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strangers (suna x reader?)


they next day
“suna”he looked up and gave you a half hearted smile. you both talked about nothing in particular you spoke a little more then him, but didnt worry. maybe he was having an off day.at lunch he kept talking over you when you where both ranting but, he was having and off day right. he lyed his head down on you and fell asleep. "i wonder if hes ok" you thought to yourself. after school you went to his practice, every once in a wile he would look at you. he gave you the smile he gave you befor. that half hearted one you wish you didnt have to see again. the you relized you have to go. you told him that geting up. suna didnt like that, he was getting mad. why, he never acted like this before. and you reamber he was having an off day... but it was a family matter you told him that. he told you not to talk to him. you tried to text him later he didnt answer. you apologized he acepted just told you not to do it aging you promised. how foolish are you?

199 words

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