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Traphouse and Friends Oneshots (Request Open)


Fluff\Smut Oneshots BxG BxB GxG Aaron Aryia David Cassie Colby Corey L. (RIP) Corey S. Devyn Elton Griffin Jake Jason Jeff Kat Kevin Mike Natalie Reggie Sam Scotty Tara Todd Xepher Zayne (GENDER OF READER WILL CHANGE IT WILL SAY READERS GENDER AT THE TOP) Y/N= Your Name Y/H/C= Your Hair Color Y/E/C= Your Eye Color

Erotica / Other
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Standing Up For Aaron Pt. 1

(GENDER = Girl) (BxG)


I can't explain how much the Traphouse had done for me. Especially Kat, Mike, Aaron, and Aryia's music. I was heading to my car from where I had it parked. I always run in the middle of the day. I feel better when I run when the sun is at its highest instead of when it's barely rising. I was listening to Jack and Jill by Aaron when I saw a flash of Blue hair along with brown, blonde, and black hair. I headed towards the hair and gasped when I saw none other than Kat, Sam, Colby, and Aaron heading to a red Corolla.

"Kat and Aaron?" I called. They turned around and saw me.

"Yes?" Kat said. I kind of just stood there before I finally spoke.

"Like no joke. I have Jack and Jill playing in my headset right now," I said. " I'm a huge fan of your guy's music and of course Sam and Colbys XPLR videos, " and then the world started spinning and everything went black.


"What we are trying to say is you need to get over Daylen," Colby said as we headed to his car. last month my ex-girlfriend, Daylen, broke up with me ( And I know he has never had a girlfriend named Daylen but just go with it) She had been one of the first girls that I had fallen hardcore in love with. As we were getting closer someone called Kat and mines name.

"Kat and Aaron?" Kat and I turned around and saw a girl with long Y/H/C hair and bright Y/E/C eyes.

"Yes?" Kat answered and the girl kind of just stood there before launching into a small rant.

"Like no joke. I have Jack and Jill playing in my headset right now," she said. " I'm a huge fan of your guy's music and of course Sam and Colbys XPLR videos, " then she started to fall. I rushed forward and caught her.

"Did she just faint?" Sam asked. I nodded and sighed.

"We can take her back to the house," I said. Colby had a look of disagreement.

"Should we though?" He asked and I gave him a look.

"You wanna just leave her here?" I asked and he shook his head and sighed. He nodded towards his car and I put my arm underneath her legs completely picking her up bridal style.


I slowly opened my eyes and saw I was in a room that looked a lot like the Game Room of the Traphouse. I slowly sat up and realized I was actually in THE Game Room of the Traphouse.

"Oh my gosh," I whispered. I suddenly felt very weird like I was in a place I shouldn't be. I jumped up from the couch and kind of stood awkwardly in the middle of the room. I looked out back and saw the pool and Elton's diving board.

"Oh your up," I heard and immediately whipped around to see Corey Scherer.

"Oh my goodness," I said. "Am I really in THE Traphouse with my favorite YouTubers? "

"Yes. Yes, you are," He said.

"What am I doing here?" I asked.

"Well as our dear friend Aaron said you had come up to them and started to say how much you love his and Kats music and Sam and Colbys XPLR videos then fainted," Corey explained.

"I fainted?" I asked again. He nodded and I let out a squeak. I had fainted in front of 4 of my idols. "Did I get hurt?" He shook his head.

"Aaron caught you before you hit the ground," He answered. I took a deep breath and started looking for my phone.

"Your phone is in the kitchen," Corey told me. I sighed and then smiled at him.

"Thank you," I slowly walked past him and grabbed my phone and at that moment my best friend, Daryl, walked in with Aaron.

"Daryl? What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Aaron called me. He just called the last number you did and then came to pick me up after SOMEONE," he said eyeing me "Took my car and didn't come back for two hours," My eyes widened.

"2 hours?!" I exclaimed. He nodded. I immediately grabbed my phone. I opened it and immediately saw the picture of Aaron and Buddy as my wallpaper. Okay, I may have a tiny bit of a crush on Aaron. I looked at the time and saw it was already 3 o'clock.

"It's okay though," (I got all my bros get away from me you stinky as hoes. I had too😂😂😂😂) he said. "Aaron gave me his number so we can still talk but you child," I rolled my eyes. "Need to call your brother," I sighed and nodded.

