Lost in Your Light


Love is nothing without the simplest things that can drive you crazy. All love ever does is crave and continue for more. Being with that person can drive you to break and bend rules and go to the limit just to drown in the love they give. Hoseok knows it. Yakira knows it. All they ever want is to drown in the love. To get lost in each others light...

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Over and over

Waves of running feelings

Floating weightless, I’m willing
My will keeps bending and breaking

“Hoseok” I giggled. He was dancing around trying to make me laugh. “Stop you’re gonna embarrass me” I kept on giggling. He only smiled at me and continued dancing around.

He then started to pretend he had a rope and swung it around towards me. Afterwards he started to pretend he was pulling me, but I kept sitting on the chair.

After seeing me still sitting. He sighed and walked up to me. He then extended his hand and motioned for me to take it “Baby will you dance with me?” He asked.

I tapped my chin and shook my head. “Babe you know I’m terrible at dancing” I say with a pout. He shook his head and grabbed my hand gently pulling me up. He pulled me closer to him, wrapping his arms around my waist. He vanished all the space between us.

My arms instinctively looped around his neck and all I could do was smile like an idiot. The boombox later played one of my favorite nineties song. My heart will go on by Celine Dion.

He gracefully walked us to the center of the room and guided our bodies to the rhythm of the music.

Never had I thought I would submit myself or my love to someone who is too good to you. All I ever think about when will this heavenly dream end? When will we ever realize our obsessions could turn into addictions.

At the moment all I think about is the blissful moment with Hoseok because this is the most we get before he leaves on tour.

He kept is eyes locked with mine and never, not once glanced away. The feelings that build up just by a simple look haves me feeling weightless. The love that radiates and spurges out of me makes my knees go weak.

I’m already addicted and all I want more is to drown in the love he can give.

We simply just swayed to the music in silence. Only hearing the breathing and the pulsations of our hearts running through our veins.

“Yakira, you listening?” I could hear Hoseok asking me through the phone. “Huh? I mean yes. Yes I was. Continue” I said over the phone. He just chuckled at me. “Daydreaming again?” He asked.

Of course I was daydreaming. He snapped me out of my thoughts. Well more like memories. This was the last encounter I had with Hoseok before he left on his grand world tour. I miss him with the deepest part of my wild heart.

“What of course not. I just have a lot in mind...” I trailed off. There was a bit of silence before he spoke. “I hope you’re not still upset that I didn’t tell you sooner I was leaving way earlier than expected” he sounded concerned.

I sigh “No of course not. Your Armies are very important Hoseok and I understand. I wished you just told me instead of trying to make up by doing all those fun activities. Not that I’m complaining” I explained.

There was a silence again. Only breathing could be heard from the both of us. Neither of us daring to speak or break the silence. It wasn’t awkward or anything. It was a peaceful silence. A silence that says more than words would ever say.

“Come” he said breaking the silence. I furrow my eyebrows. “What?” I questioned as if I didn’t here him right. “Come join me” he said again.

“I-I can’t Hoseok. You know that I have to worry about my school and work. I just can’t drop everything here babe. We can continue calling and sending each other long poetic text messages that should really be made for letters, but your not so old fashion like me. I’m surprised you don’t wanna send nudes yet” I try to quit my rambling with a joke.

He chuckled a bit. “Who said I didn’t want any?” I choked on my saliva when I heard how husky his voice got.

He then chuckled at me again. “Adorable” he said. I just blushed madly and shook my head.

“But seriously Yakira join me. You’re on your break. Just for once come and join me. I want to have you near me. I wanna sleep with you in my arms and wake up with you as well. I wanna spend time and share my experiences with you. This once can you bend if not break the rules. Just for me” there was hope in his words.

I thought momentarily the options. My will is getting the best of me. It wants to cave in and let myself go with Hoseok. My mind just keeps battling to stay and wait for him to come back home. I can’t continue to wait any longer. I have to wait nine more months. I just can’t.

My heart and body misses him dearly. I need his warmth. His Colgate smile. His laughter. His energy. I need him. I need his love.

Maybe this once I’ll let myself break the rules. I’m willing to do anything for a man that I love and loves me back.

“Where are you? And where can we meet up?” I asked.

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