Oliver's Princess

Chapter 4

You and Ginny went upstairs to your dorm and Ginny changed into her PJ and you grabbed a book and you sat on your bed. "You aren't going to change in your PJ ,Y/N" Ginny asked. "No I don't think so, I have an hour untill midnight so I am not going to change into them." You answered and Ginny got in her bed closing her eyes and slowely drifting to sleep. You just looked at her and than back at your book. You read few pages before going down to the common room to meet Oliver. You came before him so you sat at the sofa and you peacefully looked at the fire. Your eyes slowely closing and before you know it you were asleep.
Oliver came after 5 minutes and found you asleep on the sofa. You slowely aproches you and slowely gets on his knees and gently starts to shake you.
You open your eyes and saw him looking at you with a smile. "C' mon, wake up, don't you want to see your surprise.?." Oliver whispers in your ear and you could feel his hot breath on your neck.
You rub your eyes and got up. You got up too fast and you almost fell down because you were dizzy.

He caught you in his arms and when you got to your senses you thanked him and pull from his arms."C'mon, let's go." He said and you nodded. He took his wand and you took yours."Lumos" He said and a bright light appeared from the top of his wand. " Lumos"you wisperd and a bright light appeared from your wand too. Now you were able to see a bit better. "Ok, now I need you to follow me" He wisperd in your ear and you nodded in agreement. You quickly but quietly got out of the Griffindor common room and followed him outside of the castle. You were new tothis school but you knew most paths around the school. He took your hand and you widened you eyes in shook. His warm hand with cold silver rings was squeezing your warm hand. 'Thank goodness it's dark so he can't see my face clearly.' you taught to yourself. You were blushing like an idiot. You were as red as a tomato. He slowly sped up and in a matter of seconds you were running through a forbidden forest. By now you were thinking about going back to the castle because you heard what Dumbledore said. "No one is allowed to go to forbidden forest except teachers."

" Don't worry, nothing will eat us or hurt us." Oliver broke the science. You looked shooked. "H-how did you know I was worried?" You said and he quietly laught. " I'm holding your hand your and I can feel that you are sweaty and shaking." He laught and you laught slightly too. You were running for 10 minutes now and you were exhausted from it.
"Just few more minutes and we are there." He said and you were berly running. He was the one who was dragging you by the hand. " Here we are darling." He said and you opened your eyes berly standing by now. 'Darling' you taught to yourself.
"Did you just call me 'Darling'?" You asked and he nodded.

"Ok now wait here till I come." He said and you nodded before sitting down on the grass. It was still warm outside but you couldn't see the best. Five minutes passed by and there was no sign of him.
You thaugh to yourself 'I'll just wait a bit and than I'll go and find him.' You could see the moon. It was so bright. Just like the day you were born. You remember the day you were born. It was midnight, warm but cold, the moon was so bright that there was no need to turn on the lights. You berly remember that day but it was still clear that that day was the happiest of all. You were so lost in your tauhts that you didn't even realize that Oliver was standing right behind you.

"You done." He wisperd in your ear and you jumped from the grass and put your hand on your chest right where your heart was. "Ahh, bloody hell you almost gave me a heart attack." Yelled at him and he laught before offering you a hand. You took his hand and he pulled you up. "Ok now here is your broom and I'll use mine." He said. You looked at him in disbelief. " You expect me to ride that thing." You said and he laught. "C'mon it will be fun." He said and you nodded not wanting to do this but you believed him and you got on the broom. You were shaking and you were so scared.
"You will need to calm down and stop shaking for this." He said and you looked at him with an angry expression. Five minutes passed and you were still shaking. Oliver can wait for quite a long time but didn't have time for this. He got off his broom and put his broom behind the tree. "Ok, now move forward a bit." You listened and moved a bit forward. He sat behind you and grabbed your hands.Now he was having control over the broom.
You both slowly took off and now you were in the sky . You had your eyes closed the whole time.
You felt the broom slowly stop and now you were in place and the broom wasn't moving.

"Now open your eyes, I want you to see this." He softly wisperd in your ear and you slowly opend your eyes. In front of you you could see the moon and school. It was beautiful. You were absolutely amazed by the beauty. Stars were shining bright as always. " So do you like it...?" He asked and you were speachles. You loved it. "I'll take that as a yes." He smiled. He took his arms off the broom put them around your chest. He slowly leaned you and you leaned back to his chest. You could feel his heart beat and it just made you feel more safe.

He rest his head on your shoulder and you leaned your head a bit so it was resting on his head while still resting your head on his shoulder. You were about to fall asleep but then he put his hands on the broom and started to drive the broom as fast as he could. You screamd while holding the broom as tightly as possible just so you don't fall. You saw where you were going. He was about to crash in the lake. Meters apart from hitting the lake you closed your eyes and hoped for the best. Now few centimeters from reaching the weather he stopped and you stoped screaming too. He started to laught like crazy because of how scared you were.
While he was laughing he slowly bent down and took some water in your hands and you threw that water all over him. He quickly stoped laughing once he realized he was all wet. Now you were the one who was laughing.

He took some water and he trew it at you. It came splashing at you and you almost fell of the broom.
"Hey...Stop.....I j-just did that cuz..." You tryed to finish your sentence but he cut you off by saying " You did that because of what... Ha.. what". He laught and you started splashing him even more and he did the same to you.
By this point you two were all wet. From head to toe. "Hey...Please stop... nooo.p-please...Wood." you said but you basically yelled when you said 'Wood'.
He looked shooked because you never call him by his last name. You only call him Oliver but never Wood. "What..?" You questioned." You never call me Wood... Only Oliver." He said and you were just looking at him...in his beautiful eyes. He was doing the same and there was a moment of science between you and him. It wasn't the awkward science but the one that you enjoy. He slowly leaned towards you and you did the same. In a matter of seconds your lips were touching his.

His lips were soft and warm. After some time you both pulled away for a quick breath and than again you were kissing. Your hands were on his neck and his arms on your hips. You than pulled away and you hugged him he hugged you back. " I love you." He said and you looked at him " I love you too." You said. He than slowly grabbed the broom and you leaned in his chest. He that went back to spot where he took you to see the moon. By that point you were asleep in his chest and he hugged you again while looking at the moon. He gave you a little kiss on your forehead and he grabbed the broom and took you back to the ground. He than placed you at the grass while he went to hide his broom.
He came back and took you in his arms. He picked you up bridel style and he took you back to Hogwarts.

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