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Deku’s Fall From Grace


Innocent and sweet young Midoriya is long gone after he was framed by his own classmates driving him to work with the league of villains. Upon Midoriya's release everyone in UA is on edge. What happens when little old Midoriya comes knocking at their door but instead of kindness it's anger and instead of family it's Dabi and the rest of the league? Find out and you'll see. I don't own any of these characters. They belong to the creators of My Hero Academia

Drama / Action
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In this story there will be some graphic scenes and smut. There well be talk about suicide and other things like that so please don't read if you are easily disturbed or you can't handle things like that. I also won't put warnings through out the story for smut scenes or graphic scenes so just keep that in mind, other then that I hope you like the story and sorry if there are any mistakes anyway enjoy.
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