I need you Sakook


Sakook love There are rival's in this between BTS and Straykids especially between Jungkook and Bang Chan to try and win Sana's heart. Who will win her heart??? Will their friendship remain or fall???

Other / Fantasy
Zaza Bunnieshamsy
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Sana pov

Riiiiiiiiinnngg riiiiiing

“Uhhh I’m getting up... uhh google stop the alarm.”

I woke up from my deep slumber to check my phone for why it’s not stopping the alarm but go to see it was someone calling me.

Immediately I picked the call up without looking at the caller ID.

“Uhh hello who is this and why are you calling me early this morning...” and all I got was a lots of chuckles with that I look at the caller ID to see it was my bestfriends calling me on one group chat.

“Oh hello didn’t know it was you guys calling AT 6:00AM IN THE MORNING WAEEEE (WHY)?”

Oh hey get ready right now. They all said in unision .

“Ok why”

Black Velvet wants to do a dance an singing battle especially Jungkook’s “girlfriend” bc she thinks that you are trying to seduce Jungkook.

“Don’t tell me she doesn’t know about me and jungkook as in childhood best friends like how dumb can a rich Barbie doll think that I’m trying to seduce him. And ok I’ll come and either way” I said as I laughed.

Good cuz I want to win this damn battle and get it done with, our maknae Tzuyu said while groaning.

“Ok byeeee.”

Bye see y’all there.

After that I hung up and got out of bed to do my morning routine and get ready quick as possible.

This is what Sana wears:

After getting ready I want downstairs to be greeted by my older brother and parents eating breakfast.

Excuse me missy but you are not wearing that, my brother said with a warning tone in his usual morning voice.

Yeah so now you have to go and change, my appa said out loud with a possessive look on his face.

“What bu-”

Now honey you have to let her wear clothes like that. You know when I was your age Sana I would wear clothes like that but your appa would never be so strict you know, my eommo said while smirking proudly when she spilled her university days with appa.

Yeah but I got a daughter and I don’t want her to get a boyfriend at such a young age, my appa said.

Yeah and I don’t want guys staring at your butt so change sis.

“No eommo tell them now I can wear what I want.” Honey and you yoongi you have to let her experience wearing that and your not the boss of her yoongi, my eommo said while garling at appa and yoongi oppa but mostly oppa.

But I’m her older brother and she should listen to me, oppa shouted whispered trying not to sound loud.

No means no Sana you can whatever you wear and you guys can’t stop her otherwise...

Fine, my appa and brother said in unision.

“Woohoo thanks eommo you are the best and bye luv you guys got to go meet friends and yes I will eat breakfast there with them,” I said all in one breath.

Bye sweetie luv you too.

As I got out I the house and check the time and saw it was 6:15am.

So I thought to go to starbuck to get my favourite drink and then go to meet my friends.

I went to the garage to get my daily school car.

This is it:

It’s a McLaren 675 LT.
I know you are thinking I’m a spoiled brat but no I’m not because I spend most my money on charity and I own a orphanage (which I go there daily but none of my friends or schoolmates know I do) and I work as a doctor as a part time job when emergencies bc of university classes and so on.


To be continued
Hey lovely readers so how was the ch1 please comment to tell me how it is the.


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