Oliver's Princess

Chapter 7

You thanked your dad and your aunt and walked out. You were looking at the floor so you didn't notice that someone was standing in front of you. You were walking pretty fas and you bumped into someone.

"Omg, sorry I didn't see you." You said so scared, not knowing what to do. You look up and you see Malfoy standing in front of you.
"Well, Well, well who do we have here!" Malfoy laughed at you. " Ugh, again, its you and your little dog!" You shouted at him and Pansy. They just become more angry than before. " Aww, what are you going to do? Are you going to call Wood to beat us,hm?" Pansy teased you. You take your wand and pointed it at Draco. He looked shooked and scared for a moment but quickly take his wand out and pointed it over to you.

So many things were going through your head and you didn't think much of it but you just said the first spell that came to your mind. "CRUCIO" You shouted and whitin a second Draco was laying on the floor in pain.
You just stood there not knowing what to do.
You realised what have you done but it was too late. You stoped your wand and stood there looking at him while Pansy was trying to help him. He was scraming in pain.
You were thinking about how do you even know this spell, you didn't learn it at school but you knew you heard it some where.

A moment later Minerva walked out of the classroom and saw Draco laying, scraming in pain on the floor. Again you didn't think much of it and you quickly pick up your wand and ran as far away from there.
Oliver was walking around the castle trying to find yo and he saw you runing away from something and he decited to follow you.
He was trying to keep up with you but you were faster. "Y/N, hey please stop!" He shouted but there was so many things on your mind that you didn't Heat him.

You saw two broom and you took one whit put thinking and went outside with it. Oliver took the one that was left and he followed you. You got out and sat on a broom. You know you didn't know how to ride a broom but you didn't have a choice. It was that or to go back to Malfoy. On a moment you were off the ground. Oliver was behind you still thying to keep up with you. In a second you were so high im the sky and you knew there was no going back.
Not long after you went that high Oliver came behind you still trying to catch you.

You were really scared once you were that high in the sky. You could barely see the ground because of the clouds. You were trying your best to not shake but it was really hard because you were so scared of getting kicked out of school. " Omg what have I done!??" You asked yourself trying not to cry. You were so scared and worried about Malfoy, you really hate him but not that much to torture him or do any harm that can hurt him more that punching him.

Oliver was still trying to get to you but he was far behind you. You. She remembered your parents getting tortured by Voldemort.

'Crucio' Voldemort shouted and your parents fell on the floor scraming in pain just like Draco did. Harry was scraming in his crib while you were under the bed. Your parents only had time to hide you and not Harry before Voldemort came.

You felt so week remembering that moment from your past. Just laying under the bed not being able to help them. Hearing them and Harry scream. It broke you.
You were in tears after you remember that.
You were shakeing so much that you couldn't calm down any more.
The broom slowely starts to shake and you with it. You were trying to hold on it with all your strength. The broom was shakeing so hard that you now held on it with one hand.

"Help... I-I'm falling!" You shouted hoping someone will hear you. Oliver was still far behind you but he was trying his best to save you from falling. He was going the fastest im his whole life. You wernt really strong so you quickly held on the broom with only your fingers. You were sweating so much so that makes it even harder to hold the broom. You knew if you let go of the broom you will die. You knew that no one was going to help you so you just let go of the broom. You were slowely saying goodbye to everthing. You felt like you were falling im slow motion, makeing it even mare sad because you just want to fall and get everything done. You closed your eyes, tears still running down your face and im the mid air. Oliver was now so close to you.

His eyes filled with tears because of a taught of his life if he loses you forever. You couldn't lose you, you were everything to him. He loves you so much that he would die for you. Je was so close to you almoust touching your hand.
You were only metars afart from your death.
Oliver reached out his hand as hard as he could and grabbed you. He put you on his broom and held you tight with his hand so that he want lose you. You didn't care what or who had catch you you were holding on it for you life. Once you both stoped you opend your eyes and you saw Oliver looking down at you with his eyes full of tears. You look at him with most grateful look. You were crying but now these tears were not the sad ones but the tears of happines. Even he let out a tear of happines. He held you in his arms so tightly and you did the same.

"Got ya baby,please don't leave me like this again." Oliver wisperd on your ear. He pulled away from a hug and looked you straight in your eyes. "I love you." He wisperd againg. He grabed your face with his hand and he kissed you. You kissed him back. You were kissing till you both couldn't breath. " C'mon darling, let's go to the ground you'll be safer there." Oliver said and you huged him again. He grabbed you with one of his hand and he put onother one on the broom. You slowely got to the ground. You got off the broom as fast as you can.
He put the broom in the bush where he put the brooms the first time he tryed to teach you how to ride a broom. You sat at the grass trying to catch a breath from everything that had happend to you now. He sat next to you.
You saw that your wand was on the grass, it must have fallen out while you were trying to get off the broom. You both went to get it, he took your hand you tryed to stop you so he can get it. You were runing and he behind you. You didn't see a rock in front of you and you teiped over it and fell. He fell over you and you both rolled. Once you stoped he was on top of you. " Well ,I kinda like this position to be honest." Oliver said and winked at you. You roled over and now you were on top of him. " Well I like this better." You smirkd and he laught at you. You didn't know what was happening so you asked him. " What, is there something on my face?" And he nodded. You felt something moving on your face and you quickly realised what it was. It was a spider. You quickly jumped off him and shook your head as much as you could. Oliver was still laughing at you. Once you were sure the spider was not on your head anymore you ran up to him but he gently throws you on the grass, and got on top of you again. You laught but he didnt care. You trew him off of you and he roled all over to the water.
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