Oliver's Princess

Chapter 1

It was nice and sunny outside and you were at the platform 9 ¾ with Harry and your parents Lily and James. Train was almoust leaving and you huged your mom and dad for the last time you before getting on the train.

Your mom was crying because she was so proud of you , so was your dad. You followed Harry and found an empty room where you can sit till you come to Hogwarts. Not much time had past and a ginger haird boy and a short ginger haird girl show up in front of you, the boy sat next to Harry and a girl sat next to you introduced herself as Ginny Weasley.

"Hi,I'm Y//N Potter!" You said and a boy was shooked to find out that you were Harry's sister. " Oh I am her older brother, Ron." He said .After some time a beautiful girl shows up and sit next to you. She had beautiful long brown curly hair. "I'm Hermione, Hermione Granger, nice to meet you!" she said as you shake hands with her. "I'm Y/N Potter!" You said and she smiled at you.
"Did you know she is Harry's sister?" Ron said looking at you than at Hermione.
You just smiled and you looked at Hermione who was smileing too.

"Of corse I know, he told me that when we met,If you had been listening to him and not eating all your food you would have known that too!" Hermione said talking away his chocolate bar that he took out of his pocket while Hermione was talking to him. "Hey" Ron mutterd trought the mouth full chocolate, than he took his bar back and start to eat it again. Harry, Hermione, Ginny and you start to lough.

Just about 10 minutes after the train arived to Hogwarts. Harry, Hermione, Ginny and Ron got out after you and just then you saw a giant hairy man standing in front of you. "Hagrid!!" Harry shouted as he ran to hug him. Ron and Hermione hug him too and then he introduced himself. "Hi you must be Y/N Potter, I'm Hagrid, nice to meet you." He said and he gave you his hand to shake. You were kinda scared of him but you decited to be nice so you took his hand and shake it.

It was the time to see what house you are in.
Harry, Ron and Hermione were sitting at the Grifindor table as you together with all other first year's got to sorting hat.
Minerva McGonagall , the teacher said all of the things about each house and starts to call the names of all new students. The whole time professor Snape was looking at you but you did not care you were too excidet to get sorted into your house. Ginny was called and she went up to teh sorting hat and the sorting hat was put on her head.
" Ahh onother Weasley, I know the perfect house for you..... Griffindor" the hat shouted.

"Y/N Potter" McGonagall said and you start to shake even more. 'Y/N Potter' Snape thought to himself. You got to the hat and
Mcgonagall put on the hat on you head.
"ahh...i see" the hat started and you thought to yourself 'bloody loud' "another potter, I know just the right house for you..... Griffindor" hat said and you rushed to the Griffindor table and hug Harry. Everyone was so welcoming at the Griffindor table and it makes you feel so safe. After everyone got sorted into their houses the food appered on the table and everyone started to eat.

After some time, everyone was done eating and it was time to get to their dorms. You ofcorse did not know the path to them so you just followed Harry. Once you got to the Griffindor common room you gasped. "It's so beautiful." You said looking around not knowing what to do first.You were so happy that you were finaly at Hogwarts and it was more beautiful than Harry had ever discribed it. Harry was glad that you like the common room but you didn't care because you were too ocupied by looking everywhere. Everyone sat down at the chairs and other year's were getting to know the first year's . You sat next to Ginny and you pretty much talked the whole time about what are you going to do after classes tommorow. Harry waz talking to a guy with brown short hair. You were looking at him the whole time.

"Hey, Y/N, I am a little thired mabey we should go to sleep?" Ginny said and you nodded. You got up to go to Harry and say goodnight before hedding to your dorm.

"Hey, brother, I am going to bed, I just want to tell you that so you dont make another search for me like you did when I was 7." You laughed and the boy with brown hair starts to laugh too. Harry was angry but he played it cool so he don't seep emberased.
" So you are his sister, he talked about you a lot since we met. I am Oliver Wood." The boy said holding his hand out for you to shake.

"Ohh, hi...yeah I'm his sister,I'm Y/N...nice to meet you too." you said with a shakeing voice.You rememberd that Harry was always talking about the boy that loves to play this one sport......Quidditch."You must be the boy that loves this one sport...I can't remember what is it called!?!" You said while thinking about the name of the sport.
"You must think about Quidditch." Oliver said whis a smile on his face.'She's really beautiful and cute' he thought to himself.
"Yes" you said nodding with your head.
"Ok,now I really need to go to sleep,good night." You said going to your dorm.
"Good night" Oliver said as he winked at you. You blushed a little and went to you dorm. ' Wow well that was wierd.' you thought to yourself. He was the first boy that you felt this was when you are around him.

Ginny was already sleeping in her bed, so you had to walk on yout toes. You got into you PJ and went to sleep.

__Next day__

You woke up first so you change in your robe and woke Ginny up."Hey Ginny its time for class." You wisperd and she got up and got dressed up too.

The first class you have is potions with Snape,the teacher that was looking at you in a wierd way while you were getting shorted.
You both come to the class in time and sat down together.

"So we have another Potter in the school." Snape said looking at your eyes."Yeah ..." You said opening your book.

Class is finaly over and you took your book and as you were about to go put of class Snape asked "Miss Potter, do you have a second?". " Yeah..Am I in trubble?" You asked im confision, thinking what have you done. "You don't have your .... mothers eyes." He wisperd looking at your eyes non-stop.
"Eh...sorry professor??" You look at him.
"Ah sorry, nothing, you can go now." He said as he turned and walked away.

You walk away just after him, confused, thinking about what just happend.
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