Call This Love A Curse? Levi x Reader

Chapter Eight:What You Must Do

Warnings: Swearing, graphic descriptions of injury, blood/gore


โ€œQuick! Put pressure on the wound!" You ordered. This was no minor injury. The right side of his body had been crushed and there was a sizable gash on his leg. You needed to reset the bones and stop the bleeding.

Oulo was convulsing from the pain. "It hurts! Make it stop! Make it all stop!"

"I know, hold on. Just hold on." You couldn't work as he moved. It was causing more damage.

"IT HURTS!" Oulo was screaming now. One of the bones had punctured an organ. You could tell by the darker color of the blood oozing from the wound. It wasn't a good sign.

"Eld!" Levi ordered. "Go find someone! We need help!"

Petra was trying in vain to comfort Oulo. "Hold on! You can!"

Suddenly there was an uneasy silence. Oulo had stopped screaming. But that wasn't a good thing, not at all.

"Hello? Hello?! Stay with us! Damn it get up!" Levi tried to call out to him.

Petra hung her head in defeat, lamenting. "It's over. It's all over."

"No." You said firmly. You knew what you had to do. "No it's not."

"Step back." You commanded, with a serious look in your eyes. Levi stood up with a stone cold face, his version of a pained expression.

"Gunther, watch for incoming Titans. Petra, take a drink and get yourself together. Then keep an eye out for anyone." Levi ordered the remaining members of his Squad, before walking away to let you work.

He'd trusted you, you needed to make good on that. Exhaling, you set a hand on Oulo's wound and another on his forehead.

You let a piece of energy flow from your body into his, forming a cycle and sensing each shattered displaced bone, each tear in the nerves and muscles. You saw it all, the heart that had once beat and the lungs that had once breathed. The damage was extensive, this would be far from easy.

You sent more energy throughout this pathway, repairing and renewing Oulo's body as you began chanting your spell. Your markings and eyes burned red and your voice echoed ghostly whispers.

Thou shalt not die
Repair thy broken bones
Reattach thy frayed nerves
Thou shalt not die
Rebreathe air into thy lungs
Repair the damage time has done
Thou shalt not die
The blood flow once again through thine veins
I call out for thy soul to return

A shock passed through both of your bodies. Everything stopped then it slowed. You stood up. Your body still remained sitting, casting your spell to repair the rest of Oulo's injuries, yet it also allowed your conscience to be here. You were able to see a world that was invisible and undetectable to everyone. Well, to almost everyone.

You looked around and saw a ghostly version of Oulo moving away from the scene. "Stop!" You called, running up and grabbing his silhouette of an arm. "Don't leave, you have to come back."

Oulo looked at you. "I can't. There's something pulling me away. It's impossible to fight."

"Listen, I can get you back." You implored. "I know how."

"It's too late to come back." Oulo replied, shaking his head.

"There's still a chance. If you've stayed this long it means there is a soul that holds part of you to that earthly. Is there a reason left to live?" You should ask yourself that question. Was there really after it all?

Oulo looked down. "Yes there is someone."

"They wouldn't want you to give in. There's so much more that you're meant for. You have a chance, but we don't have much time. Are you ready?"

Oulo moves to stand by his body. "Yes." You summoned more power, sending it throughout your body. Using it you reached out, trying desperately to bring Oulo's soul back to his body.

You needed to get back, sending energy through your body. Your markings burned, your head pounded, and your limbs felt too heavy to move. It was agonizing but you had a need to survive.

You reached out to your own body, focusing your power. You felt a spark, and you snapped abruptly back into your body.

Gasping, you bent over your knees. Your arms burned painfully, your head was spinning, and your lungs felt raw. Doubled over you looked down, and your heart was almost stopped by the sight that greeted you. The markings on your fingers had turned purple. Your stomach dropped, your blood ran cold, and your pulse quickened. "No." Frantically you covered them with your cloak. "This is the price."

You heard a groan, and looked over to see Oulo stirring. Quickly you moved your free hand to check his pulse. It was strong and despite not being conscious his breathing was stable. "It worked!" You called hoarsely. "He's alright."

Petra looked over shocked and ran up to you. "Really?" She questioned. Gunther walked over, looking at Oulo with a surprised expression.

Still breathless and drained, you nodded. "He'll come to after a while."

