His escape - regulus black


Julia Potter is sorted into the “house of evil” as her brother James likes to put it and becomes the family disappointment but after a few years she starts to thrive off it and live up to her family expectations of her but not the way they want her to

Drama / Fantasy
Age Rating:


Nina Dobrev as Julia Potter

Timothée Chalamet As Regulus Black

Aaron Taylor-Johnson As James Potter

Ben Barnes As Sirius Black

Andrew Garfield As Remus lupin

Dane DeHaan As Petter Pettigrew

Sophie Skelton As Lilly Evens

Other characters than are included

Marleen McKinnon

Alice Fortescue

Fleamont Potter

Euphemia Potter

Andromeda Black

Bellatrix Black

Narcissa Black

Wallaburga Black

Orion Black

There will be some parts of this story that are cannon but for the most part it will not be following cannon

Also I do not own the rights or the recognizable characters of Harry Potter

I do not support or believe in her views

13+ there will be talk of sex drugs alc and smoking

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