Oliver's Princess

Chapter 8

He roled over and over until he finaly stop and he fell on the water. Black lake wasn't that cold it was actually kinda warm, perfect for swiming. You were laughing so hard that it took your breath away for second. He was looking at you a little angry but he couldn't ne serious when you smile or anything like that. He quickly got out of the water and pikc you up bridel style and he carried you over to the water and he jumped in the water with you on his arms. In a second you were wet. He was laughing with you all along. You were still in his arms and you were haveing your arms around his neck.
He slowely got closer to your face and je kissed you. You were kissing until you couldn't breath anymore. He than drops you and you your hair all wet. Both of you were wet from head to toe.

" Ok lets go out of the water now to dry and so you can tell me why you were rideing a broom by yourself." Oliver said and you got out. It was pretty hot and sunny outside so it wont take long to dry.
You lay on the grass and he takes your hand on his." So well I was going out of Snape's classroom and as I was walking away Malfoy and Pansy were in front of me. I didn't see Malfoy and I bumped into him." You started talking still looking up at the sky. " And what did that idiot do to you." Oliver asked looking at you. " Well he teased me and told Snape about us-" you said and Oliver cuts you off " wait that idiot knows about us... But how... And more importantly why did he told Snape about us? "." Well he must have heard us when we told Harry and others about us...and second he told Snape about us because Snape is.........my.. father." You mutterd and look at him he was looking at you in confision. " He is your dad??" Oliver asked and you nodded. " Please dont tell anyone because I will he in more danger that I already am." You said and he nodded.
" Well after that I was really angry because he said " aww what are you going to do, call your boyfriend Wood." And I took out my wand and I didn't know what to do so I said the first spell that came to my mind and it was the Cruciatus Curse." You said with a low tone in your voice as you said those words. " Y-you tortured h-him.??" Oliver asked and you slowely nodded. He got closer to you before hugging you. You start to cry and he starts to slowely rub his hand on your back. " I k-know, but I didn't want to hurt him that much I just wanted him to pay for what he did. I would never do it to anyone not even my enemies." You said while crying in his sholder. " Well where did you learn that spell.??" Oliver softly asked. You again remember that worst moment of your life. " It was when Voldemort used that curse on my parents ,well my mum and who I think was my dad." You said softly.
Tears were still running down your face while Oliver hold you close to him. You couldn't see well because of your tears but you could see two silhouettes coming towords you and Oliver. You quickly wisper in his ear. "Oliver, someone is comming towords us." Oliver grabbed your hand and ran towords the broom. "C'mon we have to be quick." Oliver said and you got on the broom. Those two silhouettes were running towords you and but you quickly fly away from them. You were high in the air and you could see who those two silhouettes were. It was non other then Severus and Minerva.
"Y/N come back!!!" They were shouting but you and Oliver didn't care. You were holding his chest as hard as you can. You were flying so fast just to go as far away as you can.

" Lets go to Hagrid he can help us." Oliver said but you dont want to go there yet." No, first we need to go to the hospital!!" You shouted and Oliver gave you a confused look but didn't question anything. He went to the hospital wing. Thankfully you didn’t see anyone on the way there. You went in and saw Draco laying on the bed still in pain.

Oliver didn't want to come inside the Hospital wing so you went alone. You ran up to Draco and he looked at you. His eyes were full of tears and he was trying his best to hide them so they don't came down his face. Your eyes were slowely filling up with tears. You were heartbroken, just by looking at him laying on the bed. You slowely let out a tear and he looked at you with a sad expresion on his face. He let out a tear too but he quickly wipes it with his hand.

" Please forgive me, I really didn't mean to, I'm sorry." You said and you begane to cry a little more. He nodded and said " Look I can't forgive you just like that but Harry told me about your past and where you know that curse." You nodded and he slowely began to get up to sit on the bed. "No, please don't get up, you need to rest." You said but it was too late and he was already sitting on the bed.

"Wood, you can come in I'm not gonna hurt you." Draco said and Oliver slowely got inside. Oliver stood next to you while Draco was sitting on the bed. "Ok, we really have to go before Snape and McGonagall came here." You said and Oliver nodded.
Draco didn't question anything because he knew that you were now in bih trubble.

You heard footsteps and you turn around to see Minerva and Snape running up to you. Draco quickly hot up and he took your and Oliver's hand and in a second there was just a black smoke and you, Oliver and Draco were nowhere to be found.

"Aahhh, what was that Draco!" You shouted and you quickly realised that you were not in the hospital wing anymore. You were outside. "Oh, so no thank you Draco for saveing our life" Draco said. Oliver was looking around and you were trying to figure out where you were.

" Ok sorry, thank you Draco." You said and he smiled a little bit. " Thank you, now you are outside my home. I braught you here just to go away from them so I can get some more time to tell you what happend. Now please hold my hand again." Draco said and you took his hand and Oliver did that same thing as you. Again there was a big black smoke and you were nowhere to be found.
You were now at the black lake.

" Not so fast you tree."
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