Call This Love A Curse? Levi x Reader

Chapter Six:Blindsided

So far you've been with the Scouts for around a week. In that time you did indeed figure out what exactly your power was useful for in regards to the Scouts.

Officially you are supposed to use your power in the medical department, which so far consists of treating a few minor injuries, so you didn't often use magic.

Healing was a relatively easy skill, but it was also extremely useful. Despite not generally liking people, you found a certain fulfillment in your work.

So far you managed to get along with Hange best (mostly because she wouldn't leave you alone) but the scientist was actually pleasant company.

Much of Witchcraft was rooted in science, or the science of alchemy, equivalent exchange. Being extremely intelligent, it was easy for Hange to understand what you did.

It fascinated her to talk about this, and it was a relief for you to not have to oversimplify it or worry about her running for the hills.

Currently you just finished bandaging a broken nose when Hange burst in the door. This wasn't new so you just responded, "Hey Hange. Did you get another experiment idea?"

"No." Hange responded surprisingly calm. You looked up, and were surprised to find her face serious.

"What is it?" You asked.

"Erwin just announced another expedition. And you're coming with us."


"Commander, how am I supposed to come with you? I don't have the gear!" You questioned frantically. This new development has blindsided you, and you didn't like it.

"I understand your frustration-"

"No you don't understand shit!" You interrupted. "I don't care that I'm going, but what pisses me off is that I was only told after it was decided!"

Erwin was shocked by your outburst, but he collected himself. "You aren't obligated to fight Titans. Just to deal with the wounded. We can't afford many more deaths, and you're our best chance at casualties being low."

"I can heal from here!" You protested.

"No." Erwin responded. "By the time we get back too many will have died on the journey. Don't worry, you'll be traveling with Levi's Squad. They have some of the best fighters, you'll be safe."

Erwin raised one of his MASSIVE eyebrows. "Is there any other reason you are so opposed to going?"

You flinched slightly. ".... no."

Erwin, sensing your hesitation, rested his hands on the table. "Tell me, do you have any experience with Titans? Or the outside?"

"No." You replied. "I lived in Wall Maria once, but that's it."

Erwin nodded and continued. "Do you have any combat training? Anything you can use?"

This question shook you. You tried to keep a straight face and not think about it.... you can't think about it. You dare not. Hesitantly you answered, "I can defend myself."

Erwin stood up. "Good, Then that's enough for now. Get some sleep, we leave at first light."

You exited the room like a ghost, and to outside eyes, looked like one. The blood drained from your expressionless face, your eyes as empty as they were full of fear. You tried to steady yourself. Tomorrow it was time to go outside, and like it or not, you'd have to face that.


The expedition set out early the next day. You didn't have a uniform so instead you wore your black cloak.

Hange was excitedly chattering to no one in particular about Titans and going outside the Walls. It was surprisingly warm for a fall day, but you tried desperately to hide your violent shivering.

"You promised!"

"I don't need to keep secrets for your sake."

"You're being selfish! Please help me!"

"You had your chance."

"No don't leave! You promised! NOO!"

You shook away your feelings and straightened your back. "Nervous?" A voice questioned.

"What?" You turned your head and saw a girl with slightly orange brown hair.

"It's ok. I was nervous too on my first expedition." The girl said before smiling. "I'm Petra."

"[Y/N]." You responded. "And I'm not nervous."

"Tch, you obviously are." A brown haired guy with an undercut remarked. He looked and acted suspiciously like Levi. "What's up with that?"

"And you are?" You asked.

"That's Oulo." Petra answered. "And yes, he does imitate the Corporal." You snickered.

"You know Shortie?"

"Yes, we're in his Squad. You won't believe this but apparently a witch is going with us!" Petra said.

"Um," You replied, "That would be me. Hey."

Petra's eyes widened. "Oh. Well nice to meet you."

"Likewise." You said.

You neared the gate. The imposing shadow of the wall sent a strike of fear through your heart.

"Hey brat, what's up with you?" You were surprised to find Levi sitting on his horse beside you.

"Nothing." You replied.

"Are you sure? You're shaking like a leaf." Levi said, sounding unconvinced.

"Why do you care?" You shot back.

"Because you need to be on your guard. Fear gets you off your game."

You nodded. "This came out of the blue. I wasn't prepared to go out there."

Levi turned to face you. "No one ever is. We have a date with those ugly bastards to look forward to."

You smirked. "I didn't know the MPs went beyond the walls."

For a second it looked like Levi smiled. But before you could look closer the horses in front of you started moving.

"Stay close, witch brat." Levi ordered. "And stay sharp."


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