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Supernatural Cast And Character Imagines, Preferences, & Smut


Supernatural Imagines and Smut only going to S13 cause I'm in the middle of S14 SPICE=SMUT

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Imagine #1:

Sam chasing after you when you guys had a fight and kissing you in the rain

"THEN GET OUT!" Sam yelled at you as tears stream down your face.
"Fine," You said grabbing your jacket and slipping on your shoes.
"Y/N wait-" He started but you scoffed.
"You wanted me out so I'm leaving. Tell Dean to call me for info on the case," And with that, you slipped on your jacket and left the hotel room. It was pouring and Dean had Baby. You quickly put up your hood and start to quickly walk to the gas station down the street.
"Y/N!" you heard your lover yell from behind you. You kept walking. You couldn't turn around. "Baby!" you froze. He never called you baby. It was only ever honey or love or sweetie. He only calls you baby during intimate times. More specifically when he's thrusting into you. You whipped around and squinted your eyes.
"What the hell do you want Sam?!" You yell over the sound of the pouring rain. "You told me to get out so I left! I told you I loved you and you brushed it off! Look," You continued as he got closer. Tears were falling down your face disguised as the rain. "I get why you're scared! I get why you feel the need to try and protect me but I've been doing this for years. And I'll be damned if I die anytime soon," He just stood there not saying anything. Just staring. "Will you say some-" he cut you off by slamming his lips on yours. You immediately kiss back wrapping your arms around his neck. His arms went around your waist pulling you closer. Your hands went into his hair tangling your fingers into it. You pulled away and set your forehead on his.
"I do love you Y/N. Don't ever think I don't. I'm just scared. I can't lose you. I love you, baby. I love you so much," He admitted. You smiled then kissed him again like you were never going to again.
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