A Second Chance


An attack by a fairy made Derek a puppy again. Now, it’s up to the other werewolves to take care of the alpha and survive to tell the story. Will they be able to get Derek back to normal? Everyone will discover things from the past, but how will everyone react when this happens? Will everyone’s relationship improve and make them a more united pack? Or will you do the opposite? If you want to know the answer to these questions you will have to read it until the end, otherwise, you will have no answers to these questions and many more that could appear ...

Romance / Adventure
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I Found You

It was just another chemistry class in which Prof. Harris took pleasure in tormenting Stiles Stilinski with promises of detention and gratuitous humiliation.

Isaac tried in vain to concentrate on the experiment they were conducting, but something was catching his attention.

A strong and extremely familiar smell invaded his nostrils and without realizing it, he sniffled in the direction it was coming from.

-As much as you like the perfume of your colleagues, Mr. Lahey, I suggest you pay attention to what you were doing.

Apparently distracted by the smell, he didn’t realize that he had left his experiment heating up too long.

He quickly turned off the fire, shaking frantically in a vain attempt to save something and not take zero.

His face flushed when he realized that many students were looking at him, and some even flashed jocular smiles.

Stiles throws a paper at Scott, who like many was laughing softly at the situation.

-Cara, something caught Isaac’s attention. Do you smell something different?” he murmured, but knowing that he was being heard perfectly by the werewolves present.

Scott wastes no time, starts sniffing the air, and looks toward the door with his head tilted. Jackson too, but with narrowed eyes. Scott recognizes Derek’s scent, but a little differently.

He turns to Stiles, who was sitting three benches away, almost across the room, and mutters that the smell is Derek’s, but it’s different.

Stiles doesn’t understand what he is saying. Jackson, who was sitting with Danny on the bench next to Stiles, without realizing it consents with his head since he also thought it was the Alpha.

Scott quietly asks him to tell Stiles, he denies with his head and turns his attention back to the experiment, with a smile.

Scott realizes that he is doing this out of spite and ignores him. Stiles keeps trying to get his attention, and he keeps trying to communicate by mime, which causes a few chuckles in the room.

-What the hell are you doing? You can’t understand anything, you fool,” Stiles complained in a low voice, making Jackson laugh, which drew the attention of Lydia and Allison, who were now looking at Scott with a curious expression.

Seeing that he was unable to communicate with his rotten mimicry skills, Scott cut his red eraser into two pieces and placed it over his closing eyes, and made a few angry faces.

Stiles smacks his forehead when he sees that the teacher is on Scott’s side, looking very unfriendly. Danny nudges Jackson who, seeing the scene, starts to laugh. Soon the whole class is laughing, and some pointing.

When Scott hears the laughter, he removes the rubbers from his eyes and finally sees the professor’s face, who is furious next to him, Allison who is trying to contain her giggles, Lydia with a look of horror at Jackson’s embarrassment, who by now has slipped off her chair laughing so hard.

Scott is speechless and for a moment seems terrified at the prospect of detention or even a trip to the board of directors.

But an expression of relief soon comes when the bell rings indicating the end of class.

Wasting no time, he hurries from his chair, meets Stiles at the door, and drags his friend out the door.

Jackson tries to find Isaac but realizes that he is no longer in class either. He then rushes out as well, asking Danny to bring his material.

-Why are you in such a hurry? - asked Allison to the goalkeeper, who replied that he had no idea.

-Come on. Let’s go,” said Lydia, dragging her friend, who had turned to say goodbye to Danny.

As soon as he left the room, Isaac didn’t waste any time and followed the trail he felt in class. He had a bad feeling, a tightness in his chest because he knew that the smell he smelled was the smell of his Alpha, but the smell was not normal.

It seemed altered.

It was him and at the same time, it didn’t seem to be him. He feared that it was a reaction to the attack of the Fairy they had faced days before, who, before disappearing with an evil laugh worthy of a cartoon villain, had managed to hit Derek right in the chest.

The smell was now coming from the cafeteria, where almost all the students were since it was lunchtime. Isaac tightened his pace when he realized that the smell now had a hint of terror. What could be happening there that would make Derek so scared?

When he reached the cafeteria, Isaac noticed a commotion near one of the tables in the corner. Some teenagers were elbowing and pushing each other in an attempt to reach something that was howling and yowling under the table.

-But what’s going on here?- asked Jackson, who was standing next to Isaac, who was startled to hear the voice. He hadn’t realized that the other wolf had arrived.

But before he could formulate an answer, a little ball of fur ran out and jumped toward him. He reflexively caught it before it hit the ground, holding it against his chest.

Silence filled the room until the aunt from the cafeteria arrived.

-Try to get that dog out of here right now. This is a cafeteria, not a kennel. You can’t bring your little animals into school, you delinquents,” scolded the lady with the lacy hair who brandished a wooden spoon.

Jackson closed his expression, clearly unaccustomed to having his attention called to him like that, and stepped in front of Isaac, who turned extremely red to see that everyone was looking in their direction and at the puppy in his arms.

Instinctively, he used his jacket to hide the cub, turned, and ran out of there. After one more ugly look at the woman, Jackson followed him.

-He said, “Give him here, you’ll crush him like this,” Jackson said, his eyes shining, as he tried to catch the puppy, which cringed at Isaac and growled at him.