Levi walked over with a slightly shocked look on his face. Regaining his composure quickly, he ordered Petra and Gunther to find some way to carry Oulo back, and make contact with the rest of the Scouts.

He turned towards you. "You aren't looking well, are you alright?"

"Yeah." You answered. "I'm fine." You attempted to stand up, but then your legs shook and gave out beneath you. Levi caught you before you could hit the ground.

"That doesn't look like fine to me." He replied skeptically. He pulled you up and put his arm around your waist, supporting your weight.

"I'm fine, really." You insisted. "I can walk on my own."

Levi shook his head. "You look like shit, I'm betting that spell used up a lot of your strength. I'm not letting you stumble around and collapse."

Sighing, you put an arm around his shoulder. "Fine."


Surprisingly, aside from the dramatic encounter on your end, there weren't very many casualties and you made it back to headquarters without any major incident.

Levi insisted that you ride back with him the minute he saw how many times you nearly fell off your horse. Embarrassed but too tired to complain, you agreed.

Upon arriving Hange did pester you with questions about your first official expedition, but upon seeing your tired appearance and receiving a dirty look from Levi, she stopped.

Oulo showed no signs of remembering anything that had transpired, and believed that he had just passed out from blood loss. Petra teased him, claiming he had fainted.

Upon seeing that there were other injured you tried to go over to heal them. However much to your annoyance Levi again stopped you, ordering you to go rest instead.

Somehow you managed without Levi's assistance to stumble back to your room. Immediately you slammed the door shut and set about bandaging your hands. It shouldn't have been this bad, from now on you have to be more careful.

Suddenly someone knocked at your door, jolting you. "Just a minute!" You called, messily bandaging the last part of your hand.

You opened the door, and were surprised and annoyed to see Levi standing there. You didn't have the patience to deal with anyone right now, least of all him and his micromanaging. Groaning, you rolled your eyes. "No, I'm not dying. Yes, I look like shit. Is that all, bye." You tried to shut the door but Levi stopped you.

"I'm here to talk." He said seriously, walking in the room.

"There, you talked." You replied impatiently. "Goodbye."

"Be serious." Levi ordered. "I don't plan on staying long."

It couldn't be debated that he had helped you in some way, despite being a little overbearing. You sighed with resignation. "Alright, I'll give you a few minutes."

Levi looked at you with a piercing expression, as if he was trying to read your mind. That's easier said than done, and it's best if he couldn't.

"What did you do?" Levi asked. Confused, you squinted.

"What do you mean?"

"Oulo was dead. His heart stopped, and now he's strutting around and you're barely standing up." You were shocked. He knew. "I-impossible.. I-I made sure!"

"I sent a shock through his body." You said, fighting to keep your voice steady. "It jolts his heart back to life, and I managed to heal his other injuries."

Levi looked unconvinced by your explanation. "And what do your hands getting injured have to do with it?" He inquired suspiciously.

You moved to hide them. "They... they got burned. When I sent the shock." Levi had probably already seen through your excuse, why did you continue? โ€œNo one can know. I canโ€™t risk it.โ€

Levi moved quickly and grabbed one hand. Shocked, you tried to pull away, but as you did the bandage came undone and unfortunately Levi's firm grip on your arm didn't, allowing your warped markings became visible to him.

Levi looked shocked, and even more so by your face. Why would you hide this? But why did the color change?

"What happened here?" He questioned you, letting go. You proceeded to hide your hand once again. "I'm getting Hange. She might be able to-"

"No!" You said, grabbing hold of him. "Please don't." Levi looked back at you, surprised by your sudden change in mood and your grip on him. "Please." You begged. "Don't tell anyone."

Levi sighed and massaged his temple. "I'm not going to say anything. But if I do, you have to tell me."

"What exactly do you want to know?" You asked him, no longer desperate, serious now.

Levi looked straight at you. "Everything."

You closed your eyes and nodded. "Nothing I say leaves this room."

"Agreed." Levi said, sitting down.

You hated to think about it all, you'd tried so hard to forget it. Of course you know deep down nothing would stay buried long. Skeletons don't like being kept in closets and don't stay for long. And your closet had so many skeletons it was legally a graveyard.

"Alright. This isn't pretty. But if you want the truth we need to start at the beginning."


I originally wrote this chapter differently(until it accidentally deleted ๐Ÿ˜ญ) How did it turn out?

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