an amara snape, draco malfoy, and tom riddle love triangle.

Fantasy / Action
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this isn't a chapter but I would just like to welcome everyone. i'm kinda nervous since this is my first story every and i suck at writing but i wanted to give this a try.

so i am intentionally writing in all lowercase and i have no idea if that keeps away some people but it is what i prefer. this story will also contain MATURE THEMES and things that can trigger some people. i will still have a disclaimer in the beginning of a chapter.

this story is going to be about a love triangle between amara stephanie snape, tom riddle, and draco malfoy. i couldn't decide between y/n or a name but i came to the conclusion that i name would be better and so would descriptions. i still don't know the outcome of this story but it was inspired by my DR. this isn't an exact replica but it was based around it. i try to proof read but i will still make mistakes so in that case just correct me. like i said i'm not the best writer so try to bare with me. i am going to try to not make y/n, draco, and tom nice because that's not how i would perceive them.

moving on i hope you enjoy my story and give it a chance. i have no idea how recently i'll update for personal reasons so bare with me.
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