Call This Love A Curse? Levi x Reader

Chapter Three:Your Life for Your Allegiance

Bam! Bam! Bam! The knocking on the door startled you awake. Rubbing your eyes you sat up and glanced out of the window. The sun hung slightly low in the sky, almost setting. "Ah shit. Did I really almost sleep all day?" You wondered aloud.

The knocks at the door continued. You straightened your clothes and shook your hair back. "Hello?" A voice asked. "Can we come in?" You moved to sit by the window.

"Why bother asking, I'm a prisoner here anyways." You said bitterly.

The voice responded enthusiastically. "Well, I'll take that as a yes!" Before you knew what was happening, the door slammed open and a messy haired brunette wearing goggles ran over and seized you by the arms pulling you up and staring straight into your eyes with an intense gaze.

You looked over at the door to see Commander Erwin standing with ANOTHER tall blond man and a much shorter raven haired one with a serious resting bitch face. "Um.... who is this person?" You asked slowly, referring to the woman.

The person in question answered, "A big fan, that's who! Woah, I never thought witches were real! Ladies that can make any man quake in their boots and vaporize them with a snap of their fingers! That's so amazing!" As she said this, she thankfully let go of you but proceeded to jump up and down erratically.

You felt a little nervous, being an antisocial person by nature. "We... can't do that. We don't exactly go around vaporizing people."

"Oh well." The woman said. "Then what can you do? Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!" She said while shaking you back and forth.

"Calm down Shitty glasses. Are you trying to shake something out of her?" The short cranky man asked.

"Levi this is a Witch! A freaking witch! Do you have any idea how huge this is?!" Hange said while gesturing erratically.

"That's why I'm telling you to stop. You're going to damage her." You were surprised. This man seemed to care about your fate. Not many people did. "Then if she dies or gets busted, you'll annoy the shit out of me instead."

"So much for caring." You thought sarcastically. Suddenly you realized something. "Wait, why are you all here?" You asked.

The four people in the room exchanged a look before Commander Erwin stepped forward. "The meeting is finished, we came to carry out the results."

You froze. "Wait, is that why she was so excited?! You're going to dissect me?!" You said horrified and quickly moved to the other side of the room.

Hange laughed. "Jeez Erwin, don't come on so doom and gloom, you're scaring her." She then turned to you. "You don't have to worry about being dissected, we came here to offer you a deal."

Confused you asked, "A deal? Why?"

"The meeting ended in a compromise. That means rather than face execution you have the choice to ally with the Scout Regiment and use whatever power you have to aid us." Levi answered in a monotonous voice.

"Why the Scouts?" You asked. Despite having lots of questions, this was the only one that seemed to come forward in the moment.

"Because," Commander Erwin answered, "We have the highest Death toll of all the Regiments. And with the recent Titan Attack, we need all the help we can get."

You considered your options. Perhaps surviving was better than facing the humiliation of the show your death was made to be. You wouldn't give them the satisfaction.

But if you choose otherwise, In a sense you agreed to be a tool, and you knew you would be tossed aside when you were no longer useful. "It's in human nature."

In truth though, you loved helping people. Ever since you were young and even now after all you had been through. Though you couldn't understand why you put up with the pain. "I guess it's in my nature."

"So?" Erwin asked. "What will it be?"

You sighed and said a prayer. "Spirits protect me."

"I've made my decision. I will.......

........ agree to form an alliance with the Military and assist the Scout Regiment."

"Spirits protect me indeed. I'm sure going to need it."


In case it feels a little slow to any of you, the relationship between the reader and Levi will be a slow burn. Meaning it will take time to develop, because Levi has trust issues and in this story so does the reader.
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