A Second Chance

The Evil has a last name

She was late. She had woken up at the last minute and to help her out she was super distracted. She just couldn’t stop thinking about Derek and checking her picture on her cell phone from time to time.

-Don’t go missing the time, honey,” Chris warned her, making her drop her cell phone immediately because she was so scared.

-If you scare me to death, I’ll end up more than late,” he said, with his hand on his chest, then she got ready again.

He picks up her cell phone and is startled to see a picture of Isaac and a sleeping child. He couldn’t believe the audacity of those animals in turning innocent children.

She approaches him and says that he got it all wrong.

-They are turning children now, Alisson? When did you intend to comment?” he asked exasperated, showing his cell phone with the photo to his daughter.

He sees red, when his daughter instead of answering, simply start laughing. He takes a deep breath and tries to calm down before he attacks his daughter.

-I would even say that the pack has decreased,” she said, smiling at her father, who looked confused, “Literally,” she laughed, “This little boy in the picture is Derek,” she explained, taking out her cell phone, “can you see?

-From what Isaac said, they had a problem with a fairy, and the next day Derek woke up like this - she explained, seeing his father’s curious expression

-What about the pictures?- he asked, handing back the cell phone to his daughter

-Are you going to think I’m crazy if I say that he reminded me of someone I don’t know and that’s why I took the pictures?

-Of course not,” she said, smiling, “You’ve always been very perceptive,” he commented, making her look at him strangely.

-I have to go. See you later, Dad,” she said, kissing him on the cheek.

A few hours later, they are all sitting at their usual table.

-I can’t believe he gave the car keys to you and not to me,” complained Stiles, “You don’t even have a license to drive,” he grumbled, opening his water bottle with some violence.

-Like you know how to drive a Camaro, Stilinski. That’s a lot of sand for your little truck,” Jackson teased, and Lydia nodded, smiling. Isaac laughed.

-Would you two shut up?- asked Scott, grumpily.

-Never mind, I’d rather not know,” he said with a grimace.

-I’m home! Sorry it took so long, honey - he said, kissing Scott on the cheek - Hi - he greeted, the others waved back

Seeing that Scott had shrunk. even at the sound of Alisson’s voice, Isaac couldn’t help but gloat.

-Wow, you slept like an angel. I slept like an angel,” he said to Scott, with a huge smile on his face.

-Who can sleep well with someone typing all night?- Scott complained, glaring at Stiles, who replied that he slept there because he wanted to since he could have gone home.

-But so what? He wore his pajamas?- asked Lydia, leaning over the table towards Isaac, who smiled and showed her a picture from his cell phone.

Jackson, not like to feel out of the subject, picked up Isaac’s cell phone and looked at the picture. Derek was in gold yellow plush pajamas, with rabbit ears and a tail in the shape of a lightning bolt. Alisson was practically hanging over his shoulder to see it too.

-This, strangely enough, is one of the most ridiculous and cute things I have ever seen in my entire life,- commented Jackson, as he handed the phone back to Isaac

Scott and Stiles still seemed to be discussing their nightly activities, while the others were talking among themselves.

-If you must know, I was researching some things I heard when I came downstairs at dawn,” said Stiles.

-And have they decided to send you to a psychiatrist?

Stiles was surprised. He didn’t think either of them had noticed anything different with Derek. But of course, if anyone was going to notice it would be Lydia Martin.

-They agreed that it would be a good idea, but the problem would be finding someone who wouldn’t notice the differences in the eras, since they would be memories of a past time, but one that would be future now.

Lydia consisted, strongly agreeing with his logic. The others looked at him strangely, as if doubting his mental health.

-Are you retarded? That doesn’t make any sense.-Jackson vocalized the thoughts of the majority

-Confess it. You’re only with him because he makes you feel smarter,” Stiles says to Lydia, who replies that Jackson at least is handsome.

-But he’s crazy, and he’s already tried to kill us.

-E? You’ve tried to kill me too,” Stiles said, getting angry, “And he,” he pointed at Isaac, “and he sure as hell has,” he pointed at Jackson, “can you see a pattern here? Peter, unlike you, never tried to kill me directly. And when he had the chance, he sent me away and only bothered to bend the keys of my jeep. What makes me more pissed off is that he gave the keys to the Camaro to that guy today,” he grumbled and then bit into an apple.

