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Bts and Got7 imagines 21+includes other kpop bands


Hi this is my book on wattpad I moved to here so it wont possibly get deleted but I am still posting on there this is my first book.

Erotica / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Birthday Party/BamBam

You and your boyfriend of five years were having a party for his birthday. Your boyfriend Bam Bam invited a lot of your friends to this party so you invited some of his to surprise him you invited Suga,Taehyung,Jimin,Jungkook,Kai,Mark,Jackson and Yugyeom. "Hey Y/n noona can we dance together" Jungkook asked "Sure Kookie".
Bam Bam was at the bar talking Mark when he saw you and Jungkook dancing he thought of it as nothing until Jungkook started to grind on you. " Mark I will be right back" "Whatever Bam Bam". Bam Bam walked over to you and Jungkook and pulled you apart. 'Bam Bam what are you -" Bam Bam kissed you roughly but lovingly. Jungkook took it as a sign to walk away and started to hang with Suga. Who almost punched him for scaring him. Bam Bam looked at you with lust and started to grind on you. "You see what you do me in that tight black dress. Then start to grind on someone who is not me Baby girl your in for something when all of these people leave " He winked then left you there blushing. "Such a tease" you said slightly angry.
-5 hours later-
You were playing on your phone when you remembered what bam bam said earlier "Baby girl your in for something when all of these people leave " bam bam stopped his shower then you ran into the closet. "Aww did my baby girl remember what I said earlier so she hiding from me. I guess I will have to find you then punish you. He said in a seductive voice. You tried not to move but you heard something fall and screamed. " Found you" Bam Bam said. He slowly opened the closet door then he pulled you out and threw you on the bed. "I have a gift for you baby girl a very fun gift" He handcuffed you to the bed and took off your shirt. He started to kiss your lips then your neck you moaned when he sucked on your sweet spot. He sucked on your breast while he took off his boxers. "Ready babygirl" you nodded you sucked his dick as he took off your shorts and underwear. He pushed his dick into your entrance gently then thrusting at a inhuman speed. "Ahh fuck Bam Bam right there" "Shit y/n your so tight" after five more thrust you both came. Bam Bam unhandcuffed you and kissed your wrist. " Oh I almost forgot" You got up and told him to close his eyes you got his gift. "Open" he unwrapped it and his eyes widened "OMG A NEW PAIR OF SHOES AND A iPhone".
"Happy birthday I love you". "Thanks I am so happy I love you too".

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