Oliver's Princess

Chapter 2

You were confused, but you did not care because you wanted to go back to Harry. You saw Ron and Hermione in the Great hall and you went up to them. "Oh, wow, what happend?" You saw Harry and Ginny hugging and looking at each other in a wierd way.
"Oh hey lil sis ,how are you?" Harry said as he looked at you while still holding Ginny's hand. "So you two are together?!?" You said giving him a confused look. "Yeah" Ginny said as they kissed.

"Well you just meet my brother this is wierd." You said." Well actually I have known him for years now, he used to come to our house and have a sleepover." Ginny said and she smiled. You didn't care, as long as they don't do any things that they shouldnt do.

You sat down next to Hermione and you start to eat. As you were about to take your first bite od your food as you hear professor McGonagall saying your name. " Miss Y/N can you please come with me." She said and you got up to go somewhere with her. You were confused the whole time but you did not say anything.

You and McGonagall finaly arrived in front of the classroom. McGonagall asures you that everything is ok and that you are not in troublle, but you didn't listen to her because you were just thinking about what have you done this week. The worst thing you have don't is killing a bug. You have always been pretty polite kid and you didn't want to be a rule braker, even tho you like to ne a rule braker just to have fun.

You saw professor Snape coming out of the class room that you were standing in front of. "Ahh, good you two are finaly here." He said as he looks at you, he opend the door and welcomes you two in the empty class room." So we have been wanting to tell you this for a while now but we never know the right moment to tell you this, we thought that you wouldn't understand but I think that it is the right moment to tell you this." Snape said.
You sat at a chairs and you were looking at them while they were talking to each other.
You couldn't hear a word they were saying.
After 5 minutes they came back to you and they both were felling uneasy. "Look Y/N I am your ....... Father." Snape spoke up and you were just trying to proces everything.
He was looking at you and your were looking right back at him. He was looking very sad while McGonagall was just staring at him than at you with no emotions.

"This can't be real I am a Potter!!" You shouted trying not to cry. "And one more thing... I am your aunt.." said professor McGonagall. " Well how is the even..." You started just to be cut of by Snape saying " Yes I know this is all confusing but you can't tell anyone." By that point you calmed town a little and you werent as confused as before.
They decited to explained it a little bit better. You now figured it out and you understand what happend a little better.

Snape was really happy that he finaly saw his doughter after so much time. You were happy so you decited to hug your father.
He was shooked at first but he was so happy that he finaly have you in his arms that he just gave up and hug you back.

After you were done hugging him you huged Professor McGonagall and she hugged you right back. You were felling a little bit better to finaly know the truth.

" Oh and dear, you dont have to call us professor McGonagall and professor Snape you can just call us Severus and and Minerva." Said Snape as he huged you again.
He was so happy that he even let out a tear down his face. Minerva was just standing there looking at you two.

"Oh, I have to go back to my friends they are probobly worried by now." You said and he let you go. You went out with Minerva and you sat right back at the tabel. Suprisingly no one was asking what happend and you were felling relived. After you were done eating you decited to go to the Griffindor common room. You enter inside and there was he, sitting is an armchair reading a book. It was Oliver Wood.book and look at you. "Hi, can I sit here?" You asked with a wierd felling inside your stomach, it was like you have so many butterfley in your stomach. "Oh, hi, yeah of course you can sit here." He said and and your were so happy, you sit next to him and you two start talking with each other. After few minutes of talking you were no more felling the butterflys in you stomach.

"Hi guys, didn't know you two were here." Said Harry as he walked in with Ron.
You stoped talking as you heared them.
" If you want we can go and talk outside?." Said Oliver and you nooded. You walk outside and sat under the tree and start talking again. Few minutes passed and than the biggest bully of the school show up in front of you. It was Draco Malfoy and his friends. They were loughting at you two.

You didn't know what to do because you don't want to get in the fight with someone, its your first week at Hogwarts. Of corse you know who Draco is because Harry used to told you few thing about him. Harry didn't say much stuff about him but it was enough for you to know to stay away from him. Behind him and his friends was a girl.
She had short,black hair. You realised who is it. It was Parkinson, Pansy Parkinson. She was known as his girlfriend. She was more like a puppy to him, just following him around and hipeing him up.

" Well, well who do we have here" said Draco looking at you. You and Oliver got up but he steped in front of you just to protect you because he saw that you were a bit scared. " What do you want Draco." Oliver said and Draco just looked at him with the angry expression on his face.

" I wasn't talking to you Wood, now get out of my face or I'll have to do it the harder way ." Draco said and walked closer to you and him. Oliver was still not moving he was just standing there still. Draco was just going more mad with every second. Oliver still didn't move. "Leave her alone Malfoy!!." Oliver shouted at him and Draco just looked at him before laughing. " Ok you asked for it Wood!" Draco replyed and got closer to him before punching him in face.

Oliver fell down and you rushed to help him. You sat down next to him. Blood coming out of his nose. "Haha, look guys Wood can't even take one punch without falling to the ground." Draco said and his friends start to lough. You were so angry, you stood up and come closer to Draco. His friends took a step back and Draco got closer to you. You were loughting slightly before you punch him in the face and the blood came right out of his nose.

Pansy was the first one to come and help him. " You little bitch, look what you did." She said and you just smiled before replying "Oh, look its you, Draco's little puppy, you follow him around like your his little dog."
You went back to Oliver and help him get up.
You took him to the Hospital wing and there he got help. After an hour his nose was not bleading anymore. " Ok , c'mon, everything is alright now." You said to make him fell better. "Thank you so much for helping me." Oliver said as he got up from the hospital bed.

"Oh c'mon, I'm just happy that you are ok, he hurt you really bad." You started and Oliver cut you off by saying " Yeah he did, but you hit him too and it was a nice hit , I have to say.". You just smiled at him and he huged you, you stood there for a second before hugging him back.

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