catch anything of the whole conversation?”

“Not really, can I take her blood?” Toga laughed

“Not if you want your hands, I wouldnt suggest it” Kurogiri laughed


“She bites a lot and scratches, an we will most likely have to flee sometimes, the whole police is on her back constantly”

“How did you even know her, shes probably a minor”

“She just turned 18 some months ago, she has done quite a lot of things and I just helped her out once. She remembers her friends, shes no brat”

Meanwhile, y/n was just making her way back home. She was sore tonight, she had been shot on her way to the hideout, likely she pushed them off and her werewolf healing hlped a lot. It was honestly going to be one of the little nights she was going home alone, no matter what, she always had a dude or some hot chick with her

She enjoyed the company when she was awake, for obvious reasons, but she always sent them away after the fun. She has terrible night terrors of her early chilhood, everything she had done kept flashing throught her mind

All killers have nightmares, all of them have regrets and most even feel guilty, so much that they might end up bringing themselves in the hands of justice to escape that horrible feeling. Guilt, regrets, it all made people sick eventually

Y/n was no exception, one little thing tho...

She never felt any guilt to drive her crazy, only fun, fun, fun in looking at a persons life flash throught their eyes, only to fade away eventually. She was the greatest monster of all, she loved ruining things, pure thing, she wanted to destroy them


Because they disgusted her to her very core. She always looked in the mirror, ever since she can remember, she never looked like they naturally did even when they were angry. When she looked in the mirror, she never saw such a kid like she always wanted to be, she only saw a monster

A disgusting kid, a burden in everyones eyes. She was always troubled inthe orphanage, there were kids older than her that got adopted, there were kids the adults there were happy to protect, they were kids everyone praised abotu how strong they were.

And then there was her

The troublemaker, the burden, the kid nobody ever even gave a chance to adopt because of the scar going throught her right eye. Nobosy even thought about helping her out of that place. There was a man once, but he was too much, he gave her too much hope, too much kindness, he trained heros for gods sake, how was she supossed to fit in!

She stayed with him for two years before fleeing, everyone seemed to love her and she couldnt take it, all she wanted was to be alone. She studied their moves again and again, she memorised evrything abotu anyone, even her guardian smove she knew after a while

Turns out the useless, evil, troublemaker from the orphanage was a martial artss prodigy, incredible reaction time, perfect technique, her stradegies needed some improvement, but she was still really good for her age. A pure talent, she could avoid a man she was constantly watching for a year, yes, not that impressive, but she was nine and he was a pro hero in the best school of the country

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