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Bts and Got7 imagines 21+includes other kpop bands

Mommy's babyboy/Jungkook

I came home from work and I heard moaning. "Jungkook?" I ran upstairs to find Jungkook jerking off. "Baby boy you broke a
rule now I have to punish you". " Mommy please punish me I need you" You take off your work clothes and showed him your lingerie. "Damn". You started to pump his member painfully slow " Mommy faster please" you went a little fast then started to suck him. " Fuck so much better when you do it" You giggled at that then sucked him again. He was about to cum so you stopped "Mommy-ahhh" you started to ride him at a fast pace soon getting tired so he did it for you. "Fuck Jungkook you always know how to fuck mommy ahh" you came and he was about to so you stopped. "Mommy why did you stop" you did not answer and just sucked him finally letting him cum. "Fuck finally". "Shut up" you both laughed. " Night Jungkook" "Night momm- I mean y/n" he kissed you then you cuddled and soon fell asleep
Next Day
"Y/N CAN I HAVE THIS BOX OF CHOCOLATE?" "WHAT BOX OF CHOCOLATE?" "RIGHT-oh right here". "Um where did these come from?" "Idk." " Oh my coworker yeah dont eat these I think the night be laced". "Oh um ok so your quiting when". "Today I am having my stuff mailed". "Got it well gotta meet up with the boys." "Right now". "In a few why?" "I haven't gotten my sweet treat yet". "Umm okay what do you want baby?" You palm him through his pants. "Maybe a lollipop". "Fine this is eat I have-" "To go be with the boys I know". You suck him off nice and slow teasing him and then you go faster. "Shit ah baby let's go on the couch". "Okay". You sit down in front of him playing with his tip without tongue ring."Ahh". "Baby let Mommy make you feel even better". "Okay". You straddle him putting him inside of you and going all the way down.You both are moaning so loud the neighbors can here you."Ahhhhhh fuck just like that ahh shit dont stop Mommy"."It feels way to good to stop". You both continue to moan loudly until you hear a knock."Shhhhh dont move or say anything". Jungkook nods his head. You continue to ride him slowly still listening for the front door". "Well um I guess she isn't here". You motion to Jungkook to still be quiet and not move. He mouths"should we call the police"? You shake your head no.Jungkook throws h head back in pleasure. You go a little faster watching your surroundings. "Mmhhmhmmhjm where could she be". He passes the window not seeing you since the blinds are closed. Who is he Jungkook mouths. My coworker. He is following me he likes me. Does he know you have me. Nope he is crazy I'm not trying to get you hurt,listen to me I want you to finish when you do go upstairs quietly and pack our stuff get the animals and meet me here do not make a sound. Okay. You ride him a little faster so he cums. He moans quietly and gets up to go upstairs you watch him. You get up and fix yourself. Looking for food to pack. *we can take everything but the dairy cool* "Jungkook signals you for help. What is it babe can you take the bags I got the dogs. Yeah come down here. He makes it. Where is the puppies heating pad? In the bag the other puppy is behind me if you were wondering. Oh I see him now okay now I want you to go outside through the front door. Hmm what about you baby. You have dogs nobody knows I have pets so it will just look like I'm dog sitting. If I walk out with bags it will look like their stuff. Right so do I say anything. Nope just keep mouthing to me. How do I get in the car just open it? You hear a noise from the window Go look now. K. He runs out making it with the puppies and the dog. my turn you grab all the bags and the last puppy and run for it making it safely. You throw the bags in and set the puppy in your lap. You guys drive off slow making little noise until you hear something on your roof. "What the hel- Ahhhh babe who is he". A face appears on your windshield then he crawls down to your hood. "My coworker". "Okay how do I get him off"?. "Brake check". "What". "See the light buy the ditch?" "Yeah I want you to run it turn to the side of the ditch then brake hard". "Got it. He runs the light gets to the left lane then brakes. The man is flung off the car onto the road where he tries to climb on to your side of the car but his hand are crushed by tires leading him to fall in the ditch and never to return. "Good work Kook but where is our baby"? "In the bag". "Did you-" "No she is fine in there she can breathe. Isabel pops her head up. "Oh hi baby". "Sooo where do we go"? "I have a house it's up the street"."okay".
Then you lived happily ever after
But there was no coworker it was your doctor you two are mental patients who escaped so is the rest of bts the house is you medical room and hospital. The dogs support puppies you stole. Isabel a real baby and a baby doll she was a baby doll until you and Jungkook had a real baby. You and bts now live together
This has been edited hope you enjoyed.

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