Oliver's Princess

Chapter 5

He slowly sneak you to the Griffindor common room and placed you on the sofa because he couldn't go to the girl's dorm. He took a blanket and covered you with it. Before he went back to his room he gave you a small kiss on forehead. He got up and as he was about to go back to his dorm he heard someone open the door and he quickly took his wand and he saw two tall silhouettes sneaking towards him. " expelliarmus !" Oliver shouted and a pile of food came crashing at the floor." Lumos" two silhouettes shouted and a light appeared from their wands. Oliver did the same and they all looked at each other for couple of moments.
"Merlin, you two scared me." Oliver asked. "Well George and I were getting some food from the kitchen, what about you.? " Said Fred looking suspicious at Oliver." Look Fred, isn't that Y/N... There on the sofa.?" Asked George. Fred looked at the sofa that you were sleeping on. " Bloody hell Oliver, what did you do to her.?" Asked Fred. " I did nothing, she's tired so she's sleeping, ok. " Oliver said trying to defend himself. Twins looked at him than each other. " Well, whatever let's just clean this mess before someone come down to see this." Said George and Fred and Oliver nodded. As they were about to finish they heard someone was coming. It was Ginny. "Eh, what are you doing here?.. what is Y/N doing here.?" Ginny questioned and she got closer to you. " Ehhh, OLIVER!" Twins shouted and Oliver just stood there looking at Ginny. "I'll tell you later now can you please took her to her dorm so she doesn't have to sleep here." Oliver begged Ginny and she nodded. She took her to her dorm and placed you in your bed to sleep. Ginny came back to the boys and they were done cleaning the floor.

"Now tell me what did you do to her." Ginny said and she took a seat at the sofa you were sleeping.
" Well as you know I took her to show her something..." Oliver started the story and Ginny cut him off by saying "And what was that surprise?"
Oliver looked at her than back at the twins....
" I took her to see the full moon and Hogwarts at night." He said and they nodded." Ok now we are going to sleep. " Said twins and Ginny agreed with them. They went to sleep and Oliver went too.
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