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Guilty Pleasures; A Multifandom Oneshot Book


This is a oneshot book for your guilty pleasures For this book, I will take request for smut, fluff and/or angst

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

"You bully me, Then you love me?"

(Bully! Neito Monoma x Chubby! Shy! reader)

I have always been a shy girl growing up. My family knew about this and while they tried to get me out of my shell but they learned to except that I would always be a shy, quiet girl. They loved me regardless of that though. I always kept to myself and didn't even talk to my classmates. Even when I got my quirk, while most kids would proudly show off their quirks I kept it to myself, not wanting to "show off".

Now being a quiet girl...I didn't really speak up for myself...which lead to me being bullied since they knew I wouldn't tell anyone. Most of the time they'd either give up or one of my classmates would notice the bullying and report it to a teacher. But there was one boy who never gave up.

Neito Monoma.

He made my life a living hell all throughout my childhood.

When high school rolled around I thought I would finally escape him when I got into U.A. but he was there as well. Granted he was in class 1B and I was in general studies but still. The first day he saw me he started his torment again. Calling me names, making fun of my chubby appearance and of course he made fun of how quiet I was.

One time he even mentioned how the only reason I was in U.A. is cause recovery girl, my grandma, got me in on recommendation and how I would end up being nothing more than a sidekick. I had the same quirk as my grandma. A healing quirk. The difference being that all I had to do was touch someone to heal them, didn't have to kiss them like my granny.

I knew I wouldn't be anymore than a sidekick but I was fine with that so it didn't bother me....but one day...he said something that really did bother me. It was the final straw that broke me.

It was another day in class and lunch had just started. I was pulling out my bento when I heard my friend, one of the few friends I had, speak. "Hey...you gonna eat lunch with us?" He asks and I lift my head, locking eyes with Hitoshi Shinso. I gave him a look and he chuckles "I'm just asking." He says and I hum "well, can't be too cautious" I say jokingly before smiling "but no I'm just gonna eat in class...again..sorry."

He nods with a hum "Don't apologize. I understand." He says with a faint smile "I'll see you after lunch." He says and I nod as he left, I pull out my bento and start eating. I stop when I saw someone standing in front of my desk and slowly look up to see Monoma. "Hello y/n." He says and I look down as I continue eating. "Hm? Not saying anything. Come on, say something. I wanna hear your voice."

Like always I ignore him. All his taunting words. No matter how much they hurt. She was waiting for him to give up but he didn't. Then he said it. "Hm. It's no wonder you're single."

I pause and lift my head to look at him. "..w-what?" I stutter out in a quiet voice and he hums "I mean it's obvious no guy would want to date you. You're a girl who was born fat and you don't speak. Not even speaking up to defend yourself. Those aren't really attractive traits y/n." He says and I lower my head as my heart aches.

"Maybe it's better if you just disappear."

I froze and stood up abruptly. Lifting my head to stare at him, tears rolling down my face before I ran out of the room. I ran to the nurses office and rush into the room, startling my grandma. "Oh dear, y/n what happened?" She says and sniffle before walking over, sitting down as I drop my head onto her lap as I cry.

She sighs and gently pets my head "...do you wanna go home? I can call your parents." She says and I nod with a shaky sigh. She nods with a hum and reaches over to pick up the phone. I listen as she called my mom and explained that I came into her office crying. After calling my mom she called Nezu to explain that I was going home for the day.

My mom rushed to the school and I hugged her tightly as I sob quietly. She gently picked me up, picking up my bag, and we went home where I spilled everything that happened and what I had been dealing with.

After hours of comforting me, trying to calm me down, my parents tried cheering me up by making my favorite food for dinner...but I wasn't hungry so I just excused myself to go to bed. For the first time ever, I went to bed hungry.

In the middle of the night, I woke up to knocking. I hum and lift my head "what?...where is that knocking coming from?" I mumble and glance around before glancing at my window. I glance at my clock. It was 2 in the morning. I raise my eyebrow and stood up to check the window. I open the window and glance around. When I turn to the right, I flinch when I saw Monoma and sigh "...what are you doing here?"

