Oliver's Princess


Y/N Potter taught she will have a normal time at school but little did she know everyone will change. Y/N is 16 year old girl that recently found out she is a witch and she got a letter from Hogwarts which says that she is going to attend the Hogwarts school. Warning ⚠️ :Smut, 18+ scenes, knife play, blood, suicide and death

Fantasy / Romance
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Introduction to the book

Hi this is my first fanfiction and I know I will make more after this. I will mostly write on brakes when I don't have school.

So you are Y/N Potter but in your first year you discover something shooking.

Most of these events will happend on your year. So what happend in first year will be happening in your first year and Harry's second. Idk how to explain better than this.

*Lily and James are still alive because Voldemort failed to Kill them. Voldemort still want to kill Harry but when he finds out that you are harry's sister and you become his new target

*You are one of the best students in the school.

*You have long curly black hair and you don't have your mothers nor your fathers eyes.
Your eyes are black.

The events thath are going to happend will all be as in the movies, they will just be happening in your year. Some of them are the events that I created. I don't own any of these caracters , the only caracters I own is Y/N Potter.

⚠️TW⚠️ there will be some really sad scenes and smut (18+) 😏. Please if you dont like that please be ready for it.

As you enter Hogwarts you become good friends with Ginny and you two became best friends. You are also friends with , twins, Ron and Hermione.

Also please don't be angry if I spell something incorrect. English is not my first language so yeah. Feel free to corect me in the comments ,oh and also if you want you can text me on my Snap chat -natali_2006lol.
I really like to talk to people.
Enjoy reading my book.

I really tried to make this short as much as I can. I hope that you enjoy the book and if you like it please vote.
Love you all.
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