-As far as I know, psychologists can’t have patients close to them,” said Lydia, interested.

-He’s unstable,” said Scott, indignantly.

-I guess all that talk about a psychologist needing a psychologist or else he’ll go crazy is true,” said Stiles, with his mouth full.

-I don’t think so. He seemed fine to me,” defended Lydia.

-And how can you be sure?- said Alison, staring at her friend

-Calm and careful with Derek and Isaac reminded me of him when he was seventeen,-thought Lydia-Palpite. - She said aloud, Jackson, Scott, and Stiles stared at her, apparently realizing her lie.

-What I don’t understand is why this need for psychological or psychiatric support,- commented Jackson- All this for the fairy attack?

-Of course not,” Stiles commented, “Apparently someone approached Derek when he was a child and the two of them had a rather ... and that left Derek a little traumatized and it’s even more evident now that he’s shrunk,” he explained and went back to eating his apple.

Everyone at the table looked a little nauseous. Isaac looked a little pale. Scott, however, still looked a little confused.

-Isaac’s father also had several inappropriate attitudes toward him, yet no one sent him to a psychologist,” said Scott, confused.

Isaac looked paler than before. Jackson leans over the table and gives Scott a violent slap on the head.

-Wake up to life, McCall. He’s not saying that someone used the boy to mop the floor, he’s saying that someone molested the boy,” Jackson frowns, and Scott is more horrified by the explanation.

-Confess it. You’re friends with him because he makes you feel smarter,” Lydia remarks to Stiles, looking at Scott with disdain, Stiles gives a little yellow smile in response.

-Now it makes sense how he reacted to Erica’s advances,” Isaac said, drawing the attention of the others. She was very aggressive, and sometimes she managed to steal a kiss. But he never reciprocated. The last time, just before our first full moon, he was very harsh and clear when he said he didn’t want that kind of attitude toward him,” she said.

-It had to be that cow,” Lydia commented, and Alison couldn’t help but agree.

Stiles was quite irritated by what Isaac told him, but he couldn’t say why. After all, Derek wasn’t even his friend. He was at most someone who loved to bully.

Everyone was somewhat quiet and turned their attention to the terrible food in the cafeteria. Alison was playing with her food, appearing to be lost in thought.

-Does anyone know Derek’s real age?- asked Alison as if she wanted nothing, and Lydia glared at her

-He was going to be twenty-three in July,- replied Isaac.

She pushes her plate away and looks into Stiles’ eyes.

-Kate did this to him, didn’t she? My Aunt Kate?” she asked, drawing the attention of the others.

Stiles, for a moment, thought of denying it and lying. But his disgust with Kate Argent was so great that he thought his niece knew the atrocities she was committing.

-Self. How did you know?- he asked, throwing the rest of the apple on his plate.

-Mother’s daughter,” Alisson cursed, her eyes filling with tears.

She then told how her aunt had referred pejoratively to Derek, on the occasion when she had kidnapped him and tortured him to make him tell her the identity of the other beta. How she made rude comments about sex implying that there was a history between the two of them and that she referred to him as a mere object.

-No wonder he hates me, I’m her face.- she comments sniffling- Excuse me.- she says before rushing out. Everyone is pained to see how Alisson felt, but can’t disagree that this is the reason why Derek reacts so badly to her.

Scott makes mention of getting up and going after his girlfriend, but Lydia signals to him and goes after her.

He couldn’t stay home all day. John had asked him to avoid going out, but he was bored. He had already gone to the abandoned warehouse to get some belongings before some hunters found the base and destroyed everything.

Now that his netbook was safe and sound, and therefore all the information he had managed to discover after he came out of the coma, along with a few photos he had scanned, he was clearly relieved.

But he didn’t want to go back yet. Derek was too small to spend the day hanging inside a house.

He decided to get the keys to Stiles’ Jeep, since the kids had taken the keys to the Camaro to go to school, and go to the supermarket to restock the sheriff’s pantry, since shelter, even temporarily, hurt anyone’s pocket. And the last thing he wanted was to put in more work than necessary. John had so far done nothing but help, so this was the least he could do.

-I don’t want to go,” Derek said, tapping his foot on the floor.

-Don’t be silly, it’s a beautiful day outside and we’re driving. You won’t even have to walk,” Peter argued, already near the door.

-You don’t have a car,” the boy said, sitting down on the sofa, “and I’ll lend mine to Isaac.