"I'm here to apologize...I'm sorry. Not just about what I said earlier, I'm sorry about everything...I don't know why I-" "I don't why you're apologizing." I say and he hums "...I don't know why you're apologizing when what you said was true." I mumble and he stares at me as I sigh "I am too quiet...I don't speak up for myself...and it's true that I'm...fat.." I mumble and he was gonna say something "You we're right..all the things you've told me..is true..especially how no boy would ever want to date me.."

I continued rambling on and on about all the things he was right about while tears started rolling down my face until he shuts me up by reaching out to hold my face, wiping my tears away with softened eyes. "I'm sorry" was all he said before he leans in and, to my surprise, kisses me. I flinch with a startled squeak, my mind a mess before my eyes shut and my trembling arms wrap around his neck

I pull away and he wipes the rest of my tears away "I'm so sorry...I really am..I don't know what I was thinking or why I did all that I-" "..you...why did you...why did you kiss me?" I ask and he hums before glancing down with a guilty look on his face "...you're probably not gonna believe me when I say this but...I have a huge...crush on you...I've had this crush for a while but never told you cause I was afraid of the rejection...I guess somehow my feelings manifested into cruel teasing..But when I saw you run out of the room crying...I regretted everything I ever said.."

I stare at him in disbelief and he sighs "...I know you probably hate me now...I wouldn't blame you but I'm really sorry and I really do love you." He says and I continue staring at him before shyly leaning in to kiss him again. He flinches, obviously surprised that I kissed him rather than hit him or yell at him to leave, still he kissed me back.

I smile shyly before gripping the back of his jacket, gently pulling him into my room through the window. He seemed startled by that action, even more so when I lost balance and fell to the floor. He pulls back and hovers over me "Sorry, you okay?" He asks and I nod with a hum "I'm okay but I should apologize...didn't mean fall but I have really bad balance cause of...well.." I trail off and he hums

"Cause you're chubby?" He asks and I blush as I glance away. I saw him smile out of the corner of my eye before I felt him hold my waist, picking me up to bring me over to my bed. I blush as he lays me on my bed, hovering over me. I blush harder as he rubs my sides down to my hips. "Y/n...I want make up for all the pain I've caused you...if you'll let me." He says softly and I hum before smiling

"..Okay" she says quietly and he smiles softly before leaning down to kiss me softly. I hum and wrap my arms around his neck, shyly tilting my head in an attempt to deepen the kiss. He smiles softly and opens his mouth to push his tongue into my mouth. I shudder and grip his shoulders with a whine as he pushes his tongue on mine before pulling away.

I gulp and pant softly before shuddering again when his hands slide under my pajama shirt. I felt my face burn with embarrassment as he squeezes my love handles before moving up to cup and squeeze my breast. He hums and smiles "you know...any guy would be lucky to date you." He says softly and I hum "even if you're quiet, you're a nice and caring girl."

I blush softly before smiling as I kiss him softly. He hums and smiles as he unbuttons my top before pulling it off along with his jacket and shirt. He pulls back and I blush before covering my eyes. He hums and chuckles before grabbing my wrists "What are you doing?~" He coos softly and I blush harder when my eyes lock on his body.

"It's..just that I've never..." I trail off and he hums in understanding before leaning down to kiss me softly. He pulls away to kiss from my neck down to my chest where to latches his mouth onto my nipple, suckling lightly while lightly pinching the other. That caused me to flinch a bit with a soft gasp before I moan softly as he presses his tongue against my now perky nipple.

I blush when he pulls off with an audible pop before giving my nipple a final push of his tongue. "That made you flustered real quick." He says with a chuckle before moving to pull my bottoms off. I was about to cover myself but his hands grab my wrists, gently pining them down beside my head. "No more hiding" he says softly and I blush before nodding with a hum

He pulls his hands away to caress my hips and thighs. When he moves to rub my inner thighs I started to tremble all over. He smiles before leaning down to kiss a path from my knee down my leg and stopping at my inner thigh. I shudder as he kisses and licks my inner thigh all while looking at me. He continues to keep eye contact until he goes down to lick up along my slit

I broke the eye contact when I threw my head back, covering my mouth as I gasp softly. I shut my eyes with a heavy blush and moan softly as he licks my slit, slowly nudging his tongue into my pussy. I shudder and pant softly when he pushes his tongue in and starts pumping it slowly. "O-Oh~ M-Monoma~" I moan softly and he hums before pulling away "You can call me Neito you know." He says and I blush before moaning as he pushes two fingers into me

I moan and whine as he slowly pumps his fingers inside of me. "Oh~ Oh Neito~" I moan softly and he smirks before leaning down to lick and suck on my clit as he pumps his fingers faster. I moan softly and bite my lip "Neito~ oh~ I..I think I'm gonna cum~" I moan softly and he hums before pulling away entirely. I whine softly before blushing heavily as he slowly pushes his bottoms off.

