Call This Love A Curse? Levi x Reader

Chapter Twelve:Training

"[L/N], stop that."

"I'm not doing anything! Woo!"

"This isn't why we're here, stop that."

Currently you were strapped into some sort of contraption that was supposed to teach you how to use ODM gear. But instead you were swinging on it in every possible way. And it was really getting on Levi's nerves.

"[L/N], I'm serious. This is supposed to be training." Levi crossed his arms.

You continued swinging. "I am training."

"Really?" Levi replied skeptically. "It seems more like you're messing around."

"I'm not messing around." You replied, still swinging. "This is my special type of training." You kicked off one of the support beams and ended up spinning through the air. "Wahoo! I think I'm gonna puke!"

"Don't you dare." Levi warned. "For fucks sake, we really did recruit a witch toddler."

Before you could shoot back at him, Erwin walked over and interrupted. "How are things going?"

Levi gave him a deadpan look and gestured to you. "What do you think?"

Erwin looked over just as you executed another trick. "[Y/N] the harness will snap and you'll break your neck. Stop that."

You huffed and slowed so you simply rocked back and forth. Levi looked slightly surprised, but somehow still annoyed. "Why did she listen to you?" He directed his question at Erwin.

"I appealed to her sense of logic." Erwin simply stated. He started walking away and clapped a hand on Levi's shoulder. "Give that a try. Right now you're coming off as a little ...controlling."

"A clean freak and a control freak! That's two in one!" You laughed, still swinging back and forth.

Levi sent a glare your way. "Go back to being reckless."

You mock saluted. "Will do sir!" And continued your antics. You did understand that you needed to learn this at some point, but right now you were having far too much fun.

You were here now because you had been at a disadvantage on the recent expedition. Without gear or the training to use it, you burned a shocking amount of energy.

So the Commander ordered Levi to give you a crash course in ODM gear and Titan killing to prepare you for future expeditions.

Levi sighed and rubbed his head. "We're obviously not getting anywhere with this, let's move on to something else."

"Aww, but I'm having fun!" You protested. Before you could get your bearings the harness was suddenly released, causing you to tumble to the ground. "What the hell!" You called indignantly.

"Get a move on, Witch brat." Levi ordered. You dusted yourself off reluctantly and followed after him, grumbling under your breath. Levi leads you away from the ODM training equipment and to a field like training area, before tossing a wooden knife to you.

You raised your eyebrow and fiddled with it. "What is this for?"

"We'll be training using these. Since you couldn't take the ODM training seriously." Levi responded.

"Wouldn't it make more sense to train using the real thing?" You questioned. "I can just heal the injuries after anyways. I usually learn better from experience."

Levi shook his head. "The whole point of this training is to find non magic ways for you to fight, you have to save your energy remember?"

You let out an exasperated sigh. He was technically correct, you did rely quite heavily on your magic, more than was safe. And until you worked out the technicalities, limiting power use was probably a safer option, especially now. You loosened your stance. "So what do I have to do?"

"You're on the offensive first. You said you know basic self defence, so use it." Levi responded, before getting into a combat stance himself. "No magic."

You narrowed your eyes, trying to recall what you knew of knife fighting. You bend your knees and suddenly surge forward, going for a slash at Levi's torso. Levi moved out of the way quicker than you anticipated, but you spun on your heels and changed direction, revealing your true plan. You had feigned a body shot to hide your goal of disarming him.

However, in an instant Levi stepped out of the way and caught your arm firmly, before flipping you over onto your back. You gasped as the harsh contact with the ground knocked the wind out of you. Levi easily removed the wooden knife from your hand. "That move was smart in your head, but your execution of it was sloppy." Levi tossed you your knife and got back into his stance. "Try again."

You were too winded for a retort, so you simply shot him a look, before cracking your back and getting into your stance. Time for a change of tactic. Levi was faster than you'd realized, and he was definitely experienced. Not only that, he obviously wasn't going to hold back.

You ran directly towards Levi, but not without a plan. He wouldn't dodge a direct attack. His emotionless expression slipped for a moment, and he almost rolled his eyes at what he believed was stupidity. A direct attack? Now you were being ridiculous. He countered easily by blocking your strike with his own wooden knife. Which was exactly what you wanted.

Now that you'd shifted a small amount of the balance in your favor, you dropped and made another shot to Levi's body, this one real. Levi once again blocked it with his knife, but in a turn of events that you did not predict, he twisted it so that it knocked your own knife loose, allowing him to take it and hold them both to your throat. You gasped, he used your own strategy before you could. "Once again, a good plan failed because of your sloppy execution." He remarked.

Annoyed, you shot back. "Quit insulting me!"

"It's not an insult, it's constructive criticism." Levi replied simply.

"How is it constructive if you're so vague?" You crossed your arms. "And constructive criticism doesn't work for me."

Levi sighed. "Fine then. Firstly, your movements are obvious. I can practically see them going through your whole body before you make them. Second, you're holding yourself back. You start out with a lot more power than you finish with, don't be afraid of putting more behind your moves."

"How does that even work?" Confusion and slight annoyance appeared on your face. "Get my whole body into it, don't get my whole body into it, make up your mind!" You grumbled.

Levi actually did roll his eyes. "The main problem is you're too tense. You loosen up as you get into your stance but then you tense up and all your moves and plans go to shit."

You growled slightly. He certainly wasn't one to pull his punches, verbally or literally. And you might have respected it more in the moment if it wasn't you that he wasn't holding back on. Levi walked over to you. "Get in your stance." You breathed out and reluctantly followed his instructions.

"Now," Levi handed you the wooden knife. "Make a move." You made a move with your knife, but halfway through the sequence Levi hit your arm with his knife. "Wrong! Do it again." You sighed and made a different move, only to once again. "Wrong!"

"Stop that." You rubbed your now sore arm. He didn't have to hit so hard.

"Stop being so tense." He shot back.

You grumbled. "I didn't learn how. It's a reflex."

Levi sighed. "Alright, get into your stance again." You did in an almost unsure way, expecting him to hit you again with the wooden knife. Instead he placed his hands on your shoulders. "Loosen up here a bit. You need mobility for your arms." He then placed his hands on your waist. "Bend your knees more." You flinched at the sudden closeness.

"This is about learning to be less tense, not more tense." Levi said, noticing the slight change. He then walked around. "Better, but..." He brushed some hair out of your eyes and positioned your face forward. "Don't move your head. Keep both eyes on your opponent at all times. Otherwise you might be in for an unpleasant surprise."

You listened to his instructions and resumed your sparring session with less sarcastic comments, much to Levi's surprise. However you were too busy hiding the heat that had inexplicably rushed to your cheeks, to think of anything sarcastic to say.


This is the first chapter I wrote on my new Chromebook and it felt amazing.
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