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My Curvy Girl

Chapter 2

I was already at the airport ready to get going to a new life.

I looked at my surroundings before leaving the car. Lulu was meeting me inside the airport. I felt hesitant because this was my first time leaving my parents.

I was scared. I felt unprepared, but nonetheless I continued to get out of the car. My dad was by the trunk getting my luggage out, while my mom was in tears.

“My sweet beautiful girl” my mom said hugging me. She brushed the hair out of my face and placed it behind my ear. She cupped my face with a warm smile.

“Yeah, Selma get a grip vida” said my dad in a joking manner. My mom just shot my dad a glare. “How can I? When she is my only daughter moving miles away from us. I won’t have anyone to go out with and do errands or go shopping. My beautiful daughter that I showed how to cook and kissed her boo boos away” my mother was crying again.

“But you have me” said my dad to my mother who only waved him off. My dad just rolled his eyes and rolled the luggage to me to go hug my mother.

“So sentimental” said my dad joking around and rubbing my mom’s back in attempt to make her stop crying.

My mom just chuckled a bit at my father and tried her best to control her crying.

“Here bud” said my dad handing me my luggages. “Thanks pops” I said to him. I looked down at my watch to make sure I don’t miss my flight. I still had time before checking in.

My dad looked at me and then embraced me in a tight hug. “I’m really going to miss you bud. Remember stay safe and be vigilant. Don’t talk to strangers and definitely be walking alone at night without buddies” he said.

I hugged my dad back with the same force. “I know dad. I will” I replied.

“And if you end up having a boyfriend...” I groaned knowing where this was going. “Daaaddd” I whined. He let go of me and put his hands on my shoulders, looking me in the eyes.

“Remember, I prefer you to wait it out, but if temptations and desires get the best of you... Well here you go” my mom got something from her purse and handed it to my dad.

My eyes widen and I was madly blushing from embarrassment. “Mama! Papa!” I whispered yelled. My dad placed a box of condoms and a bottle of pregnancy pills.

They chuckled at my reaction. “You’re supposed to be teaching me to wait until the right guy comes along or when I decide to get married. Not here you go honey incase you end up having sex in Korea” they both just keep chuckling at me for trying to imitate them.

Gosh! My parents are so open about sex. They always talked to me openly about it, but I never indulged in it. One for being a busy girl. Two because no guy really took interest in me and three I want to wait for the right man in my life.

I tried giving it back to them, but they said to keep it. “But-” my mom interrupted me.

“No buts. You never know mariposa. You might fall in love and you know being in a relationship you might indulge in having sex. Its inevitable. We’re not saying use them and go have sex once you get there. It’s just for precautions if you do end up engaging in it. If you don’t use them it’s fine” said my mother.

“Hopefully you won’t. I don’t even wanna see that box opened” said my dad. He was definitely overprotective of me. “The guy has to first ask us for your hand and then only then I’ll give him my blessing for you to be his girlfriend that he will love and not indulge in anything else” I just shook my head.

I walked to my parents and hugged both of them tightly. “Thank you for being there for me” I whispered.

“Of course honey. Just promise to call” I slowly pulled away and nodded. “Promise” I said.

“Okay, well you better get going and say goodbye to Lulu before it gets too late” my mom rushed me. I nodded my head smiling and swallowing a lump of tears that wanted to pour out.

I gave them a quick kiss on the cheek and ran indoors waving goodbye at them.

I looked left and right spotting a hand waving vigorously. I ran towards that direction and saw Lulu waiting for me there. I quickly embraced her in a tight hug.

“I’m gonna miss you” I said. “Me too” she said back. “Don’t forget me when you go to Korea” she hugged me tighter. “Never in a million years sis” I said with tears in my eyes. She then released herself from me.

She smiled and then looked at what I held in my hand. She smirked at me and chuckled. “Seems like your extra prepared” she said pointing at it.

My face flushed in embarrassment. “Don’t start my parents just want me to be safe” she then laughed at me.

“Wait your parents bought it for you?” She then took a look at it. She smirked again “I see they bought the good kind. The one that feels like nothing is there” she winked at me and I widen my eyes smacking her arm.

She laughed at me. “I want your parents. Mine are too conservative in some ways. At least they accepted me being bisexual” she said.

“Shut up” I joked around. I was about to place the box inside my backpack when someone startled me. I turned around to see Kai.

“Oh my gosh! Kai!” I said surprised. He gave me his sweet honey smile and hugged me tightly. “You came” I said.

“Didn’t Lulu told you I was coming? I would never miss a chance to see you again cupid” he said to me. He released the hug to look at me.

“I didn’t believe her and thought she was lying. You wanted to see me?” I questioned he nodded his head and then took a look at my hand.

He furrowed his eyebrows and grabbed the item out of my hand. “Condoms?” He questioned with a tiny smirk.

My face was already crimson, now it’s way beyond that. My face was lava red. Lulu laughed and explained everything to him. He nodded still smirking looking at me.

“Always thought I would be the one you waited for” I choked on my saliva. He can’t be serious. He’s just joking. He tends to date model type girls. Not a big girl like me.

I just faked laughed at him. “Very funny Kai” I took the thing out of his hand and quickly placed it and the bottle inside my backpack.

When I looked back up he was staring at me differently. I faked cough and pretended not to notice his stare. “Anyways, I better be going. Don’t wanna miss me flight” I said.

Lulu nodded and hugged me tightly one last time. “Call when you land okay?” She whsipered. I nodded “I will” I let go of her.

I was about to just say bye to Kai, but he grabbed me and embraced me in a tight hug.

“Wait for me” he whispered in my ear. I was about to respond when the intercom was announcing my flight number. Lulu grabbed me and pushed me to my flight. I just looked back to see Kai with a different look then when he was home a couple months ago. Did something happen?

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