Oliver's Princess

Chapter 9

Oliver, Draco and you all turn around in the same time. If front of you was Lucius standing and looking at all 3 of you. "Good job Draco, you got them falling for you." Lucius said with a smirk and he held his hand for Draco to come to him. Draco slowly came to him and stood by his side. "What do you mean by " falling for him"?" You asked and Draco smirked a little. Lucius smiled a little before replying "Well all the things Draco said we're lies and you fell for that, he brought you here because he knew I will be waiting here." You had a confused look on your face." Now, Draco take Y/N to your dorm and I'll take care of him, will you? " Lucius asked and Draco smirked." Yes, father. " Draco replayed and he took a step to towards you but before you know it Oliver stood in front of you.
Draco pushed Oliver aside and took you by your wrist.

You tryed to escape from him but it didn't work and he only grabbed you tighter which only made you to scream in pain. His cold silver rings were pushing in your skin and were really hurting you.
Oliver watched you as you and Draco got away from him and Lucius. Draco didn't want to walk all the way up to his dorm so he did the same thing that he did to bring you to the lake. He took your hand and squeeze your hand even more and in a second there was a black smoke and you were nowhere to be found. You and him appeared on his dorm and he trew you onto his bed and went to lock the door. He locked the door and put the silencing charm so that no one will hear that you were in his room. You were sitting on his bed worrying about what happened to Oliver. You were hoping he will be alright. "Now what do I do with you Y/N Pottah." He questioned but you didn't give him response you were silent. He quickly got mad and kept on asking you. By this point he was yelling at you and a tear slowly fall down your face till it fell on your thighs.

"Look, I am done with you,do you know why I always bully you and that boyfriend of yours, Wood.?" He asked and hoped for a response.
This time you just shook your head. "Hah, that's what I thought." There was a long moment of science between you and him before he got closer to you. He grabbed you by your waist amd lift you up from bed. You were so close to him, just few inches from hid face."It's because I have feelings for you Y/N, I've had fellings for you since the first day when you came to Hogwarts." He confesed and you were looking at him in disbelief. Before you could reply he pulled you even closer and and he kissed you. He was rough but you were so shooked that you didn't know what to do. You never had any fellings for him. He slowly pulled away to take a breath and than again kissed you. This time he was a little bit more gentle. You kissed him back because you know you had no choice but to do it. It felt wrong, kissing your enemy while having a perfect relationship with Oliver.

He pulled away and smirked. "Now that we had done this get on your knees." He said and you shook your head. He got mad but he didn't give up, he'll get what he wanted."on your knees!" He shouted but you still wasn't on your knees. "I will not do that." You hasateted and he got really mad this time. " I'm going to say that one more time and if you don't get on your knees this time.." he pulled a little dagger out of his pocket and you immediately got scared. You didn't think twice and got on your knees. He put his dagger on his desk before coming back to you."Now that I got you where I wanted you take of your shirt and I won't say that 2 times or your know what's gonna happened." He said with a smirk and and didn't want him to use that dagger so you slowly start to unbutton your shirt. He did the same. He trew your shirt with his and he took your and his shoes off.

He trew you on his bed and got on top of you . You were really afraid of what's gonna happened. He slowly bent over and started kissing your neck. You got scared but there was that felling of enjoyment and you know it was wrong but you can't help it.
He got to about a middle of your neck and he started sucking on your skin. It kinda hurts but you didn't care. He left a hickey there and he continues to kiss you. He got to your chest and he slowly took off your bra. He trew your bra where your shirt was and he continues to kiss you. He admired your body a bit before he started kissing your breasts. He slowly and gently bit on your nipple and that turned you on and than he got to other and did the same.

He than slowly continues to go lower and lower.
He got to the end of your stomach. He got off you before he starts to take off your skirt and than your socks too. He took his pants and socks off too before he got on top of you again. At that point both you and him were only in your underwear.
He kissed you again and you kissed him back. "Now dear I want you on your knees again." He said and you got on your knees. He than starts to take your underwear off with his teeth and that made you even more wet. He took them off before saying " You are already wet for me." with a smirk.
He started to kiss you heat and you enjoyed it.
He than slowly stuck up his finger on you and he moaned. He liked it and than stuck one more finger. You moaned a bit more and he smirked. He started to go in and out. After he done that he took his fingers out and licked the. He than took his belt and tied you up with it. He tied you to his bed and now you couldn't use your hands. He than took of his underwear revealing his length. It turned you on even more. He than got in between your legs and slowly stuck his length in you. He started pretty rough and fast, he didn't care if it hurt you or not. You moaned loudly and you were trying to say something but every time you moaned he got deeper and harder.

You finally managed to get your words out. "D-d-draco... please g-go slower." You said and he didn't care he just continued to do it rough. He were moaning as loud as you could. He than stoped and slowly got on top of you before saying "open" .
You opened your mouth and he put his length in your mouth. He went back and forth. He liked it and didn't care if you like it or not. He than untied you but quickly tied your arms again but not to his bed this time. "Ok now dear, turn to your stomach." He said and you did what he said. You turned to you stomach. He than slaps your butt as hard as he could before making you go on a dog position. He than said "beg" and you did."Pleas Draco, please fuck me." You said and he just smirked before saying " That's not me name, say it correctly and than we can continue ok baby girl." "Daddy" you said and he smirked before stucking his length in you. At first he was pulling on your hair but than he decided to grab your breasts. He was going back and forth without stopping. You were moaning as loud as you could. He really enjoyed it. He was squeezing you breasts as hard as he could. You moaned even more. He than moved back a little bit before. Spreading your legs a little bit. He got under your legs and he started licking your heat.
You moaned a little and you know you were getting more wet as he was doing that. He licked every bit of it before stucking his tongue up your heat.
You rolled your eyes and leaned your head back a bit. He than slowly got up and laid on the bed. "Sit" he said and you did what he wanted. You sat on him and he moved you a bit lower before stucking his length in you heat.

You than start going up and down, back and forth. He was holding you a bit before your butt. After some time he got up and picked you up you had your legs around him and he was holding you by your butt. He was kissing you and you were kissing him. He than finally put you on his bed before giving you your clothes. You dress up and he did too. Suddenly you felt weird and a little week. You got to your senses and you saw Draco buttoning up his shirt. "W-what just happened?" You asked and he laught a little. "You don't remember, you and I had a pretty good time." He said and you suddenly realized what had just happened. "D-did we just-..." You started and he cut you off. "Yes,yes we did." He said and you got mad. He looked at you and you were standing now. "But I would never do that with you." Yelled at him."I know but with a little help of a love potion you did." He said and you were shooked. "Y-you gave me a love potion but when?" You asked and he just surged his shoulders before replying." You will never know"

You ran to him before you pined him to the wall and started choking him. He wasn't scared at all of that. You know you have your wand at in your robe so you took it. Now he was scared. He let you out of his dorm and you ran to find Oliver.

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