I saw his cock get caught of the hem of his boxers before it sprung up completely and I just about died right there. He may not have been the biggest but to my virgin self he was huge. He saw the look on my face and cupped my cheek as he leans down to kiss me. "Don't look so scared. I'll be gentle." He says softly with a smile and I nod with a hum

I felt my stomach flutter as he settles between my legs and I flinch when his tip nudged my entrance. "..if it hurts tell me" he says with a serious tone and face. I nod with a hum and glance down as he reaches down to wrap a hand around his shaft. I watch almost in awe as he traces my slit with his cock before guiding it back down to my entrance. I flinch as he slowly pushes the tip in, letting go of his shaft to hold my hand

"You okay?" He asks softly and I nod with a hum "I'm okay...keep going." I say softly and he nods with a hum before slowly pushing into me, easing his way in until he bottoms out. I bare through the pain by clenching my teeth and gripping his shoulders. He hums and rubs my wide hips "it's okay y/n~ it's all in~ just relax~" he coos softly and I hum before looking up at him.

"Just let me know when I can move" he says and I nod before taking a minute to calm down and adjust to his size. As I relax I couldn't help but notice something trickle out of me, dripping onto my bed. I glance down with a worried look and so does Neito. He sighs and gently pets my head "Don't worry. You're okay...just bleeding a little." He says and I hum "oh...that's normal right?" I ask and he nods with a hum

"Oh okay....you can move now." I say softly and wrap my arms around his neck. He nods and kisses me as he held my hips, thrusting at a slow, gentle pace. I whine softly before moaning softly and grip his back, hiding my face in his neck. He groans softly and chuckles as he holds me close as he slowly thrusts faster.

I moan softly and bite my lip before mumbling "Neito..we have to keep quiet..my family.." I say between soft moans and whines. He nods with a hum "I'll be as quiet as I can." He says before kissing me as he thrusts faster. I tremble and moan into his mouth as he hits my g-spot. I grip onto his back, pulling away to moan softly "Neito~ there~ hit it again~" I moan and he hums

"Think you can stay quiet if I do~" he says with a smirk and I hum "Yeah" I say softly before gasping as he thrusts harder against the sweet spot. I pant softly and whine before biting my lip to hold back my moans. He hums and smirks before holding my hands, pining them beside my head as he kisses me while thrusting harder and faster.

I jolt and moan out into his mouth, gripping his hands as he practically pounds me. It felt so good I couldn't take it as I let out a flurry of moans into his mouth before he pulls away. I whine and moan as he pounds me "N-Neito~ oh!~ feels so good~ oh!~" I moan out and he shudders with a groan. I hum as he moves to hold my hips

"Y/n~ I'm not gonna hold back anymore, okay~" he says with a smirk and I blush hard but before I could say anything he starts pounding me hard. I gasp and bite my lip, trying so hard to keep quiet. He groans softly and moans "Oh~ that feels better~ doesn't this feel so much better?~"

I moan softly and manage to nod with a shaky hum. I tilt my head back with a moan and arch my back "Oh~ Neito~ N-Neito~ you feel so good~" I moan softly with him groaning and grunting softly. That was enough to tell me he felt just as good as me.

I shudder with a whine "N-Neito~ I'm gonna cum~" I moan softly and he groans softly "oh~ me too~" he moans before thrusting faster and I arch my back with a moan as I grip the covers. I bite my lip and moan out as I came hard. Neito shudders with a moan before pulling out, stroking his cock a bit until he came onto my stomach.

I shudder with a hum from the warm feeling before panting softly. I hum as he lays down on me with a huff as he pants softly. I smile and hug him tightly. He hums and smiles before hugging me back. He glances down at me and smiles "..I love you" he says softly and I smile softly "..I..I love you too" I say softly before yawning as we both fell asleep
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