Oliver's Princess

Chapter 3

His heart was beating so hard that you could feel it. He was holding you close to his chest and you could smell him and he smells like broomstick wax, the leather of a brand new Quaffle and cinnamon gum. He was so warm and you didn't want to get out of his arms but not long after you two started huging
Crabbe,Goyle,Pansy and of course Draco come in with a nurse. Draco was still bleading. Pansy started to yell at you for hiting Draco but Oliver and you just ignored her and walked away to go to the Griffindor common room.

You two enter the commonroom and you say goodbye to Oliver and he went to his dorm while you went to yours. You saw Ginny and she stops you because you look worried and angry. "What happend to you!?!" Ginny asked and you just stood there for a second before replying "Ugh, Malfoy , he hit Oliver and Oliver started to blead out of his nose and than I hit Draco and.... Thats it." You broke down and you sat down at the stairs. Ginny stood in front of you looking down at you.

"So you were worried for Oliver." Ginny teased you. "I mean h-" you said and Ginny cut you off saying "Ohh so you like Oliver!!"
"I mean...he is h-h-hansdome... but I.. yeah I like him." You said looking at your feet.
You thought that he went to his dorm but he was still in the common room, he got back to take his book. "Oh well, thanks Y/N , I hope I will see you at the Quidditch match tommorow." He said and winked at you. You went all red and he just smiled at you.

Harry enterd the room and went up to you.
"I heard that you were coming to the match tommorow" He said and you nodded.

You were up most of the night not being able to sleep. Fortunetly tommorow was saturday
so you will be able to sleep a little longer and the match was at 3 o'clock, so you will be able to get some sleep and to get ready for the match.
(There is one Keeper per team, and it is their job to guard the three goalposts attempting to stop the other team's Chasers from scoring, for those who don't know what is a Keeper.)
You fell aslleep around 1am and woke up around 11 am.Ginny wasn't in the room so you got up and got dressed up.You went to find Ginny but you quickly forgot about it you just wonderd around the school.
You saw Harry dreesed up in his Quidditch uniform and he walked towards the Quidditch pitch. "Oh hi, sis'' he said looking at you than back at his broom just to make sure that it is working good and that he will be able to ride it. He got on his broom and you just stared at him." So are you comming with me or are you going to walk to the Quidditch pitch by yourself." Said Harry offering you a ride with him.

"No no thank you I'm ok, you know I am afraid of flying." You said and went to the Quidditch pitch by yourself. It was 2 pm and you know the were haveing practise so you just went to take a seat at tebe first row.
As the boys were slowely ending with the practise more and more students were coming.After a while the teachers started to come too.

It was the time the match was about to start.
Griffindor team was playing against the Slytherin team. The Griffindor team was the first to show up. Right after them Slytherin team show up. Everyone took their positions, and the game started.

It was a very tense game and Harry was after teh snich the whole time. Oliver was very good at proventing the Slytherin team to score. Every time he would stop them from scoring you would always hipe him up.

He would always look at you after he provent them from scoring. You will always get super red but you love it when he do that. Harry was right behind the snitch
and he almost fell from his broom but he didn't and he caught it. You were jumping because of happines. You went down with Hermione and Ron and you huged Harry and you congratulated him of winning the match.

You ran after Oliver and he was with twins.
"Oliver!!" You shouted to get his attention.
He stopped and turned around and twins just walked away without him."Oliver you were amazing!" You said and he looked at you with a confused look on his face.
" I was???" He asked looking at your eyes.
You just stood there nodding your head while looking at his eyes too.

He was smileing at you and you were red.
You got lost in his eyes and you kissed him on his cheek and he at this point was all red as well. He kissed you back but also on the cheek.

"Thank you,oh and meet me at the common room at midnight,ok, I got a suprise for you." He said as he huged you and you nodded and hug him back.
He than went to keep up with twins and you went to your dorm.
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