-Where did you get this puppy?- asked Lydia as she approached them both and stopped them in the hallway.

-He’s so cute! Can I hold him?” asked Allison, reaching for him as well, causing him to growl again.

-Look, I think you’d better not touch him,” Isaac said, pulling away from her.

-And who named you his owner, Lahey?” asked Jackson, his blue eyes glowing in an irritated tone, drawing the attention of some students who were standing in the hallway.

-Oh my God! Is that Derek? What happened to him?” asked Scott, shocked to finally find Isaac and the others.

-How should I know?- defended Isaac, his yellow eyes glowing.

-If you don’t know anything, then you shouldn’t be looking after him,” Jackson stubbornly snarled, trying to catch him.

Soon a small argument began between the group, who exchanged accusations and provocations, drawing even more attention to them. Not being able to stand it, Stiles, before anyone could object, grabbed the puppy, pulling it away from Isaac, and ran towards the parking lot.

-I’ll see you at home,” he shouted, heading for his car.

The fifteen-minute drive to his house was made in less than ten minutes by committing several traffic violations. But Stiles could swear it was the longest drive he had ever made in his beloved Jeep.

Controlling the little puppy had been practically impossible. He had spent the entire trip jumping on the seats, trying to escape through the window, and even jumped at Stiles, causing his head to hit the steering wheel.

If he had any doubt that this was really Derek, he was sure it was him, and he could have sworn the puppy was laughing, from the strange noises he made before finally settling down and sitting on the passenger seat with his tongue out.

Not wanting to give the puppy a chance to escape, Stiles quickly got out and went around the Jeep, opening the passenger door. He picked up the puppy and hid it as far as he could inside his red jacket. He didn’t want his nosy neighbors to see him coming into the house with a puppy.

-Stay still, Derek. Good boy,” he said, petting the puppy, who was staring at him with his head bowed.

-What’s that you’re hiding there, Stilinski boy? Does your father know about this,” said Mr. Hoffman, the street’s most vicious neighbor. Stiles could swear that she took absurd pleasure in fingering his father.

-Just a friend’s dog. I’d better get inside soon before he takes a dump in the yard,” he said, giving the puppy a look. Always a pleasure to see you, Mr. Hoffman. Go in the shade,” he said, grabbing the puppy’s little paw and running towards his house.

He sighed with relief when he dashed into the house and locked the door, hugging the puppy.

-Please tell me you didn’t steal this dog,” begged the sheriff, when he saw his son with a puppy.

Stiles didn’t have time to answer, for when he opened his mouth, the front door was burst open by several angry and slightly transformed teenagers.

-Stiles!” shouted Isaac, his eyes glaring, huffing, and his claws out. Jackson didn’t look much calmer.

Panicked, his only reaction was to raise his hands and take a step back. An action that he regretted almost instantly, for when he did, the puppy that was safe in his arms collapsed to the ground.

They heard something break followed by a yelp of pain, and all Stiles could see before everything went black were two angry werewolves leaping towards him. Scott wasted no time in defending his friend, while Allison pulled a mini crossbow from her backpack. Punches and kicks rolled loose, as did a few arrows. And not even the sheriff could bring order there.

The noise only stopped when they heard a cry.

Isaac was the first to notice it and ran towards it to check it out. Jackson and Scott followed.

They see a child about four years old, naked, crying, and while holding one of his two arms against his body.

-Derek? Are you hurt?” asked Isaac, to the shrinking crying boy.

The sheriff looked on with a pale and shocked face.

-Can I see?” asked Isaac, as he stooped to stand at Derek’s height

-My God! It’s really Derek,” murmured Lydia, “Who knew he was so cute when he was little?

-Derek? As in Derek Hale? How can he be Derek Hale?- asked the confused sheriff, seeing Isaac calming the boy down just by touching him, and that the arm that was broken a moment ago, was no longer- You can start talking. Nobody leaves here until I know exactly what is going on,” grunted the sheriff, his authoritative tone clearly indicating that they had no other option.

-I’d really like to know too,” commented a voice from the doorway.

Upon hearing that voice, half of those present turned extremely pale.

Peter, noticing the general discomfort, couldn’t help but smile. After all, he loves the effect he has on others. Distracted, he did not see the figure running towards him until it collided with his legs.

-Uncle Peter” shouts Derek, hugging his uncle’s legs and rubbing his face against them.

Everyone got a horrified expression as Derek’s psychopathic uncle was so close to his vulnerable nephew now. Isaac, Scott, and Jackson approached carefully trying not to look like a threat, clearly intent on catching the boy.

Peter, for his part, also looked too shocked to react. He couldn’t believe it. He took the boy by the arms and bent down in front of him. Everyone noticed his eyes shining violently before he attacked Derek’s neck.

-No!” everyone shouted in horror. Even the sheriff had his gun pointed at Peter.

They didn’t count on the laughter that followed, however, in place of the terrified scream or the sound of flesh being torn apart.

-It tickles,” Derek complained, trying to get rid of his uncle who was sniffing his neck and face.

Peter hugged him and looked in the direction of those present.

-So? How did this happen?- he asked, still hugging the boy, as he ran his fingers through his hair haphazardly.

His eyes were clear, and for the first time since he had met the teenagers, he didn’t look sane.

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