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Growing Pains


The Welton boys wishes are finally coming true. Girls are now allowed to attend Welton. Which means Neils sister and her friends finally get to go. What happens when they a finally start thinking for themselves? And what happens when they fall in love?

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Chapter One

Allison was excited when she woke up. Well, she wasn't excited that they were going back to school, but she was glad she would be getting to go with her brother at Welton, or as al the students called it, Helton. Her and her brother, Neil, were ready so their parents drove them to the school. When they got there they were all directed to the church. Allison sat with their parents and Neil went back to carry the flags.

She didn't understand why she couldn't sit with her friends.

The senior boys came in. Allison tuned out the blaring bagpipes and started looking around at all the boys she would be having class with. One with red hair caught her looking around and she smiled and waved. She chuckled when the boy just stared at her. She forgot that the boys hadn't gone to school with girls since they were in seventh grade.

Her dad nudged her and told her to turn around so she did.

An old man who she assumed was the schools headmaster stepped up to the podium after the bagpipes stopped. Her dad told her that his name was Mr. Nolan.

"One hundred years ago in 1859, forty-one boys sat in this room and were asked the same question that now greets you at the start of each semester. Ladies, gentlemen, what are the four pillars?"

All the students stood up so Allison did too. "Tradition! Honor! Discipline! Excellence!"

They all sat back down and Neil came over and sat next to Allison.

"In her first year, Welton Academy graduated five students. Last year we graduated fifty-one. And more than seventy-five percent of those went on to the Ivy league. This kind of accomplishment is the result of fervent dedication to the principles taught here. This is why your parents have been sending us your sons, and now you're daughters. This is why we are the best preparatory school in the United States."

Allison was practically falling asleep as the headmaster droned on, but clapped with everyone else anyway. She glanced at her brother and couldn't believe that he looked like he was enjoying himself. He had heard this speech five times before this. How could he not be bored.

Who knows. Maybe he's just thinking about all the girls that he would be seeing around here.

When everyone stopped clapping Mr. Nolan started talking again.

"As you all know, our beloved Mr. Portius of the english department retired last term. You will have the opportunity later to meet his replacement, Mr. John Keating. Himself a graduate of this school. And who, for the past several years, has been teaching at the highly regarded Chester School in London."

The man who Allison assumed was Mr. Keating stood up nodded at everyone.

Mr. Nolans speach was over so he dismissed everyone. Everyone stood up and started leaving the church. Allison wanted to go to the office and get her class schedule and find her room, but her dad wanted her to follow Him, her mom, and Neil around. And by that, they wanted her to meet Mr. Nolan.

She knew they only wanted to show off that Neil was still here, but she couldn't care less.

"So Allie, what do you think of Helton so far?" Neil asked.

He seamed really haply for a 17 year old on the first day of school.

"It's nice. I really just want to find my friends."

"Don't worry. You'll be able to see them soon."

They waited in what seamed to be a line of families waiting to talk to Mr. Nolan.

Allison recognized that it was the red haired boy from earlier and started eavesdropping on them.

"Glad you could come by." Mr. Nolan said.

"Thrilling ceremony as usual Mr. Nolan." The boys dad said.

Allison rolled her eyes.

Mr. Nolan smiled. "You've been away too long."

The boys mom spoke up. "Hello Mr. Nolan."

"Glad to have you back."

Allison was wondering if their conversation could get anymore boring.

"This is our youngest, Todd."

So that was the boys name. She wondered what could possibly have compelled them to name their Kid Todd.

"Mr. Anderson. You have some big shoes to fill, young man. Your brother was one of our finest."

Todd smiled a little, but Allison could tell it was forced.

Come on Mr. Nolan. Leave the poor boy alone. She thought.

The family finally walked away and it was their turn to approach the headmaster.

Their dad shook the headmasters hand. "Gale."


"Good to see you again." Mr. Perry said.

Neil smiled. "Hello Mr. Nolan."

"Neil, we expect hreat things from you this year." Mr. Nolan turned to Allison. "You too Miss Perry."

"It's Allison and thank you."

Neil also said thank you, and then their dad started talking again.

"Well, they wont disappoint us. Right kids?"

"I'll do my best sir."
"I wont."

They both said at the same time.

Their parents finally let them go find their rooms and get their schedules.

Neil walked off too his room and Allison went to the office.

She was very happy when she saw her friends standing in the short line of students waiting to get their schedules.

She walked up to them. "Hello girls."

She smiled as they all took turns hugging her.

"So how have you three been? Break any girls hearts this summer Lizzy?"

"Well, if people would just tell me they were in love with me we wouldn't have this problem."

Alexandra laughed. "Well, if you would just tell them you were into girls then they wouldn't be scared to tell you."

Elizabeth laughed. "Do you know how many people would try to hurt me or something if I just walked around telling everyone that I'm a lesbian?"

Catherine frowned. "She's got a point."

Allison laughed. "Maybe you two should just date. I mean you like girls and Catherine likes boys and girls. It would be a lot easier."

"If only I was into Elizabeth."


The lady at the font desk waved them foreword so they could get their schedules. They told her their names and got their schedules.

They were about to walk away when Allison walked back up to the front desk.

"Can you check if my brother has picked up his schedule yet?"

"Of course. Can I have a name?"

"Neil Perry."

The lady at the desk handed it to her and then she walked out to rejoin her friends.

"I've got to go give this to Neil and then we can go find our rooms."

"Okay. We'll just wait for you in the hall."

"Don't tell me your too scared to meet him. He's just a 17 year old boy."

"Well, we've been going to an all girls school our whole lives. What if he doesn't like us?" Catherine said.

"Neil likes everybody. Just come in with me."


