Call This Love A Curse? Levi x Reader

Chapter Seven:Your Place Outside

Warnings: Swearing, blood/gore


"Quick! Put pressure on the wound!"

"It hurts! Make it stop! Make it all stop!"

"I know, hold on. Just hold on."


"Hold on! You can!"

"Hello? Hello?! Stay with us! Damn it get up!"

"It's over. It's all over."

"No. No it's not."

-Earlier That Day-

The horses in front of you began to move faster. Seeing this you urged your horse on. Where you were right now had one been a part of Wall Maria, but that didn't reassure you. You were riding through what was once your home.

However as the horses quickened you felt calmer. Riding always calmed you down.

As you neared the deserted buildings Erwin gave the order for the Squads to split. Hearing this you search for anyone in Levi's Squad, and upon spotting Levi, rode after him.

"Alright, just like he said. Stay close and stay sharp. But what if he's lying?" You frowned at the thought. Levi didn't seem to have a motive to lie.... but you had been wrong before.

You followed closely behind. Not because you obeyed his orders, but so that you could make sure he wasn't trying to trick you when he gave them.

You suddenly heard something moving, followed by a scream. You snapped your head in the direction of the noise then looked towards the others. Hadn't they heard it?

"Did you hear that?" You called.

"What do you mean?" Petra responded.

Oulo clicked his tongue. "You must be hearing things."

"No!" You insisted, pointing in the direction of the noise. "It came from there. I heard something big and then a scream."

Levi turned his head. "How strong are your senses exactly?"

"Stronger than an average human." You replied. "Why?"

Levi's expression turned very serious. "Get moving, all of you. There's been a Titan attack, possible wounded."

The others in the squad jumped off their horses backs and fired their ODMG cables, zipping in the direction you pointed to.

You called out. "Hey! I don't have any gear, I can't follow!" Suddenly you were whisked off your horse in a swift motion. "Did a Titan get me?"

You looked up to find the Corporal carrying you. "What the hell?"

"You don't have gear, and you're an easy target without it." Levi said, still looking ahead. He must have seen you beginning to form an argument because he spoke again. "There's going to be injured, and you're here to deal with that. Suck it up."

Begrudgingly you bit back your argument and replied, "Ok." This wasn't about you, this was about saving lives.

As you zipped along the deserted streets you kept your ears open for any sounds, any sign of the creatures that plagued humanity. Then, you heard it again.

"Over there!" You called, pointing. Levi ordered the squad to move in that direction, despite Oulo grumbling that there wasn't anything there.

You felt Levi's grip tighten. "Did he see it?" You turned your head, and were shocked by what you saw.

That... thing was massive and naked. It almost looked comical in its mindlessness. But seeing the body it had crushed beneath its feet reminded you..... this was the creature all humanity feared.... It was an instinct now to fear it.

You soon saw other Titans coming in this direction, attracted to the chaos. "Hey!" You called out to Levi. "Put me down!"

"Are you crazy?" Levi answered. "You're unarmed in Titan country."

"And you're Humanity's Strongest. You can't afford someone slowing you down. There are wounded down there, I need to get them clear."

Levi furrowed his brow and jumped over a rooftop, setting down in an alley. "Fine, but don't expect me to cover you."

You nodded solemnly. "I understand, I don't expect anything. Just take out the Titans." You turned on your heel and ran toward the battle field.

Levi was surprised. Many, if not all would be terrified. You simply ran off into the fray to do your duty as if you'd been out here for years. Only a veteran or a fool could do such a thing. "Or someone who has nothing left to lose." He thought, before firing his cable and jumping back into battle.

Mumbling an incantation, you jumped, bouncing off each wall till you reached the rooftop. Once there, you ran along, leaping and dashing as if you could fly.

"Eld!" You called. "On your left!" Eld spin fast enough to avoid the hand that tried desperately to grasp him, and sliced the nape of the Titan's neck.

"[Y/N]!" Petra called. "Look out behind you!"

Sensing the Titan getting closer, you tense your body and leapt up over the Titan's hand, flipping backwards and tumbling once you reached the ground to safely land.

Gunther moves fast and sliced the nape. "Thanks!" You called up to him. Gunther gave a brief nod, and fired his cables to another building, catapulting himself at an incoming Titan.

You ran quickly to where the soldiers were trapped. They were holed up behind a piece of rubble, several of them bleeding, bruised, or both, and in some cases even worse. They all had a general aura of fear and terror hanging over their heads.

"Is everyone awake? Can you understand me?" You asked them. You got several meek replies of 'yes' and a few groans.

"Alright just sit tight, I'm here to help." You reassured them. "How many of you can walk?"

Most of the soldiers said they were able to, several others could shakily hobble, and those who could do neither could be carried by their strongest comrades.

You didn't have much time to do a complete job, but you had just enough to deal with any major injuries. The most critically injured had to have individual spells cast on them. You gave the others a dose of one of your potions from your bag.

After patching most of them up, you fashioned a few crutches and stretchers to help with the process. Then you reached out with your mind across the city until you found a horse. โ€œCome here.โ€ You mentally commanded them.

Opening your eyes you spoke to the soldiers. "A horse is going to come soon. Regroup in a safe place. Even if I healed you, you need to get back to the main party."

One of the soldiers responded. "Thank you. We'll get back safe Ma'am."

You turned your head in surprise. You'd never been shown gratitude or.... respect. This wasn't something you were used to.

"Right. Get moving." You ordered, before turning back to where Levi's Squad was last. You needed to regroup with them.

Suddenly you felt a tremor. Your body went cold and your pace picked up. The feeling was part of a sense witches had, it was a warning. Someone was close to death.

You turned the corner and ran quickly over to where the Squad was, before seeing with horror why you had felt a warning. Your sense was correct, on the ground was Oulo....... in a pool of his own blood.

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