Call This Love A Curse? Levi x Reader

Chapter 5:Aggravating Questions and Foolish Tasks

Ok, currently you were seriously regretting allying with the Scouts. Hell, you regret even getting out of bed this morning (at a completely unreasonable hour because this is the freaking military.)

What was the cause of your current regret? One word, five letters. HANGE. The goggles wearing eccentric was asking you every single question under the sun about witches.

Now that you were awake you just wanted to read and eat breakfast in peace. This might be a little unrealistic considering you probably should figure out what the heck you were supposed to be doing, but right now you had no will to move.

"So if you can't vaporize people what can you do?" Hange questioned, hanging over your shoulder.

"Can you turn people into frogs? Do you turn into a cat? Or was it a bat? Nevermind, do you live super long? What would happen if a Titan ate you? Would it become a magic Titan or would you kill it? Ooh, I want to see that! Are you ok with getting eaten?"

The scientist continued on with her rapid fire questions, oblivious to the people beginning to come into the mess hall.

"Hange! Keep your voice down!" You hissed. Quickly you closed your book and pulled the hood of your cloak over your head.

"Um hello?" Hange asked, pulling up your hood slightly. "What's this about?"

"I'm pretty sure people will ask questions if they see a strange person just sitting around here." You replied.

"They'll ask more questions if they see a weird girl in a hood with her head on the table." Hange replied skeptically.

Instead of responding you just pulled your hood down further over your head. All because you had to work here didn't mean you had to make friends.

You heard footsteps, and the bench creaked like someone sat down on it. "Morning Commander!" Hange called. "So that's who it is."

"Good morning Hange. And is that [Y/N] under there?" Erwin responded.

You pulled up your hood. "Who else would it be?"

"Well it might have been Levi. He isn't really social either." Hange replied.

"I wouldn't hunch over a table and hide under a hood." Levi said, before taking a sip of his tea.

The rest of breakfast was mainly Hange and Erwin making conversation and Levi interjecting at points to comment something usually sarcastic or vulgar. Normally you would have found it funny but you really wanted to read while you still had the time.

"Oi, witch brat!" Levi called, causing you to raise your head. "Come on, it's time to get to work."

"Firstly, don't call me that. Secondly what will we be doing?" You asked.

"Follow me, you'll find out." Levi said, getting up.

"What's wrong with telling me right now?" You asked, crossing your arms.

Instead of replying, Levi walked over and grabbed your arm, pulling you with him down the hall.

"Wh-Hey! Slow down! What's this about?" You asked, annoyed.

"Quit being so stubborn. This is important work and it can't wait." Levi said, still pulling you along.

Confused you began to wonder what you had to do. It must be important if Levi was so insistent on you starting now. He didn't seem like the type to get worked up over nothing.

Levi finally stopped before a closed door and spoke to you. "This assignment is of the utmost importance. Behind this door is one of the most horrific things you will ever see in your lifetime. Take this very seriously."

"It's that bad?" You questioned. You had seen some horrible things. If this was the worst...... then hell lay behind this door.

"Whatever you're imagining, it's even worse. Be on guard." Levi said. Slowly he opened the door. And you prepared yourself to face the horror of..... a dusty room?

"This is the 'horrific thing'?" You questioned. "A dusty room?"

Levi looked at you like you had two heads. "This isn't some dusty room. There is filth everywhere, I even saw mold somewhere in here. Mold!"

You shrugged. This didn't make any sense. Levi then handed you a bucket full of cleaning tools, a few rags, and a broom.

"Here you'll need these. And don't even think about flying away on that broom." He said before gesturing to the room.

"Hold up," You said. "You want me to clean this room?"

"Yes," Levi replied. "Wasn't I clear?"

"Um no." You answered, walking into the room.

"Don't miss a single spot or you have to redo the whole thing." Levi orders, before leaving you standing in the middle of the room with a bunch of cleaning supplies.

Perhaps Levi did have at least a bit of a point. The room was very dusty. Sighing, you covered your head and face, and picked up the broom. Might as well do something.

But.... at the same time. No one said you couldn't take a bit of a short cut. Smirking you mumbled a few words and tapped one of the tattoos on your arm. You felt a sudden rush of energy through your body.

Your markings and your eyes turned blood red, as you raised your arms, making a motion. You moved your arms to manipulate the air to your will and take the filth from the room.

You then leapt and twirled the broom, cleaning with an inhuman speed.

Smirking you stepped back. "I'll show that Shortie that I can do much more than cleaning. Ha, I think I can beat him at his own game."


Levi walked down the hall. You should have been finished by now. Were you trying to make him angry?

No matter, time to see what sort of shit job you did. He approached the horrible room. He paused before opening the door. "What if it's still a mess? Ugh, I don't want to think about that."

When he opened the door, he froze. You sat there levitating and reading your book.

But that's not what shocked him. What shocked him was how the room was utterly and completely............


"Hello Corporal.... Shortie was it?" You answered sarcastically.

Levi frowned. "Explain this." You raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"How did you clean all this?" He asked.

"I'm a witch aren't I?" You replied, still looking at your book.

Levi tch'ed. "And witches are good at cleaning? What's your secret, magic?"

You looked up and smirked defiantly. "I'm good with a broom."


If any of you wonder what it looked like for you to clean so quickly just imagine yourself making Water bending motions like from Avatar, or imagine the scene in Black Butler where Sebastian cleans very fast. I recommend listening to Roundtable Rival by Lindsey Stirling if you want something to help you imagine the cleaning scene
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