Allison looked at Neils schedule to find his room. She guessed it was the same one he had last year because he was already in his room along with two other boys she hadn't seen before. She wanted to walk in, but there was another red haired boy in the doorway.

"Neil, study group tonight?"

Neil smiled. "Yeah, sure."

"Business as usual. Hey! I heard you got the new kid. Looks like a stiff!"

Todd walked by the girls and pushed by the boy.

"Oops." Was all he said and then walked away.

"Listen, don't mind cameron. He was born with his foot in his mouth, you know what I mean?"

Allison chose that moment to walk in.

"Neil, that's no way to talk about your friends."

"Cameron is not my friend. He just started to hang out with us."

"So you just let him?"

Her and her friends could feel the other boys staring at them, but pretended they didn't notice.

"What was I supposed to do? Tell him he wasn't allowed? No, at least I have human decency. Unlike you."

"Hey, if I didn't have any human decency, would I have brought you your schedule? No, but I did."

She held out the paper and he grabbed it.

"Thank you."

She turned to his friends. "Hello. I'm Allison. Neil's slightly younger twin sister." She shook everyones hands. Her friends introduced themselves and there was a moment of awkward silence. At least for the boys it was awkward. The girls really didn't mind it.

After a few seconds three more boys walked into the room.

She recognized the boy in the front as Charlie Dalton.

"Rumor has it, you did summer school." He said, pointing at Neil.

"Yep. Chemistry, my father thought I should get ahead. How was your summer slick?"


Allison cringed at the reminder of their summer school days. She hated trig, but she did it over the summer so she could take calculus this year.

Charlie and the other two boys walked in and closed the door.

Charlie walked up to Allison. "And who might you four be?"

"I'm Allison, Neil's sister. And these are my friends. Elizabeth, Catherine, and Alexandra."

"Nice to meet you." He paused and then turned to the boys.

Neil stood up. "Alright boys, what are the four pillars?"

Allison rolled her eyes. Not this again. She thought.

"Travesty. Horror. Decadence. Excrement."

The girls laughed. "I like you guys." Allison said.

Charlie started talking again. "Okay, study group. Meeks aced Latin. I didn't quite flunk english. So, if you want we've got our study group."

"Sure. Cameron asked me too. Anyone mind including him?" Neil asked.

Charlie scoffed. "What's his specialty, boot-licking?"

"Come on, he's your roommate."

"That's not my fault."

The other boys seamed to notice Todd for the first time so they all introduced themselves.

Allison thought he was cute, but didn't actually say anything to him. She wasn't sure if he would be happy, or run in the other direction.

Neil chimed in. "Todds brother was Jeffery Anderson."

Charlie lit up a cigarette and took a drag from it and then started talking again. "Oh yeah, sure. Valedictorian. National merit scholar."

Meeks looked at Todd. "Oh. Well, welcome to Hellton."

Charlie smiled. "Its every bit as tough as they say, unless your a genius like Meeks."

"He flatters me. That's why I help him with Latin."

"And english, and trig." Charlie coughed.

The girls were about to leave, but they heard a knock on the door.

Charlie stomped out his cigarette.

"It's open."

The door opened and Mr. Perry walked in. Neil stood up straight.

"Father, I thought you'd gone."

The boys all stood up, but Mr. Perry told them to sit back down.

"Neil, I've spoken to Mr. Nolan. I think you're taking too many extracurricular activities this semester, and I've decided that you should drop the school annual."

Allison was irritated. She never understood why it always bothered their dad that Neil did a lot of extra things. She thought it was cool.

"But I'm the assistant editor this year."

"Well, I'm sorry Neil."

Neil was at a loss for words so Allison decided to speak up. "Come on father. That't not fair."

Mr. Perry turned to the rest of the kids in the room.

"Girls, boys, would you excuse us for a moment?"

Mr. Perry walked out the door and Allison and Neil followed him out. Mr. Perry grabbed Neils and Allisons arms.

"Don't you two ever dispute me in public. Do you understand?"

"Father, I wasn't disputing-"

He cut Neil off and started talking again.

"Once you've finished medical school and your on your own, then you can do as you damn well please. But until then, you do as I tell you. Is that clear?"


Mr. Perry turned to Allison. "And you. I know you want to stick up for him because he's your brother, but he's not always right."

"I know."

"And your schedule could use some extra classes so you should talk to Mr. Nolan about that. And you know that you're mother and I paid good money to get you here along with Neil, so if you mess anything up, we won't hesitate to send you back to your old school. Do you understand that?"

Allison stared at him in shock. He was always hard on them, but he had never threatened her before.

"Is that clear?" Mr. Perry asked again, but with a more serious look on his face.

"Yes. Very clear. Can I go now?"


He let go of her arm and she walked back into Neils room.

"Sorry boys. You have to wait a little longer for him to let Neil go. Come on girls, lets go find our rooms."

All the boys noticed Allisons wet eyes, but they were too polite to ask what was wrong.

Her friends followed her out of the room and they started to look for their rooms.

Allison and Alexandra got to share a room, and Elizabeth and Catherine were to share a room.

Allison and Alexandra started to unpack. Alexandra suddenly stopped and turned to Allison.

"Hey. Are you alright? I know you're dad is pretty hard on you."

"I'm fine. And don't worry about me. Lets see if we have any classes together."

"Okay. But we have to check with Catherine and Lizzy too."

"Of course."

They left their room and walked into the other girls room.

They all stared at their schedules in disbelief.

"How the hell do we all have the same classes?" Elizabeth asked.

"Not technically. I have math the same period, but its calculus instead of trig. And Alex has science the same period, just in a different classroom." Allison said.

"I'm not complaining." Catherine said smiling.

Allison left to go talk to Mr. Nolan about having some extra classes and the rest of the girls finished unpacking.

Now all they had to do was get ready for their first dinner at Hellton.
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