"Well thank you for everything," I said and started towards the door. "I have to go. Bye now." I grab Daryl's hand and dragged him out the door before realizing we don't have a car. I timidly walked back to the house.

"Need a ride?" Aaron asked. I nodded and he came outside.

He dropped off Daryl first before asking for my address. I told him and he parked right out front of my two-story house. Before I can get out of the car Aaron blurts out a question that stops my heart.

"Can I have your number?" I was honestly shocked.

"Really? But you barely know me," I said. He smiled slightly.

"All the more reason to have it," he answered slyly. I rolled my eyes and grabbed his phone that was resting on the middle console. I opened his emergency call and called my phone.

"There," I said. Then I got out of the car.

"Wait," he said as I closed the door and started to walk away. I turned back around to look at him.
"What's your name?"

"Y/N," I answered. "My name is Y\N," and I walked away from the car.


Aaron and I talk regularly. I eventually got all of the Traphouse members and their girlfriend's number and I finally feel part of their world. One night I was laying in bed when my phone got a message.

Aa Ron: Do you wanna come over? I can pick you up.

Me: Yeah. Can Daryl come? He has a crush on Colby.

Aa Ron: Yeah. I honestly think Colby is bi and likes Daryl.

Me: Are we playing matchmaker with our friends?

Aa Ron: Yes. Yes, we are. So I'll see you in 20 minutes?

Me: Yeah. See you then xo

Aa Ron: OK. See you soon Sweetheart xo.

He started calling me Sweetheart only 3 weeks into talking. I got up out of bed and walked to my brother's room. We live together since our parents died last year. I'm 22 so I became his legal guardian at 21. He's only 14.

"I'm going over to a friend's house tonight. Will you be okay on your own tonight?" I asked.

"Yeah," He said. "Go have fun," I smiled and went back into my room. I changed into a long-sleeved green crop top and some blue ripped jeans and my slip-on vans. I quickly call Daryl and he picked up on the first ring.

"What up girl," He answered

"Be ready and outside your house in about 25 minutes. Aaron invited me over and I asked if you can come so he's picking us both up," I said.

"Will Colby be there?" He asked. I smiled.

"I believe so" I answered as I finished doing my hair in a messy bun. "Aarons here see u soon," I say when I hear a car honk. I hang up and grabbed my purse and stuffed my phone charger, my wallet, and my house keys into it.

"Don't burn the house down Loser!" I shouted playfully to my brother as I ran downstairs.

"Okay!" He shouted back. I ran to Aaron's car and got in the passenger seat.

"Hey," I greeted as I shut the door. He smiles in greeting before pulling away from the curb and heading towards Daryl's house. We listened to the radio the whole way occasionally singing along. When we pulled up and I saw Daryl I shouted a line from our favorite movie.

"Get in loser we're going shopping!" He laughed as well as Aaron and walked to the car climbing in the back seat. We all greeted each other before heading off to the Traphouse.

When we got there and got inside I was tackled by Kat and Devyn.

"Hey girls," I greeted back with a hug. I headed to the Game Room and saw Daryl already talking to Colby. Corey and Elton were playing Rocket League while Sam was on his phone and a random girl was sitting on the bean bag.

"Daylen?" Aaron said and everything went quiet. Elton paused the game and Sam looked up from his phone.

"Hey Ronny," The girl said. And Aaron walked away upstairs. I scoffed now realizing.

"So your Daylen," I said.

"Oh no," I heard Daryl mumble.

"Do you know what you did to him?" I asked. "You were the first girl that he fell hardcore in love with and you decided to take his love and use it for your own free will. Do you know how many people would kill to be loved like that?" I asked. She just stood there. "I know 2 people who would. Me and my brother. We lost our older brother when I was 15. My younger brother was 2. My parents didn't give a shit about what happened to us after that. I raised my brother." I was breathing heavily now.

"Breath Y/N," Daryl said and I took a deep breath.

"Aaron have his everything into your relationship. He gave YOU everything," I said.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" She asked.

"I'm the girl that fell in love with Aaron way before you did," I said. And she scoffed and walked off. All of a sudden I was spinner around and lips were placed on mine. I pulled away for a split second and saw Aaron. I smiled before connecting our lips again.
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