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"Just drive slow when I'm sitting shotgun. Dive slow into new things. There's pain that I've learned a lot from... Are you sure?" Seokjin was trying his best, but the fears in him about falling in love once again was too much to bear. He was afraid that the girl he loved will disappear or regret being with him. Sometimes, fear can lead people into never risking it. "I don't wanna let you down Calixte" He told her. She only smiled at him and cupped his cheeks. "You'll never. I promise to take it slow"

Romance / Drama
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I had this nightmare
You woke up one morning and changed your mind

I woke up in a scare. I looked immediately to my left and saw a figure underneath the covers.

I sighed a relief. I clutched my heart and closed my eyes. I tried taking deep breaths. I tried calming my nerves, but in the back of my eyelids. The back of my mind. I saw it all playing like a broken record.

I started to whimper and my heart started accelerating. My body started shaking like I was a little kid.

I then felt hands on my shoulders and felt like I was being pulled. I then felt a warm body comforting me. Just being wrapped around arms that bring me safety in my heart. In my body.

She cooed at me. “It’s all over Jin. I’m here” she kissed my head. I stayed in her warm calming embrace and we both kept quiet.

She rubbed my back and pulled my closer. I hated that I always have these nightmares. I hate that she has to be comforting me all the time. Instead me, her boyfriend comforting her when she has nightmares.

I sighed and pulled away. I looked down avoiding the embarrassment that was creeping up on my cheeks.

I later felt soft fingertips pushing the hair away from my forehead. She later lightly grabbed my chin and tilted my head, so I can face her.

When I finally made eye contact with her, she gave me a kind smile.

She cupped my face and caressed it with her thumbs. I melted in her hands and all my worries, anxieties, and fears flew out the window.

She knew how to make me feel safe. Make me feel like everything was going to be fine. She was my angel.

Then as soon that feeling came it went out. I slightly frowned and thought about my nightmare. Nightmares don’t mean a thing. They are just ones fears and worries that transposes into dreams.

The thing is either way, this nightmare can come true at any given point. She poked my lip and tried turning my frown upside down, but it wouldn’t.

“Jin are you gonna tell me what happened?” She broke the tension.

I frowned and sighed. I rubbed my face and tried looking away. She wasn’t letting me. I gave up and finally spoke.

“I had a nightmare” I said. She looked at me like nothing was wrong with that.

“Okay? And? Jin we all get nightmares from time to time” she said.

I shook my head and sighed. “Never mind its stupid. Goodnight” I tried laying back down, but she stopped me.

“Jin... What was your nightmare?” She questioned me.

“Nothing. Its stupid. Go to sleep. Sorry for waking you up” I laid on my side. My back facing her.

I tried ignoring the feeling that was brewing in the pit of my stomach.

I later felt her behind me. She placed her head on top of my shoulder and draped her arm around my torso.

“Jin your fear and dreams aren’t stupid. Your nightmares are not stupid. Please tell me. You need to let it out” she peered down at me and slowly gave me a kiss on my cheek.

I then flipped over, so I was laying on my back. I looked up at her, while she was peering down at me.

Her hazelnut big round eyes peered down at me. They were sparkling and all I could do was keep melting from those beautiful warm honey suckle hazel eyes.

“You really wanna know?” I asked her.

She didn’t break eye contact and gave me a simple small smile, while nodding.

I pursed my lips and then exhaled. She looked down at me patiently.

“My nightmare was actually in this very room” I said to her. She just nodded for me to continue.

“The night before we fell asleep we both confessed that we love each other and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. I was the happiest man live Calixte. I wanted to be with you in my arms forever. We went to bed and fell asleep...” my lips started to tremble a bit.

She grabbed my hand and squeezed it to reassure me it’s gonna be alright.

“T-Then I woke up and you weren’t there anymore. I thought you might’ve woke up early and got breakfast, so I went to go find you... After a good 15 minutes you weren’t anywhere in sight. I panicked”

I began to feel my eyes begin to tear, but I tried blinking them away.

“I then found a letter you wrote. You left it on the kitchen counter and it read... Jin I changed my mind. I don’t wanna be with you anymore. I realized it this morning, so I left. Have a happy life. Bye” my voice wobbled by the end.

By the time I finished Calixte looked down at me in sympathy.

She then hovered above me and hugged me. Placing her head on top of my chest.

“Jin...” she intertwine our fingers.

“I’m not her... I’ll never leave you... I promise to take care of your heart” she whispered clutching on to me as if this is the last time she’ll see me.

Her whole demeanor was caring and soft. She was touching me like I’m fragile as glass.

My heart raced and it scared me. It scared to know that my heart is in her hand and I have no control over it...

“I just need time...” I sorta lied to her.

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