-First of all, you don’t have a car anymore. Five-year-olds don’t need cars. So until further notice, the car stays with Isaac. Second: I borrowed Stiles’s car,” Peter said, showing him the keys.

-But there are people outside,” he complained, crossing his arms, “I don’t like people.

-And there’s a lot of candy, chocolates too. I really need something that ruins my teeth, son,” he confessed, in a low voice, “so ignore people and focus on the good things in life.

-But I don’t want candy, I want broccoli,” he grumbled.

-Whatever! Can we go before they get back from school?- asked Peter, opening the door for Derek to pass by.

-You don’t want him to find out that you took his car, do you? -the boy laughed when Peter didn’t answer and looked away -May I jump on the seats?- Peter shrugged

It didn’t take them long to fill up the cart, replenishing everything they had consumed the previous day and then some. Peter had more trouble dragging the boy down the aisles than he did with the groceries. Apparently, the supermarket was a meeting place during the week for married women.

So far he had met one of his sister Thalia’s school friends, Derek’s mother, and two friends who went to high school with him. And they were all immensely happy to find him well, with no apparent scars ‘How cheap plastic surgery is these days’, single and with a cute little son. Derek, since he didn’t want to be there, grumbled in a low voice that he was going to bite the next one who squeezed his cheeks.

He made an excuse and managed to get rid of his old friends, saying that he had promised the boy a world of candy, and walked quickly away with Derek.

The scene was quite comical, as the two werewolves were cringing, trying to go unnoticed so as not to attract any more acquaintances.

-Finally! Bullet hallway,” Peter said to Derek, who looked tired and frowned at the beginning of the hallway.

The next thing he knew, he noticed that they were back, and with two more friends.

-Don’t they get tired? Let’s go. We go in, get the chocolates that are closest to us, and sneak out. They won’t even see. The candies are for another day,” Peter informed, his stratagem -Do you understand? And when Derek didn’t answer, he looked in his direction. Derek was gone.

A horrible feeling spread through his chest. He felt paralyzed. His mind, normally so fast, could not register that the boy was gone in the blink of an eye. He began to breathe with difficulty, his hands felt sweaty, and his heart raced.

That’s when it hit him. Derek was gone. And he had no idea what had happened. Without a second thought, he abandoned the shopping cart, running down the aisles in search of his nephew.

He was running in and out of the aisles at breakneck speed.

-Derek”, he called, “Derek”, he said, going into another corridor and being stopped by three security guards

-Sir, you are not allowed to run in the corridors,” said one of the security guards.

-My nephew is missing!

-We can announce it on the loudspeaker, sir. How is he dressed?

-Humm ... jeans, green T-shirt, with a superhero symbol. He is five years old, dark hair, light eyes, and his name is Derek and my name is Peter,” he described to the security guard, who passed the information over the radio to be broadcast over the loudspeaker.

-You can come with us now, sir,” one of the security guards tried to guide Peter, holding his arm, “You can wait for him in the administration office.

Peter very politely disengaged himself and ran back. After checking a few more aisles, he spotted Derek, who was standing near the produce section, looking around for something. He was relieved. Nothing had happened. He was there, no hunter or sick person had kidnapped him.

-Derek! - he called out, making the boy turned towards him.

That’s when he saw who was kneeling in front of the boy and seemed to be talking. His blood ran cold. He hurried to find them.

-I found you,” Peter said, trying to look calm, as he pulled Derek close to him. He couldn’t help but notice that the boy looked frightened. Chris stood up, narrowing the distance between him and Peter.

-You shouldn’t leave a kid that size alone out there,” Chris said, as if he didn’t want anything to happen, “Someone could have kidnapped the boy today and you wouldn’t even know,” he added with a small smile. Peter noticed that some people had stopped to watch their interaction.

-I wouldn’t be surprised. After all, whenever a tragedy happens to a member of my family, and Argent is always present,” Peter snapped. Chris could have sworn that Peter’s eyes glowed a deep red quickly. But it had been so fast that he had been left in doubt. He watched the werewolf turn, to leave, holding hands with the child. In the middle of the hallway, they stopped.

-Stay away from my son, Argent, “He said in a high voice so that Chris and everyone else around could hear.

Then he returned to the abandoned shopping cart. He didn’t notice that Derek had been smiling a little since he had called him son.

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