Oliver's Princess

Chapter 6

You woke up at around 11 am you were able to sleep a little longer since it was Sunday so there were no lessons or anything. You got up and went to the common room just to see that Oliver was reading again.

You sneak quietly and you gave him a back hug. He jumped a little and quickly turns around to see who it was. He smiled and puls you closer to him and he kisses you.
You sat next to him and he hugs you. "Have you slept well darling?" He asked giving you a little kiss on your fourhead. You smiled and nodded. "I'm glad, let's go and eat." He sadi getting up and taking your hand and. leading you to go and eat.

As you were about to enter Oliver said "Darling you know we have to tell your brother about us, I mean he might already know od Ginny or twins told him.
You both enter holding hands and sat opposite of Harry and Ginny.
Twins were sitting next to you and they ere laughing as they gave you the look.
"Guys" they laught " We have to tell you stomething " they said looking at you and Oliver and than at Ron, Hermione and Harry. Ginny was already smileing knowing what the twins will say.

" Y/N and Oliver kissed." They said and you hit Fred because he was sitting next to you.
Harry looked at you angry and a little bit confused. You could see Draco looking at you in a wierd way. He looked away as soon as he saw you looking at him. You didn't think much of it so you just got back to talking to Harry. " You can not date him, he's my friend." Said Harry still angry. " Oh yeah, well you can not date Ginny she is my friend." You snapped. "Harry c'mon let her date Oliver." Hermione tryed to convince Harry. Oliver was kinda scared because he really love you and he does not want Harry to look at him angry everytime they are together and he still wanted to be his friend while he was dateing you. You saw how upset and scared he was and you took his hand and held it under the table. He looked at you and smiled.

After a while you managed to persuade Harry to let you date Oliver. Oliver was so happy that he jumped to hug you after hearing Harry say "yes".

Snape saw that and thought to himself " She can't be doing that."

The next class you had was potions, with your dad. You came to his class and he didn't say anything to you till the class was over.

"Y/N can you stay with me for a bit, we need to have a talk." He said in a cold tone.
"Yeah,of course" you said closing the door after the last student went out of classroom.

" Please sit down." He said againg in a cold tone.

" You can't date him."
"Wha-.... How did you know?" You asked looking confused. He scoffed and looked you dead in the eyes."Malfoy told me.He heard you talking about that." He said turning his back to you. "That idio-" you sad but you saw a cat at the table and looked closer at the cat.
"Dad,since when do you have a cat?" You asked
pointing to the cat." I do not own any.... Minerva" he said and with that, the cat jumped of off the table and in second there was Minerva standing next to Snap.

" Severus you can't stop her from dateing him. She is clearly happy." She said to him and you were sitting there looking at both of them. They were talking on and on about you and Oliver, at that point you were getting so bored and thired that you almoust fell sleep. You closed your eyes about to fall asleep when you heard someone talking to you. You open your eyes to see Minerva looking down at you with a big smile.

"Good news Y/N, he let you date Oliver."

Snape realised that he had no control of your whole life and he was finaly happy to meet hi daughter after your nam left him for James. He was the only one he had left and he does not want to lose you too. He loved you too much to let you go. You got up to leave but he quickly takes your hand and puls you closer to himself. He huges you and you hug him back. You were so happy to be able to date Oliver. He huged you for a long time. You didn't want to leave his arms but you knew you have to go back.
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