Call This Love A Curse? Levi x Reader

Chapter Ten:On A Day of Mist

Why did you agree to join the Scouts? It was just a matter of survival, so why did you have to get so involved. You had risked your life and then compromised yourself as a result.

Ever since your confession to Levi, the two of you had hardly spoken or interacted. This wasn't much different from your previous interactions, but now you were filled with dread and paranoia.

"He might have already told. I'll get carted away and cut up. Or executed."
The not knowing was terrifying.

Through a window you could see the clouds and the mixture of rain and mist that hung in the air. The sight made you forget your troubles for a brief moment. You let a slight smile slip and opened the window, allowing the misty wind to swirl into your room and through your hair.

A knock at the door brought you back to the real world, and your paranoia returned. Narrowing your eyes you asked, "Who is it?"

"Hey [Y/N], it's me." You sighed, it was just Hange. You rise from your comfortable seat and open the door to see the smiling brunette standing before you.

"Why'd you drop by?" You inquired, cocking your head.

"I need to go into Wall Rose to get a few things, wanna come?" Hange inquired.

You frowned slightly. "I don't know...."

"Come on." Hange encouraged. "You've been a little frayed since the expedition and I bet some shopping will help!"

You deadpanned. Shopping didn't seem like that fun an activity. "I don't like shopping."

Hange laughed a bit. "It's not clothes shopping! I'm getting supplies for my experiments!"

That sounded like it wasn't too bad, and it might be interesting. Perhaps you'd find something useful. "Why not?" You replied, "I'll come along."


This was the first time in so long you'd been able to go into a town. Everyone ran around, shouting, arguing, rushing. And it fascinated you.

Not so much the people, but the fact that no one and nothing was stopping you from being here! You came here of your own free will.... well it was Hange's idea.... but still!

The Scientific instruments Hange used were part of the Scouts' budget but she bought all of the experiment materials she could find with her own pocket money. Hange was a surprisingly good businesswoman.

It was amusing for a while to watch her haggle for the price. She didn't need your help at all. In another life Hange could have easily been an entrepreneur or a lawyer.

Eventually you decided to look around for a while and told Hange that you'd go see if anything caught your eye.

As it turns out there were a few surprisingly interesting items, and you ended up with some very curious looking plants, medical supplies, and several beautifully made multipurpose knives.

"This trip has been pretty productive." You mused. "It's a relief being outside again."

Your nose twitched, had you just smelled what you thought you did. Quickly you ran in the direction of the heavenly aroma. You stopped in front of a shop, your suspicions were confirmed. They were selling venison.

"Excuse me." You called the shop owner, and held out some money. "I'll take several of these."

Paying for them, you stuffed one in your mouth and carried the rest in a bag. It had been so long since you had eaten such good food. Having lived off of disgusting prison food and sparse military rations for quite awhile, this small piece of venison tasted like the best food in existence.

You walked throughout the street, but stopped abruptly. You sensed something strange. Turning your head you looked over to see a yellow eyed black cat watching you.

You smiled, that's good luck for a witch. "Hey." You said, walking over to the cat. "Whatcha looking at me for?"

The cat blinked and continued to stare at you with its yellow eyes. Perhaps they were hungry? You pulled off a piece of venison and offered it to them.

"Here you go." You said. "That's all I got for now."

The cat fixated on the venison, and daintily ate it with surprising speed. You chuckled before turning away. "Glad you like it. See ya around."

Walking away you turned a corner and found yourself back near where you bought the knives. Making your way down the street you stopped... and were surprised to find another black cat watching you from a rooftop.

"Ok...?" You raised an eyebrow. "I could've sworn that cat was back there." Confused you continued on, perhaps it was time to call it a day.

You felt something brush your leg and looked down to see that same cat right in front of you. "What the hell?" You wondered aloud. "Weren't you just...?"

You crossed your arms. "Once isn't anything to notice, twice is probably a coincidence, but I know I've seen you three times. Are you trying to tell me something?"

The cat started walking and looked back at you. "You want me to follow you?" You guessed.

The cat seemed to nod, before walking off, leaving you to follow behind.

The cat led you through the streets and through crowds, before stopping in front of an apothecary and sitting at the door. "You want me to go in here?" You inquired.

The cat just nudged the door open and padded into the shop. Now more curious than confused, you followed behind.

The inside of the apothecary was quite interesting. It had assorted jars and trinkets on the shelves and several herbs hanging from the ceiling.

You walked around, studying the contents on the shelves. There were some very unusual things such as crystals and brightly patterned cloth, things you wouldn't normally find in an apothecary.

"Welcome." A voice called out. You jumped in surprise, almost dropping your bags. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you."

The owner of the voice finally came forward. She was a lean woman who had dark hair with a few stray grey streaks. However it did not make her appear old in the slightest, in fact the streaks were perhaps more silver.

"It's fine." You replied. "I'm just a little jumpy." The woman hummed in acknowledgement and walked over.

"See anything of interest?" She inquired. You looked around.

"Everything in this room is of interest." You said, with a look of fascination in your eyes.

The woman chuckled. "You like things like this? I'm told it's strange."

You raised your eyebrows. "Whoever says that is an idiot. This place has everything."

"You flatter me." She replied. "What brought you here?"

You decided to answer honestly. "A cat." You half expected her to laugh but instead she replied with interest.


"Yes." You answered. "Weirdly I was wondering where I could find an apothecary."

"Hmm." She said again. "I wonder, would you allow me to tell your fortune?"

Confused by her sudden change of topic, you enquired, "Why exactly?"

"A cat is regarded as both a good and bad omen, I'm curious as to what it is for you." She mused. "Something about you is... interesting."

Part of you wanted to just grab a few herbs and pay for them instead, but something told you to go for it. You were unable to tell your own fortune, why not find out?

β€œBesides, I must have already been through the worst I can.” You thought, despite the risk of jinxing yourself.

"Sure, I'll go for it." You shrugged. She'd probably just use a false fortune telling method.

The woman smiled and put her hands together. "Excellent. Now..." She walked over to a table and gestured to a seat. "... Shall we